Borderlands 3 - Can't start Bloody Harvest

I have restarted BL3 on my PS4, and I still can’t get the Bloody Harvest mission to start. I went to Maurice on Sanctuary, but all I get is a “talk” icon when I stand in front of him. If I hit that, he just says something random, but doesn’t start the BH mission.

I would have thought the Hotfix for this would be automatically applied. I didn’t see it (the “Hotfix Applied” sign) on the start up screen. Is there a way to “force” the Hotfix to apply? Or is there something else I can do to enable this mission?


I think you need to see hotfix applied sign. Bottom left should on the news section should show Borderlands 3 Hotfixes: October 8 2020

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Thanks for the tip! I will check for that the next time I start the game.

Just wait a moment or two at the main menu. The pumpkins and ghosts should appear along with the ‘hotfix applied’ sign, and you should also get the spooky music playing. If that doesn’t happen the next time you start up the game, check that you haven’t set your system to off-line mode (whatever that looks like for you)

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Great tip, thanks! I will try that and post back with what I see.

Also, since you mentioned being on PS4, make sure you have the most recent system update installed then restart your system.

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Problem solved! :+1:

I made sure my PS4 had the most recent update and restarted the system. When I started BL3, I waited at the title menu until I saw the “Hotfix Applied” message. Then when I went into the game, I immediately was told that the Bloody Harvest mission was available, and Maurice was highlighted.

Thanks to everyone that replied!! :grinning:

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Hey, I have the same problem but on Xbox one. Nothing helps, I can’t get the Hotfixes applied sign to change me screen to pumpkins. :frowning:
I managed to complete the challange two times few days back and I have been unable to get the Bloody Harvest screen ever since…

Bloody Harvest event ended on 11/5, I believe, so no pumpkins and ghosts till next year.