Borderlands 3 Character Idea : Victoire, the Hyperion Hawk


  • Backstory : Victoire is an ex-Hyperion Soldier that served for a few years. She loves violence, money and action. She never had family and grew up in the streets of this huge town called “Paris” on Planet Earth. When she earned enough money from mafia/black-market jobs, she left Earth, bought a gun and became a mercenary. She spent 2 years as a mercenary, got famous and then she got an offer from Hyperion and became one of their best soldiers. Hyperion taught her to use the Raptor Jetpack and Rocket Launchers, she quickly became an elite Hawk trooper. When Jack took over Pandora (after Elpis) she was deployed in Pandora and quickly left Hyperion after realising they were a bunch of weak D-bags at the service of a madman. She worked for some bandits and destroyed Hyperion facilities and Eridium derricks in exchange of money and weapons … until Helios blew up. She quicky sided with the Crimson Raiders and became a powerful Vault Hunter. She is completely in love with Axton and she hates Gaige.

  • Playstyle : dodging bullets, flying around and spamming rockets. Absolute glass cannon : huge damage output but squishy as hell.

  • Appearance : Hawk Trooper without the helmet, holographic detector, like in Dragon Ball. Light Hyperion armor with the Raptor Jetpack. Her hair looks like Maya’s “Pretty in Punk” hair with a red wick and dark hair. She made a knot with the bottom of her Hyperion shirt, leaving her belly button exposed.

  • Personality : funny, hyperactive, loves violence, money, action and Axton. Absolutely hates Gaige (she thinks she’s a spoiled little girl that should get back to school instead of doing grown up people’s stuff. And she also has a crush on Axton so she hates her even more for that). Selfish, not very smart and greedy. Speaks with a french accent.

  • Action Skill : Raptor Jetpack
    Cooldown time : 42 seconds. Duration : 20 seconds.
    Victoire activates her Raptor Jetpack, allowing her to fly and move 50% faster. W, A, S, D = move. Space = fly off. Shift : go down.

  • Class Mod : Hyperion-made rocket belt around her hips.


Left Skill Tree : Rocketwoman

Tier 1

Light the Fuse [5/5] :
Increases Explosive Damage by 5%.

Holo-Detector [5/5] :
Increases Accuracy by 3%, Recoil Reduction by 7,5% and Critical Hit Damage by 4%.

Tier 2

Points to Score [5/5] :
Kill Skill. Killing an enemy increases Gun Damage by 4% and Movement Speed by 5%.

Never Surrender [1/1] :
Allows you to throw Grenades in FFYL. In addition, increases Rocket Launcher Damage by 35% in FFYL.

Bullet Screen [5/5] :
Increases Fire Rate by 7% but decreases Shield Capacity by 2%.

Tier 3

Frag Rounds [1/1] :
Kill Skill. Killing an enemy allows all your non-Rocket Launcher guns to deal additional 10% Explosive Splash Damage. Splash Damage is increased by both Rocket Launcher and Grenade Damage boosts. Rocket Launchers and Explosive Weapons deal 15% more Damage.

Tier 4

Destruction Lust [5/5] :
Kill Skill. Killing an enemy increases Movement Speed by 3%, Reload Speed by 5% and slowly regenerates Rocket Launcher ammo.
Rocket Launcher Ammo Regeneration : +10.

Wallbreaker [1/1] :
25% of the Damage you deal bypasses enemy Shields. If the enemy has no Shields, you deal 10% more Damage to it.

More Firepower [5/5] :
Increases your Rocket Launcher Ammo count by 6%.

Tier 5

Glass Maiden [5/5] :
When your Shields are depleted, you gain 5% more Gun Damage and 2% Rocket Launcher Damage.

Rocking with Rockets [5/5] :
You deal 7,5% more Rocket Launcher Damage, but you lose 2% of your Shield Capacity.

Tier 6

Body and Soul [1/1] :
32,5% of the normal Critical Hit multiplier is applied to all the Damage you deal with Rocket Launchers and Grenades. This bonus doesn’t stack.

Middle Skill Tree : Hovering Havoc

Tier 1

Watercooling [4/4] :
Increases Raptor Jetpack’s Cooldown Rate by 5% and Duration by +2,5 seconds.

Dodge the Bullet [1/1] :
When you are using your Raptor Jetpack, you gain the ability to dodge bullets. You have 20% chance to dodge incoming fire. If your Jetpack is not active, you have to take damage to benefit from Dodge the Bullet for a 10 seconds duration.

Tier 2

Adrenaline Rush [5/5] :
Kill Skill. Killing an enemy regenerates 0,8% of your Max Health per second and gives you 7% Movement Speed.

No Matter What [5/5] :
When your Shields are down, you gain 1,5% extra chance to dodge a bullet.

