Borderlands 3 Character Idea : Ryuga, the ex-Lost Legion Eternal

  • Backstory : Ryuga is an ex-Dahl Miner. He was sent by the Dahl Corporation to mine the Vaults and he was among the first ones that entered Tycho’s Ribs. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well and they got cerebrally corrupted by Eridium. He mutated into an Eternal.
    When Dahl left them for dead, he became one of the first Lost Legion Soldiers and one of the strongest, being an Eternal.
    10 years after that, while he was working out, he blacked-out. When he woke up, he had a huge lapse of memory. And then he remembered that he got corrupted by the Vault purple fumes and he became … this. He tried to convince his squad to stop fighting … then they tried to kill him for “betrayal”.
    When he realised how corrupted the Lost Legion was, he hunted them, just after the opening of the Vault of the Sentinel. By hunting the remaining Lost Legion operators, he discovered his abilities and how powerful they are, and the Eridium corruption gived him an immunity to mind-control.
    After hunting the Lost Legion down, he came to Pandora. He studied Eridian technology and Eridium properties. When he heard about the Vault of the Warrior, he went to it but just watched the combat, knowing that an interruption could have massive consequences. While watching the combat, he noticed something watching the combat : a Guardian ! He decided to stay calm and go away before he would notice him and engage combat, but the Watcher knows he was watching.

  • Playstyle : crazy Movement Speed, melee/gun berzerk or Elemental Tank.

  • Appearance : Eternal trooper, Dahl suit with a grey and purple Elpis vest (those that Scavs wear). As tall as Zer0. Normal head but with purple eyes and. His melee is a fang attack from his corrupted left hand.
    His class mods are Eridian masks attached to his torso.

  • Personality : melancholic, wistful, reflexive, gloomy. Sometimes shows signs of sympathy to his colleagues, never gives up. Pityful to innocent victims, knowing how hard being dragged into trouble is. When Ascending, he becomes very aggressive and edgy, he will show no regard to his enemies’ suffering.

  • Action Skill : Ascension
    Cooldown time : 35 seconds, duration : 20 seconds.
    Ryuga releases a Slag Nova, replenishes his health, and transforms into the following forms :

  • Eternal Phasewalker : Increased movement speed by 100%, 30% Grenade, Melee and Gun Damage. You have a 30% chance of dodging bullets when sprinting.

  • Eternal Frenzy : Melee attack speed increased by 70%, +450% melee damage, +100% health, movement speed increased by 50%. Shields are constantly depleted. Killing an enemy regenerates 10% of your health/second. Right click : melee attack (maintaining the click will allow Ryuga to unleash a flurry of attacks, maximum : 5 seconds), left click : ranged attack.

  • Eternal Tempest : Regenerates 6% of your Health/second, +75% damage resistance. You can use your weapons but you can’t ADS. You are surrounded by an energy barrier that Slags and applies Shock DoTs to nearby enemies.

  • PLEASE NOTE : Chances to transform depends on how much points you have specced into a specific tree. For example, speccing all of your ponts in the Left and Middle trees will give you 50% chance of ascending into a Tempest and 50% chance of ascending into a Phasewalker.

Left Skill Tree : Consternation

Tier 1 :

Experienced (5)
Increased Gun Damage and Movement Speed by 25%.

Uncorrupted (5)
Slag and Shock Damage increased by 20%.

Tier 2 :

Thick Skin (5)
You gain +50% Shield Capacity and +35% Max Health, but your Shield takes +4 seconds to recharge.

Uncompromising (5)
Kill Skill. Killing an enemy regenerates 5% of your Shield/second and gives you +200% Elemental Effect Chance. Kill Skill duration : 7 seconds.

Tier 3 :

Ascension of the Tempest (1)
Action Skill Override. You have 95% chance of Ascending into an Eternal Tempest. If you didn’t transform into an Eternal Tempest, you will instead replenish 50% of your Max Health and your Cooldown Time will be 5 seconds. This won’t occur 2 times in a row.

Tier 4 :

Secret Powers (1)
As long as your enemies take Elemental Damage, you gain stacks of Secret Powers. You gain +5% Gun Damage and +7,5% Elemental Damage per stack of Secret Powers.
Max stacks : 10.

Hunter (3)
Increases Hipfire Accuracy and Damage dealt while hipfiring by 30%.

Firepower Sponge (1)
Melee Override Ability. While in Tempest form, enemies will shoot you first. In addition, you gain +50% Damage Reduction.

