Borderlands 3 - Bounty of Blood on ArtStation

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to take a second for a shout out to the some of the developers behind Bounty of Blood. Today, many of them are uploading their relevant works to

For those who might have missed it, when Borderlands 3 released, many of the developers participated in an ArtStation Art Blast. By searching “Borderlands 3” you can see a TON of different disciplines all excitedly showing off years of hard work.

Click the artwork under each Developer’s name to see their collections and get an inside look at some of the art and hard work that went into this DLC (available on all platforms now)!

This post will be updated as more of the developers upload their work. :slight_smile:

Kevin Duc, kick-ass Art Director:

Max Davenport:

Aaron Whitehead:

Amanda Christensen:

Mike Davis

Stephen Cole

Lucas Helmintoller

Chris Peacock

Sergi Brosa

Paul Presley
*Paul loaded a bunch of collections, so make sure to visit their page for more!


Stunning as always.

It’s a real shame that DLCs don’t get their own artbook, especially ones where it makes sense because of their big scope like in Borderlands, Fallout or others games with big beautiful expansions.


Perhaps they’ll get one once all are released?

i love juno’s character design so much. amanda christensen is one of my fave concept artists, excellent work as always!


BOB is by far my favorite dlc to date. Big fan of the western theme!

Sadly that’s very unlikely I don’t know of a single game were this was ever the case. It’s the same for the DLC OST, which is already a small miracle that Gearbox have actually released them atleast digitaly.

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This DLC was really good, and these designs are badass…shoutout to these artists.

Npc’s (juno, titus, oletta) need more color imo. They do not stand out like rose.

The artwork of Borderlands (the entire series) was always one of the most attractive features for me as a video game. It would make for a great coffee table book or slide show in an electronic display frame!