Borderlands 3-C (cartoon crossover fanfiction)

hello those in the Borderlands forums

I am going to make a fanfiction that takes place in Borderlands 3 but replaces the 4 new Vault Hunters, with 4 characters that are from cartoon series.

once Borderlands 3 comes out, I’ll be making chapters with these 4 cartoon vault hunters to make an interesting story

for now, I’ve made a build-up called ‘ECHO-Prolouge’ so you can give an idea for these 4 cartoon vault hunters and their story through ECHO Logs, keep in mind that I wrote these cartoon characters to fit with the Borderlands universe, so they will be different to their canon counterpart, I hope you enjoy if you are interested, the link to the fanfic is below, keep an eye out for updates:
Borderlands 3-C: ECHO Prolouge fanfiction

the main story will come out a few days after the launch of Borderlands 3, obviously.

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the main story is now up, if you want to read it the link is down below

let the mayhem begin!