Borderlands 3 Chalice Dungeons

Title. If you haven’t played bloodborne, there were these randomly generated dungeons that you could enter and complete. They had check points and unique bosses.
Thinking of the theme of the upcoming DLC, does anyone think GBX might implement a RNG dungeon run thing? Similar to raid on digistruct peak I guess, but I’m not sure if the areas for digistruct peak changed or not.
I’ve seen complaints about the circle of slaughter and takedowns being pretty large timesinks. I think a new mode based around multiplayer would do this game some sort of justice.

I like the idea but can’t see it implemented in this game. I’d have something in mind like digistruct peak just each map section is either procedurally generated or just randomized from a set of presets (some bosses tied to certain environments or specific section perhaps). They could also throw random named enemies in for extra loot and chaos. They could just call it a Boss Rush or something.

I’m a fan of the idea because load times on console are ■■■■ and any way to kill multiple bosses without loading is a good idea in my books