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Hello I would like to suggest a remastered version for the Borderlands 1 and 2. Making a even more larger world, larger variety of enemies and weapons. And the data for players to be more secure and legitimacy be protected. Badass ranks would be a nice addition to this, but of course there is always interesting ways to change it up. Don’t let Borderlands 1 and 2 just slow down the process of wanting to see the image of Borderlands seem all that more real. Some people would disagree and say how just kick/ban people whom cheat. That isn’t simple, anyone’s level, character, anything can easily not be legitimate. Profiles of Borderlands level 58’s (BL1&2) Level 69’s (BL1&2) Level 72’s (BL2 even with OP 8).

I know not too long ago I made a topic discussing this before, but its important for me to express how dramatic the community will be affected with this change of storing data. It may seem a bit too modern and extra, but I promise you it will be worth it. People just saying let modders be modders and hackers be hackers. Having a much more secure way of transaction between data will lessen this possibility. Badass bonuses are pretty easy to mod/edit, you end up with Level 1 people with nothing basically being beyond god like. Making Badass Ranks seem not so legitimate as well.

I doubt Borderland’s engine and/or networking can handle 8-10 max players, but it would be nice along side multi-questing even, or at least multi-exploring to different areas, so for example 3 people could be fighting a boss somewhere in Forest location and another 2 in this Desert location. Making it more open world for real. Wouldn’t seem quite possible to pull this off, but the only way I guess would be secure, fast connections/transactions. This is just another part of my opinion I wanted to voice out.

Give me your opinion on the matter please, this is just my opinion.

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I like your idea of expanding upon loothunting&mobbing aspects of the game. However I disagree with emphasis on the “online” part and increasing player count. Networking was never the strong point of the series, which probably have a lot to do with all of the great variety of everything ensuring having to keep circulating tons of data, or so I guess.

Yes indeed, that’s my absolute dream, to have a pure loothunting game where I can enjoy freely running around while mobbing and finding new items and equipment upgrades. All of the great variety in enemies, all of the great variety in equipments, all of the great variety of possible gameplay options and tactics. Would be the ultimate SP FPS experience for me! Give it all, potential to find hybrid weapons, ultimate powerful pearlescent items, and a great playground to have fun playing with all of those amazing items. I want it!

There isn’t a single BL game which gives me that yet however. BL1 would be perfect if it’s endgame wasn’t so focused on farming Crawmerax, if it’s hybrid weapons were actually worth using except few nice ones and if pearls dropped outside from Knoxx DLC. BL2 is great for offering bigger variety of enemies and more potential farming grounds, but the game is too focused on limiting player’s viable options and makes most of loot useless for my character, while completely destroying prestige and point of finding rare items such as pearls and serpahs. UVHM which makes all enemies bulletsponges and forces to use only the most viable items for my character. Also broken bosses. Haven’t played BTPS, but from what I see it’s endgame is broken as well.

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Gearbox want people to be able to play Borderlands whenever they like, whether or not they have an internet connection (which would be required by your idea of secure server-side saves)

Iirc, gbx did try various methods, but they impacted on gameplay too much. Sure, technology has moved on, perhaps making it more viable, but the principle remains regarding accessibility.



I understand what you mean exactly, Borderlands is awesome with how much variety and action it actually has. The graphics have always complimented the gameplay itself, I thought that would have worked in benefiting how much overall data can be spread out between active characters, but I don’t know. The networking by far does seem a bit far fetched to be able to handle 4+, most servers I encounter as is I get 100+ ping usually. I blame how the game uses other people’s networks to host. People with poor connection speeds usually can’t play online anyhow, I understand that. My connection isn’t so good either. Single player could be still as it is, requiring an online connection seems like a good trade off for what pros and cons it has.


I understand that is one of their prime focuses, I am a huge fan of Gearbox. Their goal isn’t too different from mine though, it’s just a different perspective on the idea of accessibility. To me most households that can even get a hold of Borderlands most likely have a decent connection speed worthy of server-client transactions. I’m not saying multiplayer in particular, but that of course would be optional with full legitimacy. I understand where you’re coming from though, it’s nice how you can put Borderlands in / run it. And go straight to your story in which has your particularly specialized characters by oneself, but think about the trade off!

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You might be surprised then. I’ve seen a LOT of people asking how they can get updates etc. because they don’t have an internet connection. Sometimes, this is because people are on active deployment, but many times it’s simply because they live somewhere that doesn’t have even reliable DSL. It’s mostly in rural areas, but that actually makes up quite a lot of land area in the continental US.

Would you suggest placing servers all over the world for playing BL online? Well, I think at this point we would be going too far discussing technical stuff we as players shouldn’t worry about. What I’m more interested in is what benefits do you see in having more than 4 players on a server. From my experience more players doesn’t equal with better experience. Instead the more players the more will constantly want to talk at once and the harder it becomes to decide what to do when you have more players trying to push their ideas for what to do next. What about dividing loot, it’s already pretty tedious with just 4 players.

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TPS has a better endgame in some ways and worse in others. Mostly as there’s not as much content as BL2. But what it has over BL2 is better balanced classes that can all survive and deal tons of damage at the same time and that UVHM in TPS is what I wanted for BL2’s UVHM. The endGame farming in TPS though is more varied than in BL1 I think. And the boss in TPS is the best borderlands boss so far. TPS even has an underdome inspired arena with chooseable game modifiers.


