Borderlands 3 at E3

So apparently we got a new tweet from Randy about BL3 being at E3. It mentions a new Vault Hunter and New planet which sounds like the gameplay demo they will have at the event will be in a different location than the last and we’ll be seeing either Moze or FL4K used in game.

The question to ask however is the last part of his tweet that says they may even have a surprise or two up their sleeves.

I’ve seen a few mentions from people on what they think the surprises could be including some that watch steam.db and think gearbox is still cooking some surprise campaign size DLC for BL2.

Some other thoughts are them rolling out rewards for the first season of VIP or an early roadmap of the DLC schedule for BL3.

What other things do you guys think could be popped as a surprise to fans at E3?

Or I guess, What new things do hope we see or learn at E3?

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I’m still waiting for them to show off a sniper like “Farsight” from Perfect Dark that can see and shoot through walls when zoomed in.

I think they may showcase some of the Calypso twins’ powers. I’m really hoping they make a debut early in the game where we fight them but we’re too weak to actually defeat them. I love when games do that. Makes you feel more powerful when you actually take them down at the end.

Maybe “gem slots” on weapons?

I’m hoping to play as a vault guardian. I feel like they were essential to the story but forgotten about in a sense. Or Tiny Tina. If it is something new then also yay

What do you mean by “gem slots”? Like augments for weapons like Amara’s augments for her skills?

Pretty common in aRPGs like Diablo or Torchlight. You can find gems and slot them into weapons, and the effects they have can be whatever your imagination can hold, but standard stuff like +fire rate, elemental damage, reload speed etc is not too hard.

I’m hoping for Fl4k gameplay OR at the very minimum his Skill trees (assuming they pick Moze to show off instead).

I want to also see brand new evolving enemies (a la Varkids) along with an example of some of these new “dynamic” boss battles.

As for the surprises up their sleeves, I’m 97% sure he’s talking about a cringy Magic Trick or two! Although I’m hoping it’s an announcement that Fl4k’s Class Mods will be up for sale on the official store!


I’ve seen mention of trinkets so maybe they’ll be the “gem equips” you’re talking about? But I’m not sure if trinkets are equippable to all weapons seperately or as like a relic for example?