Borderlands 3 and Leakers

So then if I knew the plot of all Marvel Phase 4 movies, and just had a video of penguins doing penguin ■■■■ while I tell you everything that happens in phase 4, you think that’s not something Marvel Studios could copyright claim and shut down my channel for?

That’s not how these things work.

Mate with all due respect do your research. They claimed he gave exclusive information from leaks to his Discord members, which is a straight-up lie.

You’re actually just defending 2K here. You’re free to do it, just admit it.


After their behavior massivly backfired and now they try to complety destroy Supmatto.


Please don’t just assume things about other forum members. He/she might be new and just got drawn into this topic. Who cares? Please don’t judge over other forum members, not in general and not by first impression.


Which is why I used the qualifier “basically”. As in to mean it’s not actually plagiarism but it’s damn close.

Again all he does is read from articles DIRECTLY for an entire video. He could very easily just link the article(s), summarize the information with quotes when necessary, and present his opinion. Instead he just bolsters his videos to 10+ minutes by reading you the article as if you are illiterate then panders to the lowest common denominator with biased and angry comments. All for the sake to get more views, more view time, and more ad revenue. Sorry but he is as much of a shill as the companies he is trying to out.

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I was just trying to say that it wasn’t like he had official screenshots, videos etc. that he leaked.

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Just an anecdote, but weren’t pretty much most Borderlands 3 trailers released early? It’s just weird how releasing info early can affect different parties.

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Make up your mind ! :laughing:

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The personal comments stop now.

No-one here cares about anyone’s opinion of other forum users. That is not what this forum is for. So no point in posting them, okay? Take the drama elsewhere.

Thread reopen when i think you’ve all worked that out. Maybe. TBH I’m sick of all the drama that youtube generates and I may never be in the mood for more of it.


That better now? You all had a deep breath and maybe a quick stroll? You all read the rules, of course.

So: Carry on.

But carefully. Next time will be permanent.


you’re a good egg.

the terms “thug” and “goon” and “intimidate” have been used to characterize the 2 PIs interactions with SupMatto. This is an unknown to any one who was not present. What we do know is that the entire social interaction occurred on SupMatto’s property. These 2 PIs were probably audio and video recorded the entire time they were there. Thus, employing physical intimidation tactics is not possible as this will result in criminal prosecution.

I can’t see these “Investigators” leaving themselves open to criminal prosecution by employing any type of physical intimidation tactic. If they did… .then its up to SupMatto to contact the police and have these violent criminals charged. This has not happened though. SupMatto is not doing this. So Youtubers who rely on views for income are using the vague terms “Goon” and “Thug” for shock value. Why don’t these Youtubers claim the 2 guys are previously convicted violent criminal felons? Why? because I’ll bet you neither “investigator” has ever been convicted of a crime in their entire life. “THug” and “Goon” are nice vague terms to shock the audience and bring in random viewers to line their coffers with cash.

No professional adult I know randomly hands over 30 to 40 minutes of their time to 2 strangers who knock on their door. So, SupMatto’s telling of his social interaction with the 2 investigators has a few holes in it. No one I know randomly allows 2 people they do not know into their house for 30 to 40 minutes. Thus, I must conclude SupMatto is providing an incomplete version of the events in his video.

If I were to hazard a guess I’d say the 2 PIs said something like “we are going to put 60 strikes on your youtube channel and end your entire online presence if you do not talk to us and come to some kind of an agreement”. That is what motivated SupMatto to give up his TIME to 2 strangers.

SupMatto squawked like a Canary and gave up his inside sources’ names to the 2 PIs. Take2 liked that so they backed off and only kept 1 copyright strike on SupMatto’s channel. Next , SupMatto made his “Breaking the Silence” video. Take2 didn’t like how he framed the interaction with the PIs nor did they what he said in the video because it made them look bad. Take2 decided to crush him. SupMatto now has 60+ copyright strikes on his channel.

My guess is … SupMatto ain’t playin’ Borderlands 3 in September.


All of which is also conjecture. We have no idea what was said between the PIs and SupMatto because there is no public record other than the minimum story as recounted by SupMatto himself. It’s not even clear from what I remember of SupMatto’s account if the conversation was in his house or just on his property.

We have no idea what was said between them other than SupMatto’s characterization that he talked because he didn’t think he had anything to be afraid of. Apparently talking to others (local law enforcement? a lawyer?) afterwards changed his mind on that somewhat.

So, definitely let’s NOT go blowing things up into major shakedowns without actually knowing the real details.


This ^. I think they wanted a name (leaker) but Supmatto ain’t talking so they level up their strategies.

do you randomly talk to people you don’t know for 35 minutes? I know ZERO professional adults that do this. NONE. SupMatto must have had a motive to talk to them. His motive was to save his channel.

If you want to talk to me in person for that long … out of nowhere … unannounced …its $90. For my gf… its $120. I know plenty of adults whose time is far more valuable than ours.

Is SupMatto a part time minimum wage worker of some kind? it doesn’t look like that to me.

Happens all the time but it’s part of my job description.

Which still misses the point. We don’t what was actually said, so anything we might say about that us pure conjecture.

From SupMatto’s account, I think he was partially intimidated, unaware of his rights, and out of his depth.


its not all conjecture. the entire interaction occurred on SupMatto’s property and in his home. The 2 “investigators” must assume they are being recorded. YOu are at a huge disadvantage when you are in some strange home you’ve never been in in the past.

If the 2 “investigators” randomly threaten people with physical violence their investigation firm won’t be around much longer. Its unrealistic to assume they are “goons” or “thugs”.

Also, can I come over and hang out in your living room for 35 minutes some time next week? i won’t tell you when i’m going to show up though.

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Long time lurker, but I find I don’t think this is true at all. Odds are, if a couple PIs came on my property and I was in a reasonable mood, I would try to answer their questions. I doubt any real intimidation tactics were used, it’s intimidating enough that there are people at the behest of a large corporation investigating you that likely has the power to take down something you’ve created that presumably provides some, at least supplementary, income for your family. Now if I was in a bad mood, I might tell them to get a warrant or get off my lawn.

Regardless, I think everyone should be able to agree that this was extremely poorly handled. I actually thought a lot of the leaks supmatto covered were almost if not entirely intentional. As far as the twitch stuff goes, they could have easily prevented it by creating new random accounts for testing that they hadn’t essentially made public. I also find it HIGHLY suspect that the final straw was the Flak info and Joltz and K6 both had exclusive skill tree reveals today, maybe some of their other large streamers did also, I haven’t looked.

I haven’t decided on whether or not I’ll boycott the game, but I am boycotting all YouTube and twitch exposure. I love your content @nat_zero_six and @Derch among others and it’s nothing against you guys, but if gearbox and 2k (and I understand this is on 2k and it’s hard for gearbox to go against their moneystream but they are complicit by default unless they state otherwise) but… with all of the follow the codes and find the leaked info games they’ve played I don’t think supmatto did anything they didn’t already make it seem like they wanted the community to do and they have made it abundantly clear with this situation that unless you’re on their payroll they don’t want people making content for their game.

They can take their “community” and twitch extensions and all that other crap and shove it I’m not watching or interacting with any content for their games. I might still buy it because it’s fun to play with my son and I enjoy it. But if this is how they deal with content creators, I can’t support anyone who’s complicit to that effect.

This community is the best, the “community” 2k wants is bs. Love all you guys though, and hopefully this sorts out. If not or new information doesn’t come to light to change my mind or apologies don’t ensue then I’ll assume 2K is in the wrong here. If I am wrong in my position I’ll retract my statement and stance.