Borderlands 3 and My Insane Way of Playing! (for now)


OK, I am still on my “I hate myself” game play thing. 4 characters, 3 skill trees, a total of 12 characters, to get a feel of the game. The characters were all over the place, so I decided to get 11 of them at the same place, Eden 6. I FINALLY got the trick to kill The Graveward with a Moze character, got back to Pandora, and enjoyed killing “Mouthpiece” again, then I, then I just started on Eden 6 for another character to start it all again.

A QUESTION: I would imagine that this the equivalent of “normal” mode?

A QUESTION: the second play though {will only be 4 characters} would be equivalent of “TVHM”?

A QUESTION: should I be concerned with getting too many levels when I go through the second playthrough?

PS: Yes… I know that I am playing like I hate myself… call me a masochist!


Yes. (with more anointed)

Most(some?) people don’t even go through a 2nd play through and instead turn on mayhem and finish leveling and farming gear.

I hope I answered your questions decently considering I could not understand some of what was said with the whole 4 characters, 12 character, and getting too many levels thing.


The enemies scale on TVHM so you don’t have to be concerned with getting too many levels there.

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My experience is that the 2nd playthrough isn’t really worth it (unless you’re looking for a specific mission reward).
I find I get to max level about 1/3rd fo the way through the 2nd play through, and with the guns around I’m just overpowered and it’s really easy.
I’d personally recommend, if you want to to PT2, that you turn on Mayhem just to have a little more challenge.

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OK… I understand… in BL2 I ran a character the while on TVHM Gaige was up to level sixty-something before I even STARTED UVHM.

It was a total {crap}show , as I got killed faster than you can spit… I killed that character and I learned to never do that again!!!

same. it so insane.

Well i definitely think ur insane and im the resident psycho…

I do this to a limited extent. He or she has twelve characters, each of the four (Moze, FL4K, Amara, Zane), three times each with a build down a single skill tree and probably action skill as applicable (Demolition Woman Moze, Shield of Retribution Moze, Bottomless Mags Moze; Stalker FL4K, Hunter FL4K… and so on).

I have nine characters, each dedicated to a specific weapon manufacturer allegiance (two of each character with a third FL4K), and similarly have them each built around different action skills and skill trees to make playing each of them as unique as possible and add as much variety to the game as I can… not sure why OP is doing it though.