Borderlands 3 Character Idea

Okay, so here’s an idea I just came up with, about a character for Borderlands 3.

Anybody remember the Dahl Lost Legion chumps from The Pre-Sequel? Okay, so remember the Ascendant guys who start off as soldiers but when they’re about half dead they do this big ascending ritual and transform into one of a bunch of different god-like forms, making them a pain in the ass to kill? What about one of these guys as a playable character for Borderlands 3?

So his action skill would be like Claptrap’s in that he activates it and it channels for a little while, before randomly picking one of 5 or 6 different ascended forms (Magus, Tempest, Phasewalker, etc.) and taking on that form for the duration of the skill, with the powers pertaining to that form i.e. Tempest he floats around and chucks balls of electricity, also shocking anyone who comes near him. His skill trees would be based around elemental damage and possibly heals for the teammates (or something else), and speccing into certain skills unlocks different forms that he changes into, like Claptrap’s Action Packages.

Whaddaya reckon?

I like this idea. Question though. Would it be random, or based off the scenario like Claptrap? Like if there’s a lot of shields, will I get shock?

Probably random - I think Claptrap’s just looks like it’s based on the scenario, but actually isn’t. If it is though, then yeah I guess scenario based.

Oh look, another thread which should be a post in an already existing thread. Cool idea tho.

Feel free to point me in the direction of said thread =)

This is one of them Borderlands 3 Confirmed: New Character Ideas

Alrighty, thanks - I’ll repost it.

I’m gonna ask to see if anyone’s tested.

I had a quick look - According to the wiki it DOES analyze the current situation like ammo count, enemies in range etc. but if it meets more than one package criteria at once, it just picks a random one.

Okay, that makes sense.

The thing is that almost everyone here bases an idea off some other idea. Deep in your hearts you know that its not going to matter. " The guy would look like this and his action skill would be like that ahn-ahn thats not an idea. Idea comes from your originality.

If you really want to contribute something to the next game you should think deep in context of Borderlands scenario. Every vault hunter has it’s own unique backstory characteristics and they fit into Borderlands as vault hunters.

In your thinking process: Abstractly device a blank silhouette ( I want to put someone in this silhouette someone awesome ) |NAME|=Jamie [Jamie’s a girl and she’s got a boyfriend] Jamie’s on Pandora now (WHY?) Because her boyfriend sold her to some guys who wanted to use her in arena fights.
Whats Jamie like :? she has this obsessive loud personality she loves torgue guns & explosions, Adrenalin rush {Not going into details of player mechanics} Ultimate jamie
Her mother died on Hephaestus leaving her an artifact she wears around her neck all the time, and telling her that her father is alive. She decides he wasn’t there all her life and finding him doesn’t matter. But now that shes on Pandora will destiny unfold? A betrayed Jamie with nothing to look back to.

Characters in a game are unique pieces that play out the plot&story. Compare this to that doesn’t really make the scene.

Something like that.

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We habe another siren also a mala person and a headhunter both that was different genders from the other but with extreme power but that power id very jnique from there other players