Borderlands 3 and Twitch integration

With the rise of games that have some sort of Twitch integration, i wrote an in-depth article up on my website about the idea;“Will Streamers become Quest Givers in Borderlands 3 and how will GBX implement this feature into their game?

I didn’t want to limit the discussion to just my website and wanted input from you guys.

In short link your game to Twitch and bonus missions will become available and you will be able to share the mission or loot with your viewers. In the article i did breakdown the various type of rewards if you want a more complete picture. However it would be interesting to see what you guys come up with or think about such a feature.


As long as it’s not story or mission based, I’d be OK. I don’t want any story spoilers going in to Borderlands 3, so I won’t be watching any streams of it. And when I pay for the game, I expect to get everything it offers (excluding advertised DLC of course) in that package.


While I have a Twitch account, I don’t have enough bandwidth to stream (and as it turns out, not enough to watch either). :neutral_face:

As long as I don’t need to broadcast or receive live video, I’m down. I realize it’s Twitch, but still. That could be interesting (as I look at it through the lens of end-game BL2).

It really depends on the mission types; whether they’re sourced from Twitch or not doesn’t matter so much to me as long as they’re interesting. I could see putting contracts out on certain enemies/enemy types with specific kill conditions (kill Boll with DoT or kill an Ultimate Badass Loader with a shotgun, for example).

Custom variations of Geary’s Quest could be fun. Squeeze Knuckledragger for a Hornet, walk (no driving or fast travel) to the Eridium Blight and throw it into the purple sea at the bottom of Slag Scar.

Kill counts? It worked with SHiFT during the loot hunt, so I imagine that mechanism would be there? Kill 100 Skags?


Could be something as simple as, watch your fav streamer for x hours every week and get extra Golden Keys/Loot. Same kind of rewards you’d get if you follow the official twitter/facebook accounts.


Thank you guys for the feedback

This should be an experience you could enjoy next to the game. The meat (main story and side quests) of the game like we know it from BL1,BL2, and BLTPS should still be available in the base game. I was more thinking towards additional side quests.

Twitch wants more viewers so they can push more ads. Getting games with some kind twitch integration is a strategy to pull people back to their platform. So hanging out in the chat is the minimal requirement it think (and linking the game to your account).

I like this idea, community loot hunts. Everyone in the streamers chat will be working together to achieve these goals.

Just hanging out would boost viewer numbers but also lurkers (it seems not everyone likes them). Personally i would prefer a feature with some kind of community interaction so you get that engagement. However there was this populair service on Twitch where viewers did earn points for hanging out. 1 point for every minute. These points could be used to claim certain rewards specified by the streamer. Applying this idea for a game like borderlands could translate in for example 30 points for 2500 in-game cash. 40 points for 50 eridium. 50 points for 5 golden keys.