Borderlands 3 Character Idea: The Sojourn

So I thought up of a character idea that was actually two characters in one and the action skill allows you to switch between the two, allowing for more varied gameplay. I originally posted the idea, backstory and all in the Borderlands 2 section and I’m bringing it here because I found that there is a lot more Borderlands 3 related topics than in the BL2 threads

here’s the link to the original post: Borderlands Character Idea : Wrynne Tracey & the Exile: The Sojourn


The Sojourn is an extremely versatile Hybrid Vault Hunter, able to switch between a high-damage, low health character to a high-health, low damage character at will. Both sides of the Sojourn enjoy lots of healthy benefits that fit with their traits, but never at the same time, so choosing the right moment in time to switch between them is crucial to surviving the world of the borderlands.

Her action skill: Polarity Shift - allows her to switch between her two sides, Wrynne and Exile. While as Wrynne, she has improved health and higher stability and accuracy, but suffers lowered movement speed and damage output as a result. Exile is the complete opposite, having high damage and movement speed for the cost of health and accuracy. Each form also have a set of unique Triggers, small game changers that one form or another uses and are activated during certain actions and are improved through skill selection. Wrynne’s triggers are all about supporting herself and her teammates with health boosts and Tediore-backed buffs, spreading the tediore ideology, “Protection at an Affordable Price”. Exile’s triggers lets her unleash her ferocious side, using eridian magic and close quarter combos to ensure that no one is left alive.

There’s a lot of perks for being Mrs. Tediore’s own private eridian researcher. Wrynne’s biggest payoff is unlimited access to Mrs. Tediore’s own personal Digi-struct database, utilizing old Tediore prototypes for her disposable disposal. Her skill tree Employee Benefits makes use of the database, using digistruct technology to summon tediore gizmos into the fray as well as giving a nice boost to her defensive abilities.

Whenever Exile is out and about, you know there’s bound to be trouble. Especially since she uses skills found in her personal skill tree Death-monger which dishes out high amounts damage in a short amount of time. Her triggers can apply bonus damage, help travel through the battle field faster or have a chance to apply elemental effects through ‘Eridian-Space Magic”. Be warned, most of Exile’s triggers use up just a bit of her health to utilize, so kill sparingly.

One side her may be good in one battle over another, but you need both of them together to win a war. Her final skill tree Best of Both Worlds emphasizes transforming between Wrynne’s two sides frequently to get the edge in the battle field. this skill tree helps boost both Wrynne’s and Exile’s triggers and may even switch triggers between the two of them.


Action Skill: Polarity Shift
Activating Polarity Shift transforms Wrynne from human to eridian form and vice versa. During transformation you gain 200% damage resistance and 200% bullet reflect chance until the duration is over. Any buff/stacks applied while in one form before transforming will be doubled upon successful transformation but will degrade twice as fast. Cooldown: 20 seconds

Employee Benefits
Tier 1

An Apple A Day (5): gain 5% more health per level. Melee Trigger: Missing a melee attack will digistruct a health vial that restores 25% of health, shields, and gives increased damage resistance for the cost of some money. Human Form: Gain 50% more damage resistance and 35% more stability at the cost of 25% movement speed and 0.05% less damage per second while in human form. max 25% less damage. Skills in Employee Benefits only apply when in Human Form.

Accident Avoidance (5): slowly gain stacks of Avoidance while not in combat, In combat you have 10% chance to consume an Avoidance and completely negate all damage done by the attack. Avoidance chance increase per level. Human Form: Gain 50% more damage resistance and 35% more stability at the cost of 25% movement speed and 0.05% less damage per second while in human form. max 25% less damage. Skills in Employee Benefits only apply when in Human Form

Tier 2

Dental Plan (5): Critical hit damage is raised by +0.5% per second while scoped. Scope Trigger: getting a critical hit while scoping will have a 50% chance of ricocheting and dealing crit damage to another nearby enemy.

Sick Leave (5): Getting hit by a melee attack will apply level 1+ corrosive damage to the attacker Crouch Trigger: crouching while under the effects of any elemental dot will rapidly cleanse you of the elemental effect and disperse it in a nova.

