Borderlands 3 Character activity

Hi, I played BL2 and all the time kinda felt like a silent ghost watching from behind how the story goes. Even though you get some background info about the playable characters (especially in the wambam Islands) they are barely active in the the conversations and storyline aside from the action.
You only fulfill the Badassery and Action the Main-NPCs prepare for you.
We are the most badass person on the planet but dont get to know much about ourselves.
In the cutscenes there is no interaction with your specific character, only telling the “Hero” what to do.
I would love it, if you could actually see yourself in the cutscenes and talk.
Maybe even in diferent ways based on the skill tree you chose.
For example : Roland and Lilith plan the next Strike, you (as Zero) are there too and discuss with them (of course the player cant do stuff, its all scripted) and if you chose to build him on close-combat, Zero will talk more directly and suggest an aggressive plan.
If you built him on long-range instead, Zero will talk less (than he usually does anyways) and go for a strategy that involves long-range-weapons like artillery or something.
With 4 playable Characters with 2 or 3 ways each to build them, BL3 would have around 10 different possibilities for every cutscene.
I dont think it would be necessary for the cutscene to actually efect the story-missions.
It’s only to get your own playable dude/dudeen more into the conversation and see his/her character better.


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TPS did a much better job of your character interacting with the story and even in Battleborn they are also kinda raising the stakes there, characters have different relation ships and different lines based on teammates.

I would imagine in bl3 it will be improved again.

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I’d love to see that but my PC refuses to let my play BLTPS on more than 15fps.
But thanks to you

May I suggest poking your head into the PC tech support forum if you haven’t already done so? Someone may be able to help you get that frame rate up to something more reasonable.