Tier 5 :

Synchronization (5)
Increases your Action Skill Cooldown Rate by 35%

Quick Reaction (5)
When an enemy attacks you with melee, they take Shock Spike damage.
Spike damage Level 1 - 11 depending on points specced into the skill.
In addition, taking damage accelerates your cooldown rate. This ability has a cooldown.
+2 seconds when taking damage. Cooldown : 5 seconds.

Tier 6 :

Unstoppable (1)
Action Skill Improvement. As long as an enemy has an Elemental Effect on him (DoT or Slag), you have 50% chance of not consuming ammo when shooting.

Middle Skill Tree : Recklessness

Tier 1 :

Hawk Eye (5)
You deal +35% Critical Hit Damage and your weapons are 20% more accurate.

Attentive (5)
Increases Reload Speed and Swap Speed by 40%.

Tier 2 :

Oppressive (5)
Your Fire Rate is increased by 35% but your weapons have -10% Stability.

Wallbreaker (5)
Shielded enemies take 20% more damage from all sources.

Tier 3 :

Ascension of the Phasewalker (1)
You have 100% chance of ascending into an Eternal Phasewalker.
In addition, you regenerate 1% of your health/second while Phasewalking.

Tier 4 :

Trance (5)
Your Action Skill lasts 25% longer. In addition, you deal 20% more damage and you have 20% more chance to dodge bullets while Phasewalking when you are below 50% Max Health.

Instinct of Domination (5)
While Phasewalking, enemies take +40% Damage from all sources when they are above 60% Max Health.

Tier 5 :

At All Costs (5)
When Ascension is on Cooldown, you deal +15% Grenade, Gun and Melee Damage.
In addition, you have a 25% chance not to consume ammo when Ascension is on cooldown.

Determinated (1)
You can Phasewalk slower in FFYL.
-50% Phasewalk speed.

Tier 6 :

Takedown (1)
Melee Override Ability. While Phasewalking, you can dash on your enemies and slam them with your shoulder. This will stunlock the enemy, dealing him increased Melee Damage. This ability has a cooldown.
Takedown range : 20 meters. Cooldown : 5 seconds.

Right Skill Tree : Madness

Tier 1 :

Savagery (5)
Your Melee damage is increased by 30%.

Venom (5)
Melee attacks have 10% chance to deal 50% more damage in form of Slag damage.

Tier 2 :

Go Berzerk (5) :
You gain 10% Damage Resistance when your Shield is depleted. In addition, you deal 20% more Melee Damage when your Shield is depleted.

Incitement (5) :
Taking damage will give you a stack of Incitement. Each stack of Incitement gives you +2,5% Melee Damage. Stacks wear off when you don’t take damage for 15 seconds. Max Stack count : 50.

Tier 3 :

On the Move (5)
When moving, you deal +20% Damage (all sources).

Ascension of the Frenzied (1)
You have 100% chances of transforming into an Eternal Frenzy. In addition, if you transform below 50% Health, you will deal +100% Melee Damage.

Inner Warrior (5)
Kill Skill. Killing an enemy with a Melee attack gives you +20% Movement Speed and Gun Damage, and +40% Melee Damage.

Tier 4 :

Bloodlust (5)
Your Melee attack speed is increased by 25%. Killing an enemy adds +2 seconds Action Skill Duration.

Apotheosis (1)
While in Frenzy form, you regenerate 50% of the Overkill damage dealt.

Tier 5 :

Utter Chaos (5)
Action Skill Improvement. Pressing F when transformed into an Eternal Frenzy will cause you to smash the ground with your fists, releasing an Explosive and Slag Nova that stunlocks surrounding enemies.
Cooldown : 10 seconds, Nova damage level 1 - 11 based on how much points you’ve specced into it.

Tier 6 :

Divine Wind (1)
FFYL Override. If you die while being transformed into an Eternal Frenzy, you will transform into an Eternal Unstable. You will constantly emit Explosive and Slag Novas and you can use your melee attacks, but they are weaker. You move 100% faster. When the FFYL bar empties, you will explode. Getting a kill with the self-explosion will give you 25 stacks of Incitement, recharge your Action Skill and replenish your health.


