Borderlands 3 Boss Mechanics

Basically their boss mechanics I say have improved from BL2 but its not the fun type wherein they have “that MOVE” that u can stop somehow but if u don’t It’s really bad for you. Like those Zelda or MHW bosses that make you go “Oh ■■■■”. Not those invincible anointed mechanics that u can’t do anything at all.

I imagine they should add like a new enemy every week or something that is basically built to be beaten by certain weapons to promote weapon diversity. Like make an enemy that u can only bounce attacks on the ‘hive’ mother in order to kill the ‘babies’ (which are the real bosses) I imagine that would promote Alien tech and Jakobs weapons.

another Ex. make an enemy that u need to stop from hitting like a detonate button-- you’ll need to slow him down via Ice weapons, and then other teammates damage his shield nonstop until he gets stunned to deal damage phase.

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Agreed, solid suggestion.

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