Borderlands 3 all character builds

Feel free to post all of your builds for FL4K, Zane, Moze, and Amara. I’m interested to see what everyone has come up with so far.

There are treads for that already.

There’s various sub-forums for each character.

I’ll get you a link, in each there’s a pretty good running list of various types.

This topic was going to be for all characters but ok.

Understandable approach however that’s why the sections are there.

It makes using the search function in specific sub-forums much easier to navigate.

@Tokesy97 while you’re at it, can we get a “Community” subforum? Otherwise “General Discussion” will be flooded with party/clan/etc. threads soon :star_struck:

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I’ve had a word with the Community manager about getting the Online Play and Trading Posts up.

And have been marking all the LFGs for when I shift them.

I’ll give it another chase up.