Borderlands 3 Character Idea: The Nomad

Kash, the Nomad

Combat Style:
Close-to-mid-range tank that loves smacking people.

Nomad Taskmaster, with his shield on his back. Main color is black and sage green as his secondary color, with a white skull and crossbones just below his belt. All three are changeable with Skin colors. When melee-ing, he swipes with his gun rather than hitting with the butt-end. Moves 20% slower than other characters, due to his gear. He stands just a bit taller than Zero. His class mod is the octagonal attachment to the front of his belt. Designs on the attachment range from a cancel sign to a Vault symbol, to just having armor on it.

Kash - Typical nomad hood, opening is lined with fur. Starting head.
Heyo! - Upper part of his hood is removed, is wearing a Steve mask.
Huggernaut- Kash’s hood, opening is shaped like a heart. Default head.
Torture Doll- Upper part of his hood is removed, is wearing Flynt’s helmet.
Hunter- Upper part of his hood is removed, is wearing a Badass Varkid head as a helmet.
Deputy- Hood entirely removed, is wearing Deputy Winger’s hat and sunglasses.
Miner- Upper part of his hood is removed, is wearing Mad Mike’s mask and mining helmet. Light changes colors depending on what skin you have.
Inconspicuous- Normal nomad hood. Default head.
Tosser- Upper part of his hood removed, is wearing an Outlaw helmet.

Personality: Very harsh, generally insults everyone. Speaks like normal Nomads, with the exception that his voice is slightly higher-pitched. Slow witted, so he doesn’t react very fast when people insult him, or make jokes in front of him. Very short-tempered, can “explode” if provoked. Subsequently, this is often.

Action Skill: Tower Shield
Embrace your Nomad-ness and grab your shield. Once using your shield, you take no damage from the front, are slowed by 15%, and you lose the ability to zoom. Instead, pressing the aim button bashes with your shield. Shield bash deals an increased percentage of your normal melee damage.
Base Duration: 30 sec
Cooldown: 20 sec
Shield Bash: 200% your Melee Damage

[color=lime]Left Skill Tree: Tormentor

[quote]Tier 1

Let them Drop (5)
When Tower Shield, you deal 10% extra damage per level.

Basher’s Heaven (5)
Your shield bash deals 60% more damage per level. Spikes are added to your shield.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 2

Fast as Hell (5)
Move 1% faster when Tower Shield is active, and 2% faster normally, per level.

Here’s the Winder (5)
Deal 25% melee damage per level.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 3

Charge (1)
Melee Override. When you are close to an enemy, you will dash towards them, hitting them with your shoulder. Deals 50% bonus melee damage. Has a 5 second cooldown.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 4

Stunted (5)
Enemies hit with your Charge will be Stunned, decreasing their accuracy and fire rate by 10% each level.

Got Another One (1)
Your Charges have a second use before their cooldown.

Never Liked the Stuff (5)
Kill Skill. Every kill gives you 1.25% resistance to all elements per level.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 5

Owed Rations (1)
When you melee an ally, you gain 10% of their ammo.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 6

Stampede (1)
Hold the Shield Bash for a second to dash forward, pushing any enemies back and dealing 300% your melee damage. Can only be used during Tower Shield, and has a 5 second cooldown.[/color][/quote]

[color=royalblue]Middle Skill Tree: Commander

[quote]Tier 1
Little Bit Stronger (5)
Gain a 3% increase in damage resistance when Taskmaster is active.

Taskmaster (1)
Hold the Melee button when looking at an ally to offer to Command them. If they accept, they will gain a 20% increase in health and damage, while you get a 50% buff to your damage, and an extra 50% to melee damage. When fighting Badass enemies or higher, they will lock-on to that enemy’s critical point until either it dies, or one of you enters Fight for your Life. Taskmaster ends when either you or your Tasked enters Fight for your Life.

My Little Bomber (5)
Tasked players gain a 2% increase in Grenade damage per level, whether you have a Tasked ally or if you are the Tasked. At Rank 5, you have a 10% chance to not consume grenade ammo.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 2

Greater Control (5)
Gain a 2% increase in the effects of Taskmaster each level, whether you are the Tasked or if you are the Taskmaster.

More For Me (1)
Command up to three other people.

You’ve Done Well (5)
Kill Skill. When your Tasked kills an enemy, they gain a 5% increase to all effects per level for 10 seconds.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 3

Who’s This? (5)
The first enemy that you or your Tasked sees is marked, receiving 10% more damage per level.

Buddies (5)
When you or your Tasked are damaged, you have a 5% chance per level to have it heal you and your Tasked the same amount of damage.

