Borderlands 3 And Full Metal Alchemist - Not the Gun

I was replying to another topic, and in working out some aspects of canon I went on a riff and it hit me like a ton of bricks…

Ok, I’ve been connecting the dots and I have to give it up to the writers for including all the details regarding the Leeching, Crystals, Anointed, & Eridium. I hadn’t put them all together until now.

In BL3 they have a Full Metal Alchemist-type explanation for Pandora’s creation. If you are familiar with FMA they use human sacrifices to create a Philosopher’s stone, which in that series is a magenta gem that gives the wielder supernatural power to bend matter to their will.

Nyriad basically does the same thing the main villains in FMA did, and transmutes an entire population to create a powerful gem. Pandora is an Eridium sphere capable of holding the Destroyer. It’s a giant hollow philosopher’s stone.

It’s very dark, and maybe too on the nose, is that Eridium is called such because it is literally composed of the matter and energy (Dare I say spirits) of the actual billions of Eridians sacrificed to trap the Destroyer.

The husks Tyreen leaves behind have crystal shards jutting out of them from her power leeching. I sort of figure it was because they were eating unrefined eridium before she leeched them (like the patient he has in Sanctuary at the start of BL2).

Considering she inherited Nyriad’s power, which is was trapped in the Nekrotafayo Vault, she is actually doing a similar thing to what Nyriad did to the Eridians, except instead of infusing the crystals with the life force of the person she leeches, she keeps the power.

If Tyreen were to infuse the crystallized husk with the power, like the Anointed are, then the end result is they would turn into Eridium (which the Anointed do once they are killed).

Those aspects of the lore and a game mechanic are very well woven together, but if you don’t get to know those Eridian Writings and get the connection between all the things that they mention along with these otherwise minor details of the game, it’s just stuff that you take for granted.

If you didn’t catch all the echoes and character dialogue this content creator does a good job compiling it all and putting it together in biographical format for the key characters in this aspect of the plot and npcs that play key parts.


This is slipping my mind… when did we learn this?

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It is in the Eridian writings:

And dang OP, that makes a lot of sense.


You basically have to listen to everything Typhon says on Nekrotafayo and cross reference that with what Nyriad says in the Eridian Writings about how she chose to die, and why. She says she didn’t want to pass on the curse of her power after killing the Eridians and sealing the Destroyer, so her sisters sent her one last gift, that being the knowledge that if she chose to seal herself in a vault on Nekrotafayo, her powers would remain trapped there.

Typhon says that after they opened the Vault on Nekrotafayo he and Leda “beat the monster after they beat the monster and nine months later came the twins.” You see their love nest inside that vault.

I’m paraphrasing to summarize the dialog, but it’s all their. Credit to a youtube called Eruptionfang for posting all the logs and echoes in one video, and his character summaries on Nyriad and the Calypso Twins are very good.

My connecting it all with FMA and Eridium & Tyreen’s power is my unique contribution to the lore discussion as far as I’m aware of.



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I believe you posted the link to the video with the complete eridian tablet dialogue elsewhere? Wouldn’t hurt to throw it up here as well though.

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I did that in the Jack Is the Hero of the Story thread because I got the impression that the OP had played through the game but didn’t catch those little bits. I didn’t think I would be able to convince him to go back. I had mixed feelings about it because it sort of betrays the intent of the developers. That’s why I didn’t do it again here. Just trying to be halfway respectful.

It’s the spoilers section… I think it would be fine. You could always just paste the link into a sentence so it doesn’t auto-embed the actual video.

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I’ll add a bibliography I guess. :wink:

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