Borderlands 3 character songs

Just an idea that came into my head. I wondered from just looking at the characters, what type of songs would best encapsulate them, based off all we know now. And I came up with these.





Of course, this is all my speculation, but I think these songs best represent the characters we got.


Couldn’t help it… >.>


I don’t blame you. :smile:

After the gameplay reveal, definitely felt Zane and Amara’s themse were different.

This is Zane’s new theme. Cause the guy is a wild and feral old man:

And this is Amara’s, because of affinity for loot and her beauty:

And this is their song…because I now ship them. Zane definitely strikes me as the type to fall for someone who can knock him on his arse. I personally think he and Amara wouldn’t get along with each other at first. I think they’d be at each other’s throats at some point, and at one point realizes what this woman does to him. He likes how rough she can be, how she can hit and take a hit, anger slowly but surely turns to thrill and excitement. Amara is intrigued, not at first, because she thinks he’s just trying to mess with her. Up until he promises to make her his. Most people would not attempt courting her. Despite her beauty, she’s a siren, and if that wasn’t enough, her physique would be enough to intimidate even the most daring. She doesn’t seem very approachable. The only one’s who’d dare approach her would be the bullheadded full of themselves types. Zane exhibits these traits, but unlike the others, he has the skill and the knowledge to back his word. He can be smug and wild, but to underestimate him would be dangerous. He’s proven passionate in his work, as well as tactical and tenacious toward every challenge thrown at him. The man also knows how to press her buttons, engaging her in feelings she hadn’t really meditated on or figured she’d feel. Their relationship is essentially them playing off one another, until they get bored of each other or their bond grows deeper. This is my headcanon of course, but I also believe it’s the most realistic ship if the two weren’t so distracted and preoccupied with the vaults. But badasses are badasses for that exact reason. This is their passion, their love of adventure, and quest for the most epic loot they can acquire:

Well, since the thread seems to have been necroed and I wanna get in on it… this is me guessing based purely on aesthetic from them along with what I imagine they’re like/what they’d listen to. I don’t really have a clue about their personalities so… here ya go.





(couldn’t resist)

I’ve seen the gameplay reveal, and have heard and analzyed everything I can on both Amara and Zane. I could be wrong in assuming, but I think I know what they’re like. Zane’s character is like a mix up of Zer0, Wilhelm, and Axton. Not talking in terms if his action skills, but his actual personality. He’s passionate as well as tenacious in his work. He strives to be the best, and overcome obstacles thrown in his way. He does so with a smile on his face because it’s all a test of skill to him. To prove to himself that he’s still got it and not going soft. Any challenge against him is taken with a humorous and eager willingness. That’s the Zer0 portion. He can be self serving, downright rude, and does what he does the majority of times for himself. Getting more money, hording loot, taking up any jobs in violence that will hire him. He does not discriminate, and is generally cold to anyone outside of his circle. He’s not giving person, it’s a rare occurence that happens, you’d be lucky if he was in that mood. That’s the Wilhelm portion. As for the Axton portion, he’s a glory-hound, willing to pull off the most dangerous and awesome feats, because he lives for those thrills. I have no doubt that if someone asked who was the leader of the group, Zane would immediately make the claim. He’s self assertive and charismatic when he wants to be, and can be just as cocky and confident in himself. That’s the feral old man we got.

Amara on the other hand is like a mix betwenn Maya and Brick. She seeks truth, knowledge, deeper knowledge of herself, and adventure. She also strikes me a bit as a religious woman, as she believes in reincarnation, and seeks inner peace. She’s level headed and approachable, but also get the sense she’s a little, and I mean a little self-concious. Not sure yet if the purple clothing rapped around her waist is meant as a style choice, to keep people from staring at her rear, or if she’s just trying to be a little modest. Could be a mix of all three, but it’s too early to tell. Anyway, most of the top is the Maya portion, some of the other stuff is unique and original for her character. Meanwhile the Brick portion is her love of fist fights. She loves a good scrap, and if there’s a problem she can’t solve using her head, her fists are her resolve. She generally enjoys a little roughhousing.

That’s all I got so far from them on their gameplay reveal. Heard their voices, heard their personalities, these are the comparisons and conclusions I drew. If you’ve read this far, I thank you for your time. Also, gotta say, the choice of songs you chose for Amara and FL4K, I think they’re rather spot on. Definitely better than my selection for them. Zane and Moze on the other hand, eeeehhhh Zane doesn’t really seem to be the humble tired old man. Definitely the adventuring type, but his own personality, at least to me seems to be a bit more explosive compared to the tone the music is playing at. As for Moze, don’t have anything on her yet, but I get the feeling her personality is also a lot more explosive. More like tank-girl, a bit crazy, and is extremely passionate in her workings. Wouldn’t surprise me if she treated the mech like her child.