Won’t Last Two Minutes (1)
If neither you or your Tasked haven’t taken damage for two minutes, your Tasked will gain a 50% shield increase, and you gain a 50% health increase until one of you dies.[/color]

[color=royalblue][quote]Tier 4

Take on Me (5)
Kill Skill. When you kill an enemy with Tower Shield active, your Tasked gains a 10% increase in damage per level.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 5

This’ll Help (1)
You and your Tasked deal 100% critical hit damage.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 6
Symbiotic Relationship (1)
When you or your Tasked enters Fight for your Life, the other will gain a high amount of health regeneration. If the downed partner dies, Taskmaster is still applied after death.[/quote][/color]

[color=red]Right Skill Tree: One-Man Army

[quote]Tier 1

Stronger Than You (5)
Gain a 5% increase in health per level. First rank gives Frenzied Marauder armor add-ons to Kash, third rank changes to Nomad armor, fifth rank adds Nomad Tyrant armor.

My Own Kind (5)
5% damage per level to Bandits. Kash also will start talking to Bandits when in combat with them.
“Hope Ricky’s alright- Nah, he’s probably dead.”[/quote]

[quote]Tier 2

Shotty Wants to Say Hi! (5)
Deal 10% more damage per level with a shotgun, and decrease the spread of shotguns by 10%.

Not Dead Yet (5)
During Fight for your Life, you deal 20% extra damage per level.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 3

Master (5)
Every stack of Dominate now decays when you enter Fight for your Life, or exit combat. Each stack decays every 2 seconds per level. All stacks are instantly lost when you die.

Dominate (1)
After getting a multi-kill, you can gain stacks of Dominate. Every kill or melee hit gives you a stack of Dominate, and every stack gives you 1.5% Damage Resistance and 10% Gun Damage. When you leave combat or enter Fight for your Life, all stacks are instantly lost.
Stacks to 100.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 4

I’ll Survive… (5)
When Tower Shield is active, every kill regains 1 second per level. Shield bash kills regain 6 seconds.

…You Won’t (5)
Kill Skill. Killing an enemy while Tower Shield is active increases your damage input by 10% per level, for 10 seconds.

Unstoppable Force (5)
Both of your Charges go 50% further, and you will push back any enemy that you hit. Your Charges deal 10% extra damage per level.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 5

Not That Easy (1)
When your health is below 33% and Tower Shield is ready, it will automatically activate and your health will slowly regenerate.[/quote]

[quote]Tier 6

Medusa’s Folly (1)
When Tower Shield is active, any bullets that hit your shield are deflected, ricocheting in random directions.[/quote][/color]

ECHO Logs:
Log 1

[quote]Door Bandit: What?

Kash: Hey, I heard you got a lotta’ good loot here, was wondering if I could take some.

Door Bandit: The hell? No!


Door Bandit: WHAT?![/quote]

Log 2



-loud, metallic thud, groaning-


-loud stomping, gunfire-

-silence, then heavy footsteps-

Kash: Treasure room. Finally.

-door opens-

Kash: The hell? There’s barely anything in here![/quote]

Log 3

[quote]Kash: …So, that’s what I did, earlier. Didn’t get much, the goddamn liars…

Bartender: So, you want more loot?

Kash: Damn yes.

Bartender: So, just become a Vault Hunter. You’ll become powerful and get tons of good loot, but-

Kash: Stop. You convinced me.

-gets up-

Bartender: Wait, you didn’t let me finish-

Kash: I don’t NEED YOU TO!

-shotgun fires, body drops-

Kash: Shoulda’ just shut the hell up.

Log 4

[quote]-doors swinging open-

Kash, in the distance: WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!

Bandit 1: Oh god… you shouldn’t have told him that the place was loaded!

-loud stomping-


Bandit 2: The hell else was I supposed to do? He was gonna raid our place if I didn’t lie to him! Besides, we hated those guys anyway!

-door slams open-



-assault rifle firing for a few seconds, then stops-

Kash: I f**kin’ hate liars.[/quote]

When joining a game

[quote]Let’s get bloody!

We just standin’ around? Y’all are losers. (Only when in a hub area)

Listen, I don’t really wanna be here. I was forced to, though.


Killing an enemy

[quote]Ha ha, dumbass!

'Nother one for the record!

Didn’t even try!

Waste o’ bullets!

'Nother one down![/quote]

When leveling up

[quote]Ha ha, I knew I was good.

Gettin’ stronger everyday!

Milk don’t do crap, killin’ makes me stronger!

'Nother level down in the record.[/quote]

Spotting a Badass

[quote]Badass, over there!

There’s a Badass on the field!

Oh, they sent a biggun’ for us!

Oh, JOYOUS days!


Dastard on the field!

The bigger they are, the better loot they drop!

Oh, we got a Badass over here!

They got a Dastard with 'em!

WE GOT A LI’L BITCH.[/quote]

Killing a Badass

[quote]God, this is supposed to be a challenge!

Boom, BITCH!

Dastards always go down quickly.

Almost lost another tooth. (When near healthgate when the Badass has been killed)

Damn it, lost a tooth! (When at healthgate when the Badass has been killed)

What, that was it?

Didn’t break a sweat, bring it on!

Try harder next time!

Ya weren’t good enough![/quote]

When offering an ally for Taskmaster

[quote]Hey, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Love bein’ controlled? You’re in luck!

Help me help you. Help me.

I’ll need a partner. You in?[/quote]


[quote]The more I kill, the merrier I get!




Violence is FUN![/quote]

When fighting Bandits

[quote]Sorry boys, had a change of profession!