It would be cool to have a session going with all 6 classes at once.

Obviously not on 360/PS3, though - mine sometimes struggles in single-player with Aurelia or Athena!

NO, nope, nix & nein. No server side for BL.

Say what you want about modders, but I’m willing to bet it makes up a good chunk of their customer base.

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Personally, I am hoping that GearBox makes Borderlands 3 for PS3 and XBox 360 as well as the next gen consoles, because I don’t want to be one of the many who don’t have a PS4 or XBox One not able to play the game just because I can’t afford a next gen console/don’t want one simply because a persistent internet connection is required just to play some games.

Ideally, the idea is to be able to market the game to all who want to play it, right? I don’t want to have to shell out a couple hundred dollars to buy a new console just so I can play the newest entry in the series. Not to mention a lot of PS3 & XBox 360 players would be thankful they’re able to play the game on their current consoles.

I held out for a year, but in that year I’ve replaced the 360 twice (second time fortunately under store warranty). So I now have both 360 & XB1, and am slowly migrating things I care about covered by the compatibility option.

I don’t know how much is too much for you, but I’m reasonably sure you’ll be able to get a good price on a new or used XB1 or PS4 by the time BL3 rolls out. At which point, your 360 will be on borrowed time and you’ll have very limited options for replacement. I’d advise keeping an eye on the sales, and taking advantage as soon as possible just so you don’t lose your saves permanently.

(Reminds me, need to keep an eye out for a good deal on the HC)

To be honest, I am a Sony fangirl if you’ll forgive the term. I’d replaced what had originally started off as a backwards compatible 80GB PS3 purchased on December 27, 2007 --I later upgradeded the HDD storage to 250GB in September of 2011 after the original Seagate 80GB Momentus went Chernobyl on me in September of 2010-- with a White Super Slim 500GB PS3 in June of 2014.

The issue is, right now, the 500GB PS4’s are still between $250-300 and being that’s still a little pricy to me, I’d rather wait until I absolutely have to, to get a PS4. I’m already a little disappointed that some releases that were supposed to be for last gen consoles (PS3 & XBox 360) as well as the new gen consoles (PS4 & XBox One) have very serious differences as far as last get vs new gen go, like WWE 2K16. The features that were advertised on that game are not included across all platforms of the game. Which pissed me off when I bought 2K16 for the PS3 and discovered that it was essentially an updated version of Smackdown vs RAW 2011 with a larger roster and completely different button layout, the ability to create your own arena, brands, etc… but lost the Create-A-Finisher option.

So, my initial idea is having them make the game at least as a PS3 & XBox 360 compatible digital download so as not to alienate the players who still play from their last gen consoles, instead of having BL3 (or another newer release) being what forces them to shell out $250-300+ just to play a game that costs them ~$70.

I have no problem with the term. Has Sony said anything about copying MS’s approach to compatibility for PS3 games on PS4? (MS basically wrote a virtual 360 which is launched whenever you want to play an older game.)

I honestly can’t see GBX making BL3 for 360 or PS3 at all - it’s too different an environment from the XB1/PS4. I’m expecting prices to drop on both by the time BL3 does launch though - especially if the rumours of upgraded versions pan out.

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Games that force you to be online SUCKS, I’m hating it every time now in my iOS devices as in mobile it seems that now is becoming the ‘usual’.
If I pay for a game I want to play it any time / any where I want to.
And being forced to be online ruins this.
I hope consoles don’t start to do this as a rule.
Cause the only one who benefits with this are the companies that are already making huge money, they obviously want everyone online, so they sort of own you.
People just seem to not be aware that this are just marketing tactics to take advantage of costumes.
So keep supporting this selfish way of doing things.

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I understand and mostly agree. For certain types of games, though, you have to have that for multiplayer in order to maintain integrity of the save files. Battleborn, for example, would be an absolute nightmare if saves were kept locally like they are in the Borderlands series.

Battleborn is, as far as I’m concerned, “Borderlands Online”, and I’m quite happy for them to not share characters and lore. It’s a different style of play for a different experience, which is good. But I prefer to keep Borderlands as the type of game it is!


Just make another Borderlands game, like the two before it, with new classes/skills/items, maybe a new setting (maybe not Pandora, but still could be), with some community-requested refinements, etc., and I’ll buy it, as will as many or more that bought the other two iterations of the franchise.

You can play Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 Offline Singleplayer and Online Multiplayer. But you need Legit and Unmodified save files to play Online Mod. Plus you can get banned or get reported on steam if you use cheat or hack. So its time to cut the jazz guys. You can do it. I can gladly pay 2x more money for cheat-hack-dupe-gibbed free Borderlands.

I realize this is an old post, but I really concur on a ps3 version of bl3. I have three ps3’s that all get used and have various version of bl running. I doubt I will ever, ever buy a ps4 at the prices they are asking. I have one 100 ps3 games many of which get played throughout the year. Not going to replace my fav ones either as that would exceed platform cost as well. After lots of configuring I have eliminated all crashing screen lockup and poor quality graphics. It looks like I will be happy I saved my games and consoles. Still got two ps2’s and assorted games.

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