Tier 3

Unburden [1/1] :
The less gear you have equipped, the more dodging chance you get. You gain 10% chance of dodging incoming bullets for each gear slot you don’t have equipped. This can’t go up to 40%.

Tier 4

■■■■ you too ! [1/1]
Your Jetpack works in FFYL, but slower. Getting a Second Wind while your Jetpack is active will refill half of its remaining duration.

Airborne Trance [3/3] :
Increases Gun Damage, Grenade Damage and Reload Speed by 5% when Raptor Jetpack is active. In addition, throwing a Grenade while the Jetpack is active gives you +1 second duration. This can occur every 20 seconds.

Hyperion Punch [1/1] :
Melee Override Ability. Performing a melee attack throws your cybernetic punch on an enemy, dealing Fire and Explosive Damage increased by Grenade, Melee and Explosive Damage boosts. Enemies struck with this move take 35% more Damage from all sources.
Cooldown : 8 seconds.

Tier 5

Hunting Bird [5/5] :
The closer you are to an enemy, the more Damage you deal to it. Up to +50% Gun, Grenade and Melee Damage depending on the range.

Predator [1/1] :
Your hipfire Accuracy is increased by 20%. In addition, you don’t lose accuracy while running, you can run and throw Grenades while shooting and doing so will increase your Gun and Grenade Damage by 20%.

Tier 6

Longbow Strike [1/1] :
Melee Override Ability. Performing a Melee attack when Raptor Jetpack is active allows you to charge on the enemy, striking him and immediately backing off, dealing Explosive and Fire Damage. If the enemy is killed by Longbow Strike, your health is refilled and you gain +20% dodge chance for 8 seconds. Damage is based on Melee and Explosive Damage. If you are specced into Hyperion Punch, then performing a Melee Attack will first proc Hyperion Punch.
Cooldown : 8 seconds.

Right Skill Tree : Sky Hunter

Tier 1

Vic of All Trades [5/5] :
Increases Aim Speed by 7,5% and Projectile Speed with all weapons by 20%

Hyperactive [5/5] :
Increases Reload Speed by 5% and Weapon Swap Speed by 10%.

Tier 2

Kilmer [5/5] :
Increases Reload Speed by 4%. In addition, reloading your Gun increases Explosive Damage by 4%. This doesn’t stack.

Tough Woman [5/5] :
Increases Max Health by 5% but decreases Shield Capacity by 2% and Recharge Delay by 3%.

Tier 3

Goodbye, Wanker [1/1] :
The first bullet you fire deals +100% Damage, but has massive recoil that kicks you and breaks your Shield.

Tier 4

Carnifex [5/5] :
Non-Elemental Guns deal +20% Gun Damage and have +12,5% Reload Speed, but their Magazine Size is decreased by -12,5%.

Slam Dunk Contest [5/5] :
Slam Augment. Slamming releases an Explosive Nova that also creates Fire DoT.
Nova Damage Level 1-11 based on points specced and Class Mods.

Tier 5

One For All [5/5] :
You and your teammates gain +5% Gun and Grenade Damage. This bonus stacks for every teammate in the party.

Not Enough … [1/1] :
You regenerate Health based on the Overkill Damage you deal. Up to 4% Health Regeneration per second.

Running from Death [5/5] :
Taking Damage increases Reload Speed, Weapon Swap Speed and Grenade Damage by 20% for 7 seconds.

Tier 6

The Swan Song [1/1] :
FFYL improvement. Instead of getting down instantly, you can fight for 5 seconds with -60% Movement Penalty and without consuming ammo.


Inventory ECHO device :

explosion sounds
Victoire : HAHAHA !!! THIS IS GREAT !
Hyperion Soldiers : what the hell ? SHE’S ONE OF US !

Victoire (after listening the ECHO log) : ah … good memories.

Log 1 :

Victoire : smoking
Mordecai and Brick : HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM !
Victoire : you think you scumbags are scarin … wait a second, you’re the Crimson Raiders, right ?
Mordecai : hell yeah, and you’re coming with us !
Brick : Hyperion scum …
Victoire : look at your left …
Mordecai (reading) : The Renegade Hawk … wanted by Hyperion … ■■■■■■■ HELL, she’s worth more than Salvador …
Victoire : smoking convinced ? Now you’re gonna help me. I need money, guns and action ; so you’re gonna let me into the Crimson Raiders and …
Brick : wait, who do you think you are ? You’re first gonna get through the Digistruct Peak, and then we’ll see if you are worthy of becoming one of us.
Victoire : DIGISTRUCT PEAK ? I’m coming with you right now !

