Borderlands 3 and bl2 ideads

Love borderlands own all three with all dlc’s beat all stock pile of legendary weapons. Jultzdude139 had mentioned to have were you can weapon " forge" not grind like in pre sequel but be able to disassemble certain weapons and take items, elements and mods and go to your smithing table and create a better weapon and have the option to take a low level gun and build it to the level you are at now with better parts. It will cost to do so such as eridium, money or moonstones as such. I would like to also see different online plays and more In tune screens that show the actually people and be able to interact with them while you wait on the game to load. Someone else also mentioned I. Other forums create more dlc’s for bl2 more vaults I would love to see that just make it where you have to start from the beginning lvl like lvl 72 normal and then move up in difficulty making it more of a challenge instead of a speed run like the newer dlc’s were. Just some thoughts. Tell me you ideas

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