Borderlands 3 balancing is MMORPG balancing , can not be balanced

Gearbox/RP has stated they would never consider going MMORPG. in BL2 they even spoof on MMORPGs somewhat warcraft in tiny tina DLC. yet in bordlerlands 3 they adopted three talent trees like that you see in Classic WOW that Blizzard just released from 15 years ago

blizzard had a issue with their system of three skill trees, were players could could place points into any or all trees. they had severe balancing issues with hybrid builds, plus gear, enchants that could not be addreses or balanced, if they tried, players found another over and over, along with gear combos.

blizzard stopped the hybrid OP builds, in later expacs (think it took six years) they made it so players had to select one tree only. i still play WOW, still not balanced, but its not as insane as it once was, Blizzard does not have to frequently hotfix issues like they did years back

Gearbox using three hybrid specing, gear, modifiers on gear, even if they nerf or remove some mayhem 3 modifiers can never be balanced to the the point where pointing predominately into ant single talent tree will be viable.

every nerf to flak has resulted in a new crit of the week build, then when nerfed too much enters a new FTOM other class god mode build.

another issue, if Gearbox DEVs are observing streamers, or youtubers, i hope they are careful issuing hot fixes and nerfs
-builds… some show, some do not show, shows a 1 shot (quick kill) with weapon, weapon now nerfed
-mayhem modifers…some show, some do not show they pre-shopped modifiers
-online vs offline…game is not the same offline. my game is updated, yet offline i’m seeing greens, blues and epics, that trounce legendaries. go online they drop in damage drasticly. why?
-patched/hotfixed…or not, basicly there are different versions of the game that can be streamed/tubed

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