Borderlands 3/ Battle Born Easter Egg discussion

So the easter egg in Battle born was the message saying:

“Visit Prometea, Children of the Vault, We Are Not on Pandora Anymore, Tannis Is Not What She Seems, Do Not Open the Vaults”

Any new theories now that we have more information on Borderlands 3? It seems to be a message for the Children but who sent it? Eridians? They’d probably be the only ones with tech to transmit to another universe, or the only ones who know not to open the vault.

I’d guess the message was from the Calypso kids.


“Visit Prometea” - Prometea will most likely be one of the planets to explore in the 3rd game.

“Children of the Vault” - I believe they were a cult in Tales From the Borderlands where Rhys became a leader of. EDIT: Disregard that. It was Atlas that he becomes the leader of. Oh and also the Children of Helios.

“We Are Not on Pandora Anymore” - With the 3rd game announcing that you can go to other worlds that isn’t Pandora. Though it’ll still be cool if we can still revisit the place.

“Tannis Is Not What She Seems” - Might have something to do with Prometea? She might either take over the Children of the Vault and use them to take out anyone who comes after the vault or something? Or it might just be the fact that it’s pointing out the obvious.

“Do Not Open the Vaults” - Well there’s bound to be some people who will be resistant to opening the vault and may want to prevent anyone from opening it, because of all the other times that involved opening the vaults.

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Honestly it made so much sense after you put that my idea in my head, but also the Tannis line is kinda holding me back. My question is why would they single her out and not someone more of a leader, like Lilith?

@dbucky231 i took it to mean all of the sentences were part of the same message, but your response gives me more to think about too.

Some part of me is thinking that Children of the Vault might not mean the vault cultists, but rather the vault hunters or something.

I think the ‘don’t open the vaults’ line is interesting too, as the Eridian in TPS seemingly had no problem with them opening the vaults. Eridian Civil War maybe?

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