That’s incredibly insightful. I also really appreciate what your said about Amara. Makes me feel like she is going to be the “group leader”. As for Zane, thinking about it that way kinda makes sense. I was admittedly banking on the “Tired, old Hitman/Merc” stereotype I have in my head. A lust for adventure and glory sounds like it would fit into the franchise well and make for interesting character interactions if there are any. Might search my music library for a better song for him, lol.

I can hardly wait to get my hands on the game to find out more when it comes to the new Vault Hunters. I wonder if they’ll take a que from TPS and have each character do voice lines as responses to NPCs and the like on a regular basis. I’d love to really get to know the characters.

I know, I was too, though I still love the character. Not what I was expecting, but is not unwanted, especially with how much fun his interactions will be. As for Amara being the group leader, I thought the same exact thing, which is why I now ship her and Zane. I imagine when first meeting and the two forming their little group after the twins’ attack, they were already at odds with each other on how to handle the situation. Zane being the older, probably more experienced person in the group, and Amara is the counter expressing how they should probably all just do their own thing.

I do believe Zane is a master tactician, knowing how to deploy his tools when necessary. But compared to the giant robot, pack of wild animals, and the godlike abilities of a siren, I imagine him trying to compensate all this with tactical strategies and gadgetry. As I said, self-assertive, and I think it’s this aspect Amara wouldn’t like. Especially if it’s not what she and the rest of the group agreed to. It’s, for this reason, she would question and disagree with Zane. I think it’d all eventually come to a head where the two are tired of each other’s antics. I expect it to go something out of the venture bros with Brock and Warriana. Both trying to provoke each other, with Zane realizing a few things. He’s arguing with a woman, this woman could probably hand it to him, she makes him frustrated as all hell, and the idea of them fighting excites him to no end.

This leads to my earlier post. I’m playing off the old Irish stereotype, where the men are strong, but the women can be just as strong and hard headed. The two deal with each other a lot within the group, probably being the eldest and more experienced of them all. Both knowing what they want, and not being afraid to go for it. Arguing with Amara probably makes Zane feel young, virile, and excited. Amara doesn’t understand Zane, but that is also her draw to him. Despite his demeanor, Zane tends to be more confident of himself then any other in the group, and if we’re talking on pure power and abilities, that’s saying a lot. She’d call him a fool, but she’s seen the way he fights, and how he even takes out enemies many times more powerful then he is with a few elaborate gadgets. She wonders if he’s devised any plans that could overcome her, even with her siren abilities. Not only does this give Zane her respect, it does something to her that both frustrates and pushes her buttons. She’s actually excited at the prospects of that man overcoming her. Maybe because she feels he’s a worthy opponent. Maybe because she just enjoys a good fight. Maybe because she’s met someone that could help her discover more about herself. Don’t ever think she’ll admit to the idea of possibly being turned on. :wink:

After a good search, I think I’ve found the perfect song for Zane. Warning a lot of cursing:

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Alright, now that we gotta a glimpse at his personality and playstyle, I started picking songs for my personal Zane playlist. I gotta say, once I heard that irish accent, song ideas just started flowing…

So here’s my choice for “Zane’s Main Theme”:

And that one leads me to this one:

But there’s no way around it… Every time I hear that damn irish accent in the gameplay videos, this is the song that starts playing in my head:


Oh damn, I haven’t listened to Alestorm in forever. Gonna be on a kick now, lol.

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Gotta agree with you on your second and third song choice. Zane is definitely the wild type, but it’s not to say he can’t be wise or straight to the point when it really matters. He’s got street smarts, has the mannerisms and outlook of a guy that had to grow up tough in a bad neighborhood. The first song though, not sure about that one. It sounds like the kind of song you’d use for an experienced soldier who’s seen some ■■■■, or a man seeking righteousness in the world. Zane appears to be the Irish rogue type. Kinda like Liam Neeson if the guy had an outrageous sense of humor and a broken moral compass. If I had to compare Zane to a character from any other series, I’d say he’s similar to Bronn from Game of Thrones.

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Gary Moore and Phil Lynott are both irish, they were in Thin Lizzy together. The song is about the Northern Ireland conflict. Also, listen to the song all the way to the end. The melody from “Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya”, the second song I picked (which is a traditional song), starts playing over the last few seconds of “Out in the Fields”.

And “experienced soldier who’s seen some ■■■■” is exactly how I’d describe Zane from what I’ve seen so far. “Soldier” doesn’t necessarily mean honourable military man. Roland used to call all of the vault hunters “soldier” after they joined his campaign, no matter what reason motivated them to do so. Also, “no colour or religion/no flag or uniform ever stopped a bullet from a gun” sounds pretty roguish to me. On a more superficial and even silly level, “out from the skies a thousand more will die each day” makes me think of his drone shooting at enemies from above. Plus, the song just rocks! LOL. I think it would go with Zane’s playstyle pretty well.

