Borderlands 3 best SMG in game + some FL4K graveward fast farming NightHawkin gameplay Graveward post nerf farming

Nighthawkin isn’t the best smg, Crossrooads is!


nooooo, cutsman is teh bestest!!1 :smiley:

honestly, all my characters have atleast one night hawkin, 3 different crossroads and 3 different cutsman in their inventory

there are not many legendary smg in game guys, enjoy whatever you like, in my opinion nighthawk with controlled fire can be faster than automatic, in combination with fire magazines can be be deadly at night because it switches to fire element.

I love all 3 SMG mentioned here for dif reasons all earn a place in my bag.

The night hawkin especially any arctic variant is a brute as the arctic prefixed ones fire 3 projectiles per 1 bullet.

Unsure if the other prefix have the tripple projectile but i have had about 10 of these and the ones with arctic prefix always out damaged any other kawkin that did not.

Cross roads is amazing for quick burst kills especially if your character has skills that give you reflect bullets to another enemy.

And finally the Cutter, When you absolutely positively have to melt the big targets. I swear sometimes graveward see’s me dropping down with cutter in hand and tries to turn and flee from me :slight_smile:

If that’s your YouTube video could you share the skill tree for the graveward kill pls and the items. Thanks!

showed skill tree and item at end of each of my videos

EDIT: except the graveward one sorry check my other two I posted

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tested leave no trace with this build since the hot fix?

no not using no trace anymore since the hotfix, any delay to no trace even 0.3 makes it not worth using it, there are other skills now that deserve that 3 points of invest much more now.