Borderlands 3 Alphabet Game

U - Unlucky

V - Varkids

Varkids taken 7d ago buddy.

W - “Where did you get that?” (Fl4k to pet barfing loot)

V - Vermouth

X - ? (Bloodwings gender lol)

Y - " You’re going down , boyo." Zane to a Badass

Z- Zooka by COV

A- Albino Skag

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B - Brain Freeze

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C: Children (Of The Vault)

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D - Doppelbanger :bomb:

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E- Echo 2, rebranded grenades

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F - Fungus Among Us


G - Grave

H: ■■■■ Sapiens Alistair Hammerlock x Wainwright Jakobs :rainbow_flag:

I: “I’m on fire! But not literally.” - Zane.


King’s Call taken about 2 weeks ago, unfortunately (as is Jabber, sort of …) …

J: Jakobs manor

My bad. I tried searching for it but it didn’t pop up for me so I assumed no one had used it. Luckily I have a backup.

K: King Bobo (From the Rumble in the Jungle side quest).

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L - Lump :gun:

M: MISTER TORGUE (wants you to blow up… THE OCEAN!)

N - NOG Mask