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Don’t get me wrong, the song is awesome, but Roland and Zane are not even close in comparison. Not saying you’re trying to compare the two, but the two were both experienced in a different sort of mindset. Roland turned out to be an honorable man. He looked out for his fellow vault hunters because he was a good man, and I’m saying this in comparison to all the other vault hunters. If you read the origin comics of the first Borderlands vault hunters, Roland did not abandon Atlas. He was abandoned by his company, and one of the bosses that didn’t like him had killed his old squad and tried to have him killed. Roland was a military man through and through, the crimson raiders were actually ex-atlas soldiers that joined up with the original vault hunters and natives after Hyperion took over.

Definitely much different in comparison to Zane. Not saying this is official, but I search for whatever I can find on the newest vault hunters. Zane apparently has worked under every corporation. This is the link, found it on Tumblr:

That part,

Zane’s experienced, but his attitude and outlook are not that of a soldier. More of a clever cutthroat, a cunning mercenary, but definitely not a humbled soldier. Which is the tone I think the song is going for, and Zane doesn’t strike me as the type to care about that stuff.

The line was awesome, but not really roguish in its message, more like imparting a bitter truth. Don’t need to be a rogue to know that, especially one like Zane who probably never believed it in the first place if this information is something to go by. It gives me the sense the guy only worked for the highest bidder and thrived off the conflict as he relished in it.

Would work if this wasn’t always the case in Borderlands. Its universe is filled with violence, gore, and fun toys to play with. To me, the song is conducting a message of warning in which Zane actually lives and thrives off of. Hence why I think the song didn’t fit him. Not saying it shouldn’t or wouldn’t fit for you, but it doesn’t really seem like a song that would work for him to me. We just hear the song differently.

I’m bored and wired on coffee and still am not allowed to sleep for another 7 hours.

This is an old staple “random discussion” I’ve done for most of the other mains I’ve played. I’ll resurrect what I want to resurrect in times of crisis to not feel bored.

My problem right now is that Tool’s whole discography pretty much hit streaming (finally) so um.

One thing keeps coming to mind, given our girl’s penchant for hands.

My thoughts on Amara-

"Knuckle deep inside the borderline
this may hurt a little but it’s something you’ll get used to
relax, slip away

Something kind of sad about the way that things have come to be
desensitized to everything
what became of subtlty?

How can this mean anything to me if I really don’t feel anything at all
Ill keep digging till I feel something."

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand changing my title to something super creepy in anticipation.

It’s about that… other thing. But I think it fits.

The tune this song plays to sounds like someone filled with anticipation in quenching their deep sadistic desires. All the while, Amara herself seems bright and upbeat, she loves to fight, and she no doubt loves the thrill, but she’s constructive in her methods. She fights for justice and what is right, it likely gives her drive and meaning in her life. The song you’ve picked for her, and the lyrics you chose to represent her…it could definitely be a darker side of her character. It’s not one we presently see in her with her trailer, but it’s possible this is a side of her she may keep repressed. The thrill of the fight may also be the thrill of hurting others, and her justifying it with a sense of rightousness, and the belief that she is doing the right thing.

This presents a duality, one where she believes in the fight for what’s right. The other where she either believes or knows it’s pointless, and does what she does anyway, because she may secretly enjoy crushing others under her fists. It could give her a sense of satisfaction and sadistic joy. Something that makes her feel alive. Definitely an interesting perspective, not sure it’s one that may ring true to her character, but definitely a possibility that could be there. Who’s to say this siren doesn’t have a dark side. It could be the fame and the admiration of her fans that kept in her check. Of course, this is just my take on the song you chose for her. Not sure if I came close to what you were trying to communicate in using this song to represent Amara, but it’s certainly something I found interesting for thought on her character.

Weeeelp…the characters have their official songs. The soundtracks in their character trailers were also their official character soundtracks. This is the video released by Gearbox with the official soundtracks:

They’re really going above and beyond with all these trailers, backstories, and music. As for me, I’m loving every bit of the game and characters being released to us. The characters now have their own official songs, and overall, they’re not bad. Of course, these songs played in their individual trailers, so I already know how to interpret them. Though of course, you all may have heard them differently. You may think they fit the characters, you may think otherwise. I’m interested in hearing all your thoughts on the matter. Of course, feel free to suggest other songs that you think best interpret what the characters mean to you, and what you think best represents them in this music.


Could be updated for the social media era, but this is my jam for the Twins:

Cake - Comfort Eagle

Lyrics that especially make the connection:

We are building a religion, we are making a brand, we’re the only ones to turn to when your castles turn to sand.

To resist it is useless, it is useless to resist it.

Take a walk through the jungle of cardboard shanties and tents.
(how the COV psychos live)

We can send a car to find you if you ever lose your way.
(I’ll take that as a threat, bet they don’t look fondly on people, uh, unfollowing them)

He can show you his tattoos.
(silly and random, but true)

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This song is solid, it sings true of the Calypso’s, and relays it’s message in tandem with what these two are actually doing. If any song was meant to sum up these two, this would certainly be it. I don’t know how else to interpret it, the lyrics hold true to the twins and their methods. Good song choice for these two. Also, I like the song.