Log 2 :

Tannis : who is she ?
Lilith : Brick and Mordecai found her sitting on a bridge in T-Bone Junction. They thought she was Hyperion, but she is not Hyperion anymore. I want to kill her, but I spared Athena, so I’ll spare her too …
Tannis : well, she is surprisingly attractive for a Hyperion Soldi …
OMGWTH blowing up, jetpack sound
Victoire : how about that ?
Tannis : um … you did better than Krieg !
Lilith : now you’re gonna prove your loyalty. I still don’t trust her.
Maya : come on Lilith, she is strong and fit, she doesn’t need more tests.
Lilith : … Victoire, you are now an elite member of the Crimson Raiders …
Victoire : ha ! THANK YOU ! So when are we blowing ■■■■ up ? and killing bandits ? and wiping out Hyperion out of the map ? and …
Lilith : one thing at the time, we need to find more Vault Hunters now. But if you really want to … blow things up, just go to Opportunity and kill everything you encounter.
running sound
Maya : never seen a girl like her …

Log 3 :

Victoire : THIS IS ■■■■■■■ BORING !!! PUTAIN !
Tina : ooooh, the french sociopath speaks french, and smokes, and OH MY LORD YOU ARE SO SEXY !
Gaige : come on Tina, the crazy lady doesn’t want to play today.
Victoire : ■■■■ you Gaige. And thanks Tina. I like your style : blowing stuff up. This ■■■■ rocks !
Claptrap : I can blow thing up too !
Victoire : Well that doesn’t count.
Axton : oh, she’s here. Hello lady, I’m Axton and this is Athena.
Athena : hello.
Brick : um … Vic, why’s your nose bleeding ?
Victoire : is it ??? oh ■■■■ … hello Axton, i’m Victoire, the Hyperion Hawk. Athena, I’m a huge fan. Nice job you did in T-Bone Junction.
Axton : I heard you liked rocket launchers.
Victoire : me too …
Axton : so how was Hyperion ?
Victoire : how about we talk about that at Moxxi’s ?
Axton : let’s roll.
Gaige : wait, is she stealing my boyfriend ?
Victoire : ABSO-■■■■■■■-LUTELY !

#Quotes :
Joining a lobby

Let’s blow some ■■■■ up !

Try to catch me !

Salut !

I hope you don’t suck, otherwise you’re all ■■■■■■■ dead.

Light the Fuses, bitches !

Killing an enemy


Enemy disabled !

That one’s down !

Keep coming, you’ll just end like this one !

Dead !


Il est mort !

When leveling up

More muscle for the Rocket Lady !

■■■■ yeaaah !

Et un niveau ! Un !

That’s it ? I want more !

Spotting a Badass

Badass here !


Focus on the Badass !

You’re dead meat, ■■■■■■■ !

Drop that Badass !

Killing a Badass

Badass down !

Badass dealt with !

What did you expect, ■■■■■■ ?

Hostile enemy dead !

■■■■■■■ STAY DOWN !

Activating Raptor Jetpack

I’m going airborne !

Alright, let’s fly !

Time to fly !

Getting to advantage point !

Here I am, D-bags !

Killing multiple enemies





I have enough for everyone !

More loot ! More XP !!!

Killing an enemy with a Rocket Launcher

Overkill forever !






Getting a Critical Kill

■■■■ yeah !


Bullseye !

oh he’s noot gonna wake up.

Deal with it !

Dodging a bullet

Learn to aim !

Try to catch me !

No need to cover !

What’s up, ■■■■■■■■ ?

Trop rapide pour vous !

Breaking your Shield

Argh … didn’t need it anyways !


That’s all you can do ?




:musical_note: I can feel my enemy begin to fear my drum,:musical_note:
:musical_note: I am ready when it comes to pain I’m numb,:musical_note:
:musical_note: I could tell you things you won’t believe I’ve done,:musical_note:
:musical_note: I kill to feel aliiiive !:musical_note:

Someone’s got a smoke ?

Damn, what are you waiting for ?


:musical_note: Allons, enfants de la patrie! Le jour de gloire est arrivé !:musical_note:

When finding good loot

Yeah, that’s what I’m looking for !


Is this better than mine ?

oooooh …

Using Hyperion Punch


Using Longbow Strike




When being revived

■■■■ you, I don’t need your help !


Merci !


Reviving an ally

HA ! You got down !

I got ya !


tssss … ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.

Entering FFYL


■■■■ !



Getting a Second Wind

Not today !

You made me stronger !

I don’t die that easy !


Activating Frag Rounds

Activating Frag Rounds !

Frag Rounds initialised !

Blowing ■■■■ up !

Balles Frag activées !

Using Slam Dunk Contest


I’m gonna beat you until CANDY comes out !

Look at my style !


Nice work with the ECHO entries :+1:


Thank you :slight_smile:

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