Borderlands 3 at E3 this year?

I have been hearing rumors that Gearbox will show some stuff on Borderlands 3 at E3 this year, any proof or confirmation on these rumors?

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Where did you hear this rumor?
Nevertheless I think they won’t show anything just yet. But if they’re going to that would seriously feel like rushed content.

The next thing from Gearbox we are going to see is probably some more Battleborn, which is nice too I guess.

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It wouldn’t be rushed content necessarily. They could just talk about their plans for it, unless they’ve been working on it for longer than we think. Who knows.


If they were to just talk about their plans then that cool. I was thinking more of the lines of showing off “alpha stage” content.

I guess it all depends on how far they are along. I can’t remember if they were just beginning or trying to grow the team when they did their call for help at that con a month or so ago. If they had concept down at that point I could see them talking about a character or where they might take the story (like they did with sal pretty early on in BL2) but not much else at this point. If they were just starting at that point then I doubt we will see anything.

Maybe they’ll show some concept work or something, tease possible new and/or returning characters.

I personally hope we don’t hear anything about Borderlands 3 for another one to two years.

I think They need the time to make it as great as it possibly can be and if they have anything to say more than that they are starting work on it. or tease on which direction the story may go or possible new mechanics ideas. It’s going to lower my expectations of it.

When game companies pump out game too quick they tend to go down with quality.
Borderlands is to good to go down that road In my opinion they almost did it with TPS. TPS was released to fast and it shows big time.

I Hope they say nothing and not only say nothing but have nothing they can say except they are starting work on it.