Borderlands 3 Co-op loot

Hey… I always play with my brother and I never find any good guns… it seems like he’s the one who finds all the gold guns or skins or anything, he find more then me and it doesn’t make me happy, I don’t feel like playing this game anymore because of it. On top of that when I do find gold I find it’s always for other characters like the beast master and not mine (Zane) it makes me upset to use a good key and get gold for their classes or play slots and get golds for their classes. You guys really really need to fix this, also fix the loot in general. Playing for 10 hours and not finding a single good drop is ridiculous, although I’m finding out that my brother just doesn’t tell me when he finds golds anymore. This game is starting to make me not very happy

Sounds to me like its just a case of you having bad luck and your brother having good luck. That’s just how it is in RNG based loot games unfortunately man.

I only found about 3 or 4 oranges my entire first play through, but once I completed the story and activated mayhem 3 I was flooded with tons of them so many I have left well over 1000 of them on the floor.

If you are having bad luck finding a decent weapon your bro could always trade you something he’s not using.

The best way to get relevant level weapons if you have nothing is just buy a decent purple out of a vending machine on Sanctuary.

A good purple is better than at least 50% of the oranges right now anyway.

Don’t be worried about buying weapons from machines, you get so much cash in this game you really can afford to buy anything that pops up that looks interesting buddy.

Stick with it your luck will change at some point, and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

the amount of drops in this game is overwhelming to be honest. I got more golds in my 1st 3 play through’s then I ever got in all of BL2

By my 3rd toon I have had at least 2 legendary’s for every level except the single digits

hours and hours of farming bunker to get a bitch or sham, resorting to the editor to get something good or drops from people that “made” the guns.