Borderlands 3 and Leakers

You seem to insist on the idea of the professional human being, but were you ever caught off guard at home, where you did not think about being professional? What if you then see 2 people walk up to you and talk to you like you were the suspect of an investigation? I personally would go into full-on “keep my family safe” mode which might or might not entail the call to the police. If it would not, then I might, depending on my inherent personality, talk to them to keep my loved ones out of this. The invasion of your personal space is something people react completely individually to.
The home is the place where people are the most vulnerable, at least if they grew up in the more safer part of the globe, where the actual danger of being attacked at home is pretty low.

Edit: My personal experience is that I somehow can keep my cool in situations like this and more often than not, answering questions leads to the more civil outcomes. That it wasn’t right in SupMatto’s situation isn’t really what matters, it’s the internal process in SupMatto’s psyche and how the PI’s affected that and how they tried to.
Edit 2: Also, I can’t blame PI’s for trying to get answers out of a suspect, it’s part of their job and so is to try and keep themselves inside the personal space of their suspect to subtly weaken their condition. It’s often a part of investigative work to walk across the lines of legality.

Edit 3: Clarification, grammar and spelling.


i tried to look him up via twitter, but guess he deleted that stuff.

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hey … can i come over to your place and just hang out for 35 minutes while you waste your time making no money talking to me ?


You could try, it’s not like I had a problem with it, but others might.

And as I said, it’s not about professionalism, more about the opposite. SupMatto wasn’t working 24/7 on his cashflow.

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The only YouTube subs I have are my forum friends. Just sayin’.

Aside from the sayin’ : for quite some now it’s been evident that game publishers are engaging in activity worthy of Big Pharma and agribusiness. Yes this smacks of baseless conspiracy theories but there is simply way too much money to be made in games for them to be laisser faire.

No idea why I chipped in. Have fun storming the castle er whatever.


SupMatto is the Ariel Helwani of the Borderlands community. Ariel leaked a big marketing reveal by the UFC and he got crushed for it. Ariel was smart and cried for 4 straight hours on his weekly show and begged for mercy. The UFC backed off and gave Helwani his career back. THe UFC made their point though. Don’t screw with the UFC surprise reveals. Everyone got the message UFC was sending … loud and clear.

SupMatto is trying to play “tough guy” here. IT WON’T WORK. SupMatto should’ve bawled his eyes out like Ariel did with the UFC. Any how, good bye SupMatto… smell ya later.


I’ve only ever subscribed to the forum guys too, but I lurk on the bigger ones. I don’t even know why this rubs me so hard the wrong way because on one hand it’s a really petty issue but on the other the attack feels personal. I don’t know supmatto, but unless something else comes out it looks like they just got mad at a fan digging for info. Nothing he ever released was super mind blowing, just tidbits. Yet this is what happened

People can keep saying he got what he deserved, or they were just digging for info but they got his dischord shut down, they could succeed in getting his YouTube shutdown.

This is vindictive, not business. I don’t think it’s possible to spin it any other way. I haven’t seen anything that resembles good evidence or clarifications in their statements. Unless they are gearing up for some kind of legal attack, there’s no reason for that. And can anyone point to where he actually could have affected their bottom line. I just don’t see it. It seems extremely petty on 2ks end.


From a Real Lawyer asked by Inside Gaming YT


I can remember that i watched a video of him where he says that he has more informations/Leaks for members. Membership costs money…so there is that.
I can also remember him saying that he knows the risk.
But its several month old memory…
But to be fair, i was always wondering how people are allowed to make money from somebody else’s work.
Plus, i think that YongYea and the Quatering are cancer and hateful.

Despite that, he was a passionate fan and clearly loved the franchise. He spread positive waves.
So it may be too harsh what Take2 did or does

Maybe SM made it worse by going public. Then i would also try to shut his channel down

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I can remember in one of his video that he have some information on the other little girl (the white hair girl that is probably a villain) in the trailer but he cannot disclose it, however he said that he can disclose it iformation in the private server. something like that

Ah yes, that might be the right wording he used. Then my memory would not be correct.
I dont know what private server means in that case. Is it free?

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I am not familiar with discord, but i joined his discord one time and the text channels are only promoting his videos. all other channels are private/locked.

Which is why intimidation is legally considered a form of assault.

And that cannot hold in a court of law.

Coercion is a ■■■■■ move, and patently illegal.

It is also hilarious, for what it implies for their “investigation” towards the actual person who leaked.

Because it could damned well get them aquitted, for how the “evidence” was gathered.

And you believe that he got intimidated by the PIs?
Even though there is no word on that, except from cancerous people

Who were these cancerous people?

Are they on Chemo?


Is the 63 (extra) strikes accurate?

If that is accurate, then this has just gone from 'Nuts!" to 'Redonkulous!!!"

I hesitate to react, for fear I shall do so emotionally.

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That is insane.

Take Two… wtf.

…if I hadn’t pre-ordered digitally, in good faith, on PSN, in the U.S., I’d be cancelling, right about now.

And I don’t even watch streamers, much less “Pro” ones.

The closest I’ve come is watching and donating as an online friend did a charity gaming marathon for kids with cancer.

But it was this Supmatto guy’s job, right?

He made his living at it?

That’s twelve shades of pitch black.

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thanks for posting this. great in depth stuff.

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Isn’t that the gist of parties?

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But it’s not weird at all.

What if someone leaks your book you’ve worked on for YEARS? even if it’s “just a trailer”, that person still leaked years of your work to make money out of it.

This is the exact same thing SupMatto did.

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