Log 1 :

Well, this is my diary. I dunno who’s gonna listen to this, but here it is. So, where to begin … I was poor, my mother and my sister needed money. Dahl was recruiting miners on Eden-3, … so, I decided to become a miner, to earn some money for them. I had a pretty good salary, i kept a quarter of it for me and sent the rest to my family. I had good friends that helped me a lot, Dahl also teached us to use a gun, since mines aren’t the most peaceful things in the world. So, things were good for me …

Log 2 :

One day, we were assigned to a Vault Hunt, our new boss was the Colonel Zarpedon himself. I vaguely heared about her, she is just a Dahl representative, nothing to worry about …
So, we went on Elpis, and what a shthole ! I think we did more camp-cleaning than actual mining, I felt like a goddamn soldier instead of a miner ! Our destination was a placed called Bakkaberk, what a shtty name. It took us 6 months to mine all of this. Other miner squads were on the other side of the moon, because Dahl needed Moonstone and other raw materials. Elpis is a very rich moon to be honest … but still a sh*thole.

Log 3 :

When we finished our excavation, we found something called a “Vault”. Basically, it is what Eridians left behind them when they dissapeared, but when we opened it, I didn’t know my life was gonna change that much. These purple fumes … this is what corrupted our mind. But nobody figured out … And when we got deeper into Tycho’s Ribs, the Crackening occured. We couldn’t leave the goddamn thing ! Our only choice was to get deeper into the Vault. We later heard by Zarpedon that Dahl left Elpis, they had left us for dead. The only thing I worry about today is, how my family has been doing, without the money …
To be honest, I didn’t know this mission could eat 10 years of my entire life.

Log 4 :

Eridium became to corrupt our minds even more, and for some people -including me- it mutated our bodies. And Eleseer, what a place … this Vault was too much for our minds. I don’t know how I got my mind back up, but today, I feel sorry for the Lost Legion, I feel sorry for Zarpedon … she gave us a reason to exist, to survive. If she didn’t create the Lost Legion, and fight Hyperion, everybody would’ve starved to death into Eleseer. It’s just a shame that the Eridium corruption made her completely crazy about blowing up Elpis and half Pandora to save the universe. If she did so, she would’ve done 10 times more victimes than Handsome Jack. How many possibilites are there in this story … what could’ve happened if we didn’t open the Vault …? If Elpis blew up …?

Log 5 :

After wiping out the remaining Lost Legion on Elpis, I went to Pandora. There is still one person I have to look for. She is called “Moxxi” and she is very known actually. I found this when I hacked Helios’ ECHO communication archives. She basically betrayed Jack and four other Vault Hunters to blow up the Eye of Helios. Even if this event did turn Jack into an evil person, she doesn’t realise how many people she saved. I also need to go see Doctor Patricia Tannis, I could help her, with my Eternal mutation stuff. I don’t know if I should go back to Eden-3 … they probably think I’m dead, and after all these years … no, I’m becoming a Vault Hunter, I will use what the Lost Legion gave me, but i’ll use it for the right cause now.
So … this is my whole story. My friend, if you’re listening to this, know the importance of the choices that you make, because consequences can influence the entire galaxy.

Quotes :
Joining a game

Let’s roll.

For the fallen …

Nice to meet you, comrades.

deep breath … don’t die.

Killing an enemy

One down !

Surrender or die !

More are coming !

This one won’t cause trouble anymore !

Who’s next ?

Nobody escapes an Eternal.

When leveling up

My ascent keeps going …

How many years now …?

Strength is survival.

They’ll all pay !

Spotting a Badass

In cover, quickly !

holy ■■■■ TROUBLE HERE !

Reload and go !

You don’t scare me, Badass.

You are the next.


Killing a Badass

You can’t stop me, nobody can !

I’m invincible ! Invulnerable !

My powers are better than everything you’ve dreamed of !

Unfortunate … at least for you.

No second wind for you.

When Ascending







Multi Kills




intense war scream

Getting a Critical Kill


Bullseye !

This one is down !

Silent, but deadly …



When the lights go down, when the truth is spoken, when reality shows … things go bad.

I’m hungry, damnit …

We’re sitting here ? Let’s workout then ! Push ups !

My left hand is more purple, even more than before …

For how long I didn’t sleep ?

The Dahl corporation … one day, I’ll wipe out this bullsh*t company.

When finding good loot

I knew Pandora was good business !

Wow, that is next level ■■■■ right here …

Made to kill, but so beautiful.

deep breath another thing to carry …

When stacking Secret Powers

I feel the power inside me.

This is gonna get loud.

1… 2… 3… 4…

When reaching max stacks of Secret Powers





Stacking Incitement

Come here you bitch !

I got some thick skin.


Reaching max Incitement stacks



Told ya, i’m stronger now !


Being revived

Thank you mate !

Appreciate it !


Careful dude !

Reviving an ally

I got ya !

Nobody dies when I’m here !

No more death !

Get up comrade, we’ve got things to do !

