Borderlands 3: An Xbox Power-leveling Thread

I would be ever grateful for a power lvl

Add me, and send me a message. Whenever you see me online join in. I have a heap of people already.
It takes a little bit longer now that a lot of these 1 shot builds and guns etc have been nerfed but proving grounds still works a treat.
One thing I ask is that you have a mic :slight_smile:

Added you and sent message thanks

Gamer tag is xMRx xTx

More than likely i will be in a different time zone to anyone as I am from Australia.

During the week I am on from 8pm AEST to midnight, which is 5am to 9am CDT.

Weekends though I can be on whenever.

Sounds like it will be the weekend for me. Hopefully I can catch you online?!?!

I can do some leveling on Wednesday for some people, takes about 15 mins per person, half hour tops if we start going through loot between waves. Send me a message if you see me on Wednesday and want levelled

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Burn1ng do live in the US?

Looking to be power leveled. Will give speed loading hellwalker at 50

Says can’t find your gamertag

Says can’t find gamertag

Mine is Spazzgasm90

Anyone mind having one of my alts tag along for a few power levels?

GT - Liquidfist

Anyone online willing to help a fellow vault hunter with power leveling my character

GT xMRx xTx

You willing to power level me then I will power level you. I already have 4 maxed characters. Just want another Zane. Lol should only take about 20 mins or so each.

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I.was invited by GT CriticalHit26
Message him he is lvling 2 of us

willisfindley77 I can help with leveling. Probably wont be live until tomorrow afternoon. But am normally on most days and definitely on 90% of weekend nights 7pm-7am cst. My xb1x stays on 24-7 so if I dont respond immediately I will as soon as I am back on.

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Looking to power level. Gamertag is metalwozza33. Cant seem to matchmake with my level 2 characters

Looking to get my new Siren to lv 50 asap. Preferably on someone’s TVHM game so my normal mode campaign progress won’t be affected. GT: Starfall Shadow

If anyone is doing power leveling today, please invite me.

GT - Liquidfist