Borderlands 3: An Xbox Power-leveling Thread

This is something that will inevitably be brought up so let’s start a dedicated thread devoted entirely to it, eh? You can post whether you want to be power-leveled, can help others with power-leveling, or a little of both. Don’t forget your Tag so people can find you! (or message it between each other so you don’t get spammed, lol)

Let’s get the mayhem started!

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Looking for a power lvl if anyone wouldn’t mind on Xbox one gamertag is yungluke222

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Good morning everyone,

Might anyone be so kind to boost me to max level. I would greatly appreciate it. My xbox gamer tag is SgtTopher. Thank you for reading my post and potentially helping me out.

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Theres a graveyard glitch using the pipe bomb. You need to play offline.

224k xp per kill.

Vids for it in youtube

Thanks for the information. I am still not to that area yet. Only level 12.

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Looking for a quick power level TherajunCajun85

Add me : CriticalHit26

I’m level 50. I’ll power level you all. You will also get some good guns as I’ll do it on Mayhem 3.


Could, anyone PL my moze. Could PL something for you in return.

would anyone be willing to help me power level? My gamer tag is theelmnatr on Xbox

Looking for people to help me power level my other 3 characters. Gamertag is “Dethfromabove17”. I can use my level 50 Moze to power level a character of yours in exchange. Logging off for tonight, but will be available most of the day tomorrow if anyone is interested.

I’m trying to level my siren. Got a 50 fl4k I could level you with. Xbl o hired Gun o

Just sent you a friend request. I’ve got about an hour tonight if you want to start now, or we can just do it all tomorrow.

We can start if you want. I have to leave in about an hour too.

Alright, want me to level you first then?

Can someone level me 2-50? Gt: aStinkiePinkie

Looking to power level Zane. I can return the favor as I have a lvl 40 Fl4k.
Gamer tag is BlancoCal. Not too chatty as I have kids in the background so I don’t want to serenade you with crying screaming and general kid douchery

It takes me about 15 minutes to get someone from 1-50. Unfortunately I can only power level people on Fridays and Saturdays while my daughter is with her mom, my GT is Burn1ngZ0mb1eZ send me a message if you see me on those days.

Added you on live. XBL o Hired Gun o

Surprised this isnt locked.

Figure gearbox would frown upon power leveling

I’m looking at you Fleshstick

If you can help out. tangozv4