Borderlands 3 blood drive can’t continue main story

I’m having an issue where I can get into devils razor but I am unable to talk to vaughn to continue the story. Back story to this the other day while I was on eden 6 in my own story I got invited into a game with my friend where he was fighting the boss in guts of Carnivora. After helping him I went back to my game to continue the story. Now that I’m at the devils razor in my game (Xbox one) it keeps giving me the waypoint and objective to talk to tanis. Where her location is in guts of Carnivora. But I cannot fast travel there and it’s basically having me skip ahead in the story. I can’t seem to work this out no matter how many times I exit and reload my game.

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Also facing this problem after fast forwarding my game (was given the option after the Eden-6 vault). Mission is in Carnivora, but I can’t get there because I’m on Sanctuary and have no fast travel locations on that section of the Pandora map.

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Same here, cannot figure out any way to get to carnivora

Stuck in the same loop. Shows me I need to talk to Tannis, but no fast travel destinations available and no entry from other parts of Pandora.

Same issue - was invited to anothers game the other day. After continuing my progress, i got this far and now can progress no further. I was sure to NOT fast forward the game as I didn’t want to skip anything but now can’t progress at all.

No way to get to Devils Razor.

I was having the same issue, i could not travel to Devils Razor. I had a friend who could, travel there and then send me a game invite. It unlocked it for me. I then quit his game and was able to continue on with my story progression.

TLDR: Navigate to Eden-6

I had the same issue and I finally figured it out. I’m pretty sure there’s a trigger on Sanctuary for the next part of the quest, but it requires that you’re in front of the right planet. The sequence comes after you kill Graveward, so I did that, then went back to the ship. Went back to the warp drive thing on the bridge, then saw a yellow exclamation point for Eden-6. I ported there, then got the next quest objectives. Hope it works for you too.

You all seriously need to address this rather then waste time on sub par events. I have been stuck trying different methods to get to blood drive for more than an hour but this is getting utterly ridiculous.

I’m having the same issue, have all maps and multiple quests available on Pandora, but thanks to playing a lot of early campaign in Social, I can’t access Devil or any connecting maps, can only view them, no teleport points. Do you really want me to not see all that work your artists, designers, actors, animators, scriptures, and coders did in about two thirds of Pandora just because your Social system skipped me too far ahead in the story?!?