Tier 3

Life Insurance (5): 7%+ chance of instantly getting a second wind once getting into ffyl. Health regen +0.7%. increased health regen after getting a second wind.

Fast Pass (1): Can sprint while aiming down sights. Sprint Trigger: sprinting while not in combat will slowly regain lost movement speed to a maximum of +30% movement speed.

Scrutiny (5): kill skill: Accuracy, recoil reduction, and reload speed are increased by 4%+, 5%+, and 6%+ respectively per level

Tier 4

Abs(orb)tion Costs (5): Enemies have a 9%+ chance of exploding into a shower of transfusion orbs. Revive Trigger: Reviving teammates or getting revived digistructs a mini-drone that follows both you and your allies and heals automatically for a duration.

Company Credit Card (5): Gain stacks of Jackpot when missing or not hitting critical spots. When shooting you have 0.777%+ chance of consuming all stacks and scoring an automatic critical hit no matter where on the body you hit, the more stacks you have the higher the crit damage. Max 999 stacks.

Tier 5

Tax Exemption (5): Weapons have a +1% chance of not using ammo and instead adding +5% more ammo into back into the magazine, excluding rockets and grenades. Reload Trigger: reloading while crouching will add more ammo to all ammunitions, except for rockets and grenades, for the cost of some money.

Maternity Plan (5): Transforming from Exile to Wrynne will allow Wrynne to activate Exile’s triggers for 3 seconds. Time increases per level. If Identity Disorder is active, Maternity plan instead doubles the trigger’s effects for the same amount of time. Ffyl Trigger: Getting into ffyl will automatically summon attack drones that hunt down enemies for 30 seconds.

Tier 6

Private Power Suit (1): Action Trigger: Activating the action button while Polarity Shift is on cooldown would digistruct you inside a Tediore Power Suit. the Tediore power suit does 500% more melee damage, shoots rockets and machine guns, and has a base health proportional to the amount of health you have. Can only call the power suit once per transformation and it is deconstructed upon the power suit’s death or going into transformation.

Best of Both Worlds
Tier 1

Synthesis (5): Reload speed increases by 4% per level and elemental chance increase by 6% per level.

Double Digits (5): Benefits and Debuffs while in either form are increased by 2%+, a short time after transforming the benefits and debuffs are increased an additional 4%+

Tier 2

Fusion (5): kill skill: Killing an enemy reduces the cooldown of Polarity Shift by 1+ seconds. Any kills while Polarity Shift is not in cooldown will instead grant increased damage and damage reduction by 7%+ and 4%+ respectively

Hybrid (5): Fire and Electricity damage is increased by 7%+

Tier 3

Bipolar (5): Melee triggers have increased effectiveness by 6%+. Effects are doubled after transforming for a short time

Identity Disorder (1): All active triggers are reversed between forms

Helping Hand (5): getting hit or losing health as Exile has a chance of instantly regenerating health. Getting hit or getting affected by an elemental dot as Wrynne has a chance of increasing damage over a short period of time. 3%+ Chance of Helping Hand occurring.

Tier 4

Polar Opposites (5): Staying in Wrynne form will increase damage resistance by 0.05%+ for a max of 25%+ damage resistance. Staying in Exile form will increase weapon Damage by 0.05%+ for a max of 25%+ weapon damage. Instantly lose buffs when transforming.

2 fer’ 1 (5): Reload triggers double magazine size at the cost of a slower reload speed, and reduced accuracy, accuracy reduction and reload speed reduction decreases by 5%+ of reduction.

Tier 5

Our Powers Combined (5): While in combat, you slowly gain stacks of Combo. Meleeing consumes a stack of combo and executed a powerful melee combo that does 7%+ damage and swings for 3+, with each rank increasing swings by 1. Max of 10 stacks.

Twin Mentality (5): Gain stacks of Twinsies! every time you transform. When gaining 12 stacks will consume all stacks and the next Trigger will activate both form’s triggers simultaneously, even if they are not active. Stack max will be lowered by 2 per level.

Tier 6

Butterfly Effect (1): Negative effects while in either forms are negated completely. And for 30 seconds after transforming Wrynne gains both benefits of both forms with a dramatic increase of buffs and gain Improved Triggers. Getting this skill cannot get Death and Taxes.

