Borderlands 3 and the PC community patch

Firstly I have to thank the modders who brought out the community patch for borderlands 2, it really made the game peak in its greatness.

NOW I really hope that the developers take note of the what the patch had done, and do consider it for the next release. One major quality-of-life change I found was the “no cut scenes” change (mostly anyway) made the game much easier to play, after many many many characters and playthroughs. This as a setting after getting your fill of story would be great.

Which of the changes do you guys wanna see added to BL3?


I think Gearbox need to make it easier to mod Borderlands and future titles on PC. It’ll extend greatly the lifetime of the game. The Fallout and Elder Scrolls series still get hundreds of thousands playing them everyday because of modding.

Just think of having the possibility to add quests and even new locations and worlds to the game, all community-made.

Of course modding would bring a compatibility issue in online gameplay, but adding an offline mode when mods are active would solve the problem.

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I am for and against the toolkit being made available… For, as you say the game lifespan is exponentially increased and expose the true potential of game (as in every bethesda game).
Against, (Disclaimer: I mod just about everything in general (visuals mostly)) modding in a pretty linear game format may actually break the experience, the most I would actually mod is as stated in the original post is the QoL changes and more streamlining changes.

Edit: Textures! My word, if the tools to improve them would be amazing!

The issue with modding is that BL is coop. What kind of solution can be made for modding that doesn’t compromise matchmaking?

Agreed, if it was allowed and implement into the game, compatibility of the lobby can be checked before going into game.

I’m not sure if any of you know this but, COD modern warfare did this, the plugins were downloaded before entering the match, so no issues would be experienced.

Edit: If it’s just visuals however, there will be no issues at all :slight_smile:

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Right, there are precedents.

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games mods are added in “gamedata” folder, that are basically alternative versions to game files. With simple edit in config you can toggle game between using those files and using vanilla version of game.

The issue with this example however is that savefiles made on modded version of game and unmodded doesn’t work on other. As well as savefiles have chance to no longer work after adding new mods.

Conclusion: Using stalker as precedent, devs could cook in option to play game modded, but then it’d have to be seperated version of game, with disabled coop, as well as have its own seperated save files from vanilla version of game.

p.s. I don’t know about COD MW, but for Borderlands there is lot of files and downloading them all when joining custom servers is not going to work.BL coop is not a multiplayer server that runs all day, but people quickly starting and ending random gameplay sessions.

Please use the existing ‘what we want for BL3 wishlist’ for requests like skippable cutscenes.