Breathe … i’m here now, it’s okay.

Entering FFYL


No, not now !

F*ck meeee …

deep breath

Transforming into an Eternal Unstable





When about to explode

argh, ARGH … FOR MY FAMILY !!!



While Phasewalking


Get good, wankers

Behind ya !

HAHAHAHAHA !!! Too fun !

While transformed into a Tempest

This is my true power !


Tactical superiority !


While transformed into a Frenzy


very intense breathing




Thanks @BanditNation for the post structure !


A Lost Legion Eternal among the Vault Hunters, I am very fond of this idea!

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Thanks mate :slight_smile: !

Elpis or Pandora?

I feel like duality has already been done to the necessary degree with Krieg

If Slag didn’t return, what would this be?

If this is his base skill, he’s too strong. If all of this is achievable throughout his skill tree, I’d love it. But starting off…

For how long? This could get out of hand

Very interesting, I like it. Risky for sure. Good tanking and team support.

You may want to shorten the duration of his skill time though and decrease the cooldown in turn. I feel like you could have it up through entire engagements eventually

Seems a tad strong

Why not 1 - 5?

Overall nice skill tree. My only concern is that besides Tier 2, there seems to be very little attempting to make him tanky. If this is meant to be that tree, a slight change may be needed

Whoo, this and a Fabled Tortoise, oh boy

What exactly does this mean? From you specifically I’m assuming?

Seems overly similar to (I believe) Release the Beast (may have forgotten the name)

Already names in use

This makes the tree a must have and incredibly overpowered. Unless everyone has something similar he’d be a must have

His quotes seem a bit Kreigish as well. I just want him to be specifically unique

If that seemed nitpicky, I apologize, just trying to help where I can. Your idea is really good and could play out very well


It’s not really duality. Krieg is shysophrenic and has serious brain issues, while Ryuga is just a broken mind, because of everything he went through. The reason why he is so aggressive when Ascending is because he is litterally between Death and Life, it’s not complete madness, it’s just “survival”.

Slag is too important in the game lore. But if it doesn’t return, this chraracter is basically dead ^^

I didn’t really think of that, I just jumped into it without doing calculations, this is still prototype and all advises are welcome to improve it, i’ll do something about it.

Let’s say, 7,5 seconds ? is it okay ?

Agreed, I’ll just adapt the duration in function of the actual Ascention.

Yeah xD, 20% is enough, Class Mods will do the rest.

I included the 10/5 possibility, but actually it should be 1 - 11 since there are +6 boosts.

Yeah, you got it right, I’ll try to improve it. Something like Pressure (Axton) or Heatsinks (Wilhelm) would be nice.

Exactly what I thought ^^ I could move this to the left skill tree.

Of course, all sources mean that it is including Grenade and Melee Damage. Not only Gun Damage.

Release the Beast is below 33%, and you don’t need to active it below 50% to change your form.[quote=“epicender584, post:4, topic:1552413”]
Already names in use

Salvador and Wilhelm both have a skill called Hard to Kill, and Bloodlust is a skill tree name, not a skill name.

It’s very little splash damage, like BXB in Krieg’s Bloodlust Tree.

I fully respect your opinion, but I beg to differ.
Krieg’s quotes is either him ranting about meat, fire, blood and evil laughthers or his inner voice.
As i said in the beginning, Ryuga is a broken man, but he is also an ex soldier. Also, in the game, Eternal Frenzies scream all over the place, so I though it’d be a good idea ^^

I could improve a bit the overall thing, thanks for all the advises, and don’t apologise ^^

I’ll tag you in the edit post for you to see the improvements, thanks again !

No problem, I just posted it in the Gearbox Talk because I saw the Nomad Character in it, so I thought this was the place to put character ideas ^^

Remeber how slag was still in the pre sequel? Guardians could still slag you. Maybe if there isn’t slag as an element for your weapons, this is the only way to slag enemies

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That makes sense. And you would know haha


Yeah, it’s more the concepts that are likely important. But sometimes when things are lowered people no longer like it so just checking

Yeah, I had no specific vision, but some kill skills are simply extensive

I always forget about class mods lol

Ah okay that makes sense.