Y’all are gonna love my friends! They’re gonna kill ya!

Nothin’ personal, boys!


Getting a Critical Kill


His head just exploded! Ha ha haa!

Oh, that had to hurt- Nah, it didn’t.

Not-so-quick and painless!

God, I’m actually gonna have to clean myself up after this.[/quote]


[quote]God dammit, this is boring.

-sigh- Really wish I was shootin’ someone right now. Teammates? …no, then I’d get killed.

Damn it, hurry up already…

-quietly hums a tune, then without pausing- HURRY UP!

Come on! Being an actual bandit was more fun than this!

-mumbles- …find myself a lady, actually get someone to love me probably…

Should I have let my midget go? I’d have someone to talk to during this goddamn silence.

Oh god, I think my legs died.[/quote]

When finding good loot

[quote]Mine, mine and… ooh! Mine.

Hey, I wasn’t told to share!

This one’s MINE.

This stuff’s mine!

Oh, gettin’ a bit excited here.[/quote]

When gaining the first stack of Dominate

[quote]Oh, I’m gonna Dominate the HELL outta you!

I’m gonna DESTROY you all! In a little bit!

Oh, here we go!

Just you wait, bitches!

Give me a bit, I just need to smack ya’ some more![/quote]

Gaining around 10 stacks of Dominate

[quote]Think it’s bad now? I’m just gettin’ started!

We really gettin’ started now!

Oh ho, boyo!

I can get used to this!

C’mon, let’s get this pain train rollin’ faster![/quote]

Gaining around 50-80 stacks of Dominate



I’M THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH! (When Kash is using the Huggernaut head, he replaces the word Juggernaut with Huggernaut.)




AHH HA HA HA HA![/quote]

Being revived

[quote]Yeah, yeah. Want a friggin’ medal?

-sarcastically- Oh, my hero!

Took you long enough!

Glad I’m your first priority, asshole. (If he has started to be revived once his FFYL meter is at 50%.)


Reviving an ally

[quote]Get your lazy ass back up!

You ain’t sleeping on me!

C’mon! Stop sitting on your ass!

The hell happened? These losers are cannon fodder!

God, you went down quick.

Better make sure I don’t die saving your ass![/quote]

When activating Action Skill

[quote]Barely gonna scratch me now!

I’m gonna bash your god damned BRAINS out!

Y’all are gonna get BASHED.

Shield up!

Keep shooting my front, let’s see what happens!

Shield out![/quote]

When entering Fight for your Life

[quote]God dammit!

Ah, crap!



Ah! Lucky shot!

No, no, no![/quote]

When “Not That Easy” is triggered

[quote]You’re NOT GONNA KILL ME!

Screw this, shield’s going up!

Nuh uh! Shield up!

I’m not ready to die![/quote]

Getting a Second Wind


Ha ha ha!



Now to up my body count![/quote]

This is a finished idea.


Done. If I think of anything else I’ll add it, but for the most part this is a finished concept.

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Dude. Character design on POINT. This is a great idea, and I would be totally down to play as this guy.

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Finished idea.

THAT is a great idea.

I would absolutely love to play as a juggernaut-like Nomad in a Borderlands game. The middle tree seems like it would be pretty meh in solo though, but everything else is completely fricking amazing. Nice work

Thank you, I’ve been working on it for quite a while.

Wow dude. Simply amazing. I’ll pay you right now for that DLC

If only, my friend. If only.


Here’s another idea, how about a class how doesn’t need to fight that much, a class who can purchase victory, I call this class, the celebrity! the celebrity would have the lowest health, but could have the ability to gain fat stacks of cash. You can use that cash with other perks.

here are some examples of some perks and perk trees for the celebrity:
Make it rain - when you melee hit an enemy, you gain a stack of cash
Lucky Dime - find 10 - 50% more cash in loot boxes
Life/Health insurance - Medical syringes cost 20 - 100% less and heal 10 - 50% more / when you die , you save 15 - 75% of your cash.

Jakobs brand deal - all Jakobs weapons now have 10 - 50% more magazine capacity and deal 5 - 25% more damage.
Spokes person - When you kill an enemy with a brand weapon (like Hyperion) you gain a stack of product placement, a stack of PP will bear faster reloads and fire rate. When you fire a weapon of a different brand you lose all stacks

Motivation - whenever you gain 100$, you gain a stack of motive, 1 stack of motive increases movement speed and shield capacity by 1%, when you lose even 1$, you lose all your stacks (up to 100 stacks can be gained)
Time is money - while reviving a team mate, you have the option to give them a “raise”, a “raise” will give them 0.5 percent of your current cash, a “raise” will make a teammate immune to damage for 10 seconds and will also instantly revive them
It’s no object - (WARNING, this skill overrides your active ability) When activated, you will hold a stack of cash and proceed to rain flame, acid, lightning, or slag on your enemy in the form of money (costs 0.05% of your current cash)

I made this class because I think money is underused in borderlands 2, because you only spend money on ammo and the occasional stim-pack. I want this class to become a reality.