Death and Taxes (1): Transforming will give Wrynne / Exile the special weapons Death / Taxes on the off hand. Death is a shotgun that has increased damage, magazine size, and melee damage based on level and Taxes is a sniper rifle that does increased critical damage, accuracy, and bullet speed based on level. Death / Taxes Is affected by Identity Disorder. Getting this skill cannot get Butterfly Effect.

Tier 1

Grim Feeling (5): Stacks Grim the longer you are in combat, deal elemental damage equal to 0.5%+ per stack. Increases by 0.2% per level, max 50 stacks Eridian Form: Gain 50% more weapon damage and 35% more movement speed at the cost of 25% less accuracy and 0.05% less damage resistance per second, max 25% less damage resist. Skills in Death-Monger only apply when in Eridian Form.

Red Handed (5): Melee damage increase as health is low, up to 7%+ max. Reload Trigger: Reloading while crouched uses 10% health to cause the next melee attack to inflict a slag effect. Eridian Form: Gain 50% more weapon damage and 35% more movement speed at the cost of 25% less accuracy and 0.05% less damage resistance per second, max 25% less damage resist. Skills in Death-Monger only apply when in Eridian Form.

Tier 2

To The Veil (5): bullets have a 4%+ chance to apply slag effects on the enemy for the cost of 3%+ lower crit damage. Ffyl Trigger: entering Ffyl will spawn you closer to a nearby ally or if no nearby ally ( or If none available) spawns you directly behind the enemy that downed you.

Kamikaze (5): do 3%+ more nova damage and novas have 5%+ more area. Increases by 5%+ damage and area on top of the bonus for a short period of time after transforming.

Tier 3

Clotheslined (5): Landing a melee hit will have a 5%+ chance of stunning them and making them more vulnerable to attacks. Meleeing the stunned enemy again will steal health proportional to the amount of damage dealt.

Hell’s Highway (1): Movement speed doubled when killing someone with melee. Sprint Trigger: Meleeing while sprinting will lunge you forward a long distance based on where you are aiming at the cost of 5% of health.

Six Feet Over (5): While in the air, you gain increased 5%+ weapon damage and 10%+ elemental damage.

Tier 4

Death’s Toll Booth (5): Gain Toll Tally when killing enemies, the more stacks of toll you have, the more melee damage you deal, 0.2%+ melee damage per stack, max stacks 999. Lose stacks only when entering ffyl or transforming. Revive trigger: Reviving an enemy while having some Toll Tally stacks will give the same amount of stacks to the revived player that slowly decreases as time goes along.

Pandemic (5): The more enemies that are under elemental effects, the more damage that your gun does. 2%+ per enemy under elemental effects, plus 2%+ more for every different elemental effect they have. Scope Trigger: Applying Corrosive effects onto an enemy while aiming has a 9% chance of applying Slag, Slag effects also have a 9% chance of applying Corrosive effects. Lose 10% health every time it happens.

Tier 5

Brinkmanship (5): Transforming from Wrynne to Exile will cause all triggers to heal instead of siphon health for 3 seconds. Time increases per level. If Identity Disorder is active, Trigger effects are Quadrupled during that time. Crouch Trigger: Crouching while sprinting or in Hell’s Highway’s lunge will cause you to slide a distance and stun enemies, at the cost of 10% health

Enter the Madness (5): kill skill: Melee damage, gun damage, and elemental damage increase by 4%+, 5%+, and 6%+ per level. Melee trigger: While under an elemental dot, spend 15% of your health to make your melee do nova damage based on whatever elemental effect you are under, deal normal damage when not under any elemental effect.

Tier 6

Damocles Vengeance (1): Action Trigger: Activating the action button while Polarity Shift is in cooldown will summon the Sword of Damocles, which allows your melee to deal your current gun’s damage. All melee buffs are applied as well. Sword of Damocles slowly degrades over time and is destroyed when fully degraded or when transforming. Can only be activated once per transformation.

This is just a wip, I’m new to this 'New Forums" thing and I’m just getting the hang of it, but I’d love to hear what you guys think!

- TotallyNotSaikotic

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Not a bad idea… Something new.

Sounds like Hel from SMITE…