Yeah that’d be good

Okay I was just wondering as the phrasing made it sound like allies damage and inter-enemy damage would be increased

That’s true, I just thought the whole waiting until your health is at this point and become stronger and regain your health thing seemed familiar

Huh, I hadn’t known that

Hadn’t mentioned it being a skill name

Honestly, it’s the slagging part that sounded OP. Ruin was only really useful on Maya for the Slag, imagine how good this would be

Yes, I did notice the interesting soldier lines. He would be unique

While you’re right, that would make him absolutely necessary and would skew the games difficulty, where he’s either a roflstomp or the standard where everyone else is too difficupt. And would be underutilizing an element

I kinda like it! It’s an interesting character, even though I don’t quite understand how the action skill is supposed to work. Is it always three stages, or random, or… what? I really like the elemental tank idea of it. My only worry is that this character will be way too powerful, but with some balancing, it should be fine.

I absolutely love the Tier 6 skill in the Madness tree: Divine Wind

Brilliant! :smiley:

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i’m working on some ways to balance it right now, I just realised that his Cooldown Rate boost and ability to slag while in frenzy mode is too overpowered. There are also some things to adjust ^^

And for the Action Skill : it’s kinda like Claptrap’s Vault_Hunter.exe : it is random, but chances to get a form (without speccing into the Tier 3 skills) are defined by how much points you’ve specced into a specific tree. So if you want to do a Tempest Phasewalk Hybrid, avoid Tier 3 skills and focus on these two trees. If you don’t spec into the Madness tree and you spec into the Consternation and Recklessness trees, you’ll have 50% chance to transform into an Eternal Phasewalker, and 50% chance to transform into an Eternal Tempest.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:, I appreciate it !

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  • Nerfed Action Skill Duration by -10 seconds, and buffed Action Skill Cooldown by -5 seconds.

  • Changed the Hybrid transformation thing to make it more viable.

  • Replaced High Threat (Tier 2 Consternation) with Thick Skin (You gain +50% Shield Capacity and +35% Max Health, but your Shield takes +4 seconds to recharge).

  • Replaced Unleashing Hell (Tier 4 Consternation) with Firepower Sponge (Melee Override Ability. While in Tempest form, enemies will shoot you first. In addition, you gain +50% Damage Reduction in co-op).

  • Nerfed Apocalypse (Tier 6 Consternation) : it can occur only every 10 seconds.

  • Replaced Thick Skin (Tier 2 Recklessness) with Oppressive (Your Fire Rate is increased by 35% but your weapons have -10% Stability.)

  • Nerfed At All Costs (Tier 5 Recklessness) : When Ascension is on Cooldown, you deal +15% Grenade, Gun and Melee Damage instead of 25%.

  • Nerfed Determinated : You can Phasewalk slower in FFYL.
    -50% Phasewalk speed in FFYL.

  • Nerfed Venom (Tier 1 Madness) : Melee attacks have a 10% chance (instead of 25%) to deal 50% more damage in form of Slag damage.

  • Buffed Incitement (Tier 2 Madness) : Stacks wear off when you don’t take damage for 15 seconds instead of 10.

  • Buffed Inner Warrior (Tier 3 Madness) : Killing an enemy with a Melee attack gives you +20% Movement Speed and Gun Damage, and +40% Melee Damage.

  • Replaced Ruin (Tier 4 Madness) with Apotheosis (While in Frenzy form, you regenerate 50% of the Overkill damage dealt).

  • Little changes made to quotes.

@epicender584 here it is :slight_smile:

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Love it! On paper it looks a bit OP but obviously these would be balanced later. The action skill combo is truly outstanding and I’m glad to see slag back in the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks a lot :smiley: ! Slag should’ve been awesome, but UVHM ruined it. When debuffing is essential, it becomes so boring …
Here I wanted to mix debuffing and damage output, but I should really remove some Gun Damage boosts, since enemies should be constantly debuffed (shields down + slag applied).


Do you melee to activate it?[quote=“Enderborn1, post:13, topic:1552413”]
You can Phasewalk slower in FFYL.-50% Phasewalk speed in FFYL.

Oh I didn’t even think of it not being slower, that’d be really strong, good eye

Whoo, relief

Very nice improvemments. Seems well thought out. The tier 1s are the usual useful but boring to make them decent grabs without the whole tree. All the rest get gradually more ridiculous as necessary. Very nice

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There are also things to improve, I’m working on Gun Damage buffs, because since you constantly debuff enemies, they take more damage. If you couple that with Gun Damage boosts, the thing becomes insanely overpowered.
Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Kill skills are universally 7 seconds to my knowledge.

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I really like this idea, I would absolutely be willing to play as this character!

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Imagine Tank Kash + Tempest Ryuga, absolute Damage Sponge xD
Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

It’d be mayhem.

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Nice, especially with creating his call outs already. Makes me think seriously about the character idea I’ve been thinking about. Nice job with your first attempt…:thumbsup:

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