Borderlands 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3

I just finished the main campaign and as I watched the final cutscene and the credits rolled, I thought to myself, “This feels like Kingdom Hearts 3”.
You might think I’m out of my gourd, but just hear me out.
Both were HIGHLY anticipated games that the fans had been waiting for years to be released. Both had the potential to be the magnum opus of their series, with the studio learning, growing and using the new technology to bring an unforgettable experience.

The results were a far cry from this.

Both games were fun, don’t get me wrong, but they were also clearly lacking. They failed to used beloved and known characters in a satisfying way, or completely nixed them. The games themselves also felt trimmed; like they could have explored more places and characters.
The mechanics are don’t really deviate from their predecessors or aren’t as fleshed out.
In the end, both games were fine, but I can’t help but feel disappointed at the missed opportunities, not really stepping outside of the second installment of their franchises.




I played (and gave up on in despair for the very reasons you mentioned) just a couple months ago.

Fully agree with your post!

Yes and no. BL3 is has some issues and seems to ignore setup from the pre-sequel, but was ultimately meant to be just the next installment.

KH3 on the other hand was always meant to be the resolution to lore and sub-plots built up across almost a dozen games spanning over a dozen years. Then BL3 stuffed nearly all of that into the final 5% of the story after practically ignoring it for the whole game. The result; good ideas ruined by horrendous pacing.

See I still enjoyed KH3. It still followed the story previously set in the last games albeit with questionable execution but with still a beautiful game that made me ugly cry.

Borderlands 3…it felt so disjointed from the story we had so far. It to me doesn’t fit with the other games. And none of it evokes emotions from me other than eye rolls and “…huh?”.

Now they are both different genres so maybe Borderlands shouldn’t be about the story. But we were spoiled by 2. And Tales - oh my god I cried ugly tears twice. Both Scooter and Jacks fall. Despite the characters being goofballs, in over their heads and the humour - it was still able to show its serious moments. Borderlands 3 doesn’t do that. I don’t think at any point in the game - for the main story - I felt a tug of ‘oh crap were in trouble’ or even sadness over any of the scenes.

Side missions were okay - claptraps dance mission was beautiful and angels side mission was nice (though I still hate that Tannis is a siren).

But KH3 had some resemblance of being part of the story. BL3, again to me, didn’t have that. I don’t feel like the story has advanced - if anything it’s gone backwards as the questions we had were ultimately not answered or even addressed.

I hate that people compare the story of this game to that of tales, because of course tales is going to do story amazing. The main focus of any of those telltale games is story, the main focus of the other games in this series is gameplay. And while I do think bl3 dropped the ball when it came to its writing in comparison to 2. The gameplay in 3 is way better than it is in 2. They improved in a lot of ways. Being able to see the best item in a vending machine without actually opening the machine and being able to instantly refill ammo. Or fast travel to different new u stations. All that stuff makes for a better experience overall. Bl3 is the best when it comes to core gameplay. Not the best when it comes to story, but it’s still better than the original which didnt really have a story outside of find a vault.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone criticise the gameplay. It’s got hiccups here’s and there but overall it is a lot better than 2 - as it should be. But Tales is still part of the story. I’m not expecting Tales level of story BUT I was hoping for continuation from it. 3 doesn’t feel like another chapter in the story of Borderlands to me - it feels more like a new story altogether with how they changed characters and even changed some of the lore.

Try looking at it from this perspective. Borderlands has always been a first person looter shooter series developed by Gearbox software. Tales from the borderlands strays off the beaten path. Tales is not a first person shooter and it is not developed by Gearbox. Gearbox did collaborate with Telltale somewhat, but for the most part that is a game made by Telltale. People that love the borderlands series for the most part love it for it’s dark sense of humor and looting shooting gameplay. Tales is not that, different writer and developer and considering that a lot of the people that like the looting shooting aspect probably didnt play tales. So why continue a story that a majority of their fan base didnt experience?

Actually it was the same writer for Tales as it was for 2 - Anthony Burch. And no one is saying that the gameplay should be focused on between Tales and 3. My argument is the characters themselves. Even the characters from the pre sequel - Aurelia I’m looking at you - just aren’t themselves. Tales kept the same witty, dark humour that it had in 2 and the pre sequel. The only thing Tales didn’t have was the loot and shoot. But it showed they were capable of making good story content. Hell even Borderlands 2 had sentimental moments and great story writing so saying ‘it’s a looter shooter so story shouldn’t matter’ is a bit weak. 1 was fun for the shooting. But 2, for me at least, had me hooked with character diversity and personalities. And back stories mattered.

Each game had continuity - it felt like a chapter. I didn’t get that feeling with 3. Now that’s subjective about whether it feels disjointed or not but I’m just giving my opinion here. I felt no connection to the characters, the story and only go back for the gameplay. That’s a big step back from 2.

Also Tales may have been different characters but it was still part of the overall subject - Jack, Hyperion, Helios’ downfall, Atlas, a vault. And there were characters from the main franchise who were a part of that story - Athena, Janey, Scooter. So it should still be a part of the franchise even if it isn’t a loot and shoot game.

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I see all your points and I do appreciate how much the story developed throughout the games and I do think 3 is a step back from 2 as far as story goes, but didnt someone else write 3? I’m pretty sure Anthony Burch wasn’t apart of this game. This game feels like filler, maybe he is working on 4, because they basically confirmed the big war that was teased in the pre sequel is gonna be the premise for bl4.

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He left Gearbox about 2-3 years into development. And the script he’d worked on. With Jack returning in some way, was scrapped and started again from scratch. And as far as I know, he was fired…I wish he would come back because while he said some things that people didn’t like, he was a great writer.

The big war might not even happen. All that was part of a big story planned by Burch so now he’s gone, I’ve a sinking feeling they may be trying to do their own thing and their own plot line.

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In their most recent podcast, they address the big war. If it makes you feel any better, they said they have plans for all of that.

I’m glad they spoke about it. But given how they handled the characters in 3, I’m kinda worried about them messing it up.