Borderlands 3 collectors edition for Xbox one

I’ve been looking forward to this borderlands game for the last 5 years and I wanted to celebrate by buying the collectors edition, My luck they were all sold out for Xbox one, so does anyone know when they’re restocking for Xbox one

I don’t think they will restock them.
My luck is that they never was listed for sale in EU…

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I was going to get the collectors for PS4. Was sold out by the time I looked. Same with Shenmue 3. Seems the games I really like and want to pay that extra bit to support, never have enough stock to go round.

Yet type (console of choice) collectors editions into Amazon and you’ll get flooded with 100s of them, going back years, and some of them for half the price of a normal copy - there’s some really nice Assassins creed ones with statues, the game and other stuff for like £20. Never liked the games though. The one that really surprised me was a Watchdogs one with a huge statue, going for £10. Seemed crazy. Of course, the games I like don’t even have them on offer for prices I wouldn’t pay in the first place :smiley: I did manage to hue get a Trico one from The last guardian but, I expect they thought that game would have sold far more than it did and probably made far too many. Gearbox either underestimates how many fans want the collectors editions, or it’s a deliberate false scarcity tactic like Nintendo pulls to over exaggerate popularity. If you can’t get hold of a Snes classic, must mean they’re selling like hot cakes right? Nah, they just made very few so it seems so and they can keep the price at £80. Sony went the other way, they made too many hence why you can get a PS1 classic for £25 now.

In germany we were able to buy it from GameStop. I bought the xbox version.

Abd yes, they restock, but you have to register for it and that date is almost over. So if you still want it, there is a way

Well, then good for You. My country was never listed to ship/buy in it. When I tried to order it from gearbox page I got message “not available in EU” :cry:

Yeah, in the EU it was only available through Game Stop

I’ll pick one up off ebay in a few years like I did my Claptrap R/C and the night vision goggles from a COD game (I don’t like the games, just wanted the goggles)
Paid much less for both than they went for originally, without the games or boxes though but I didn’t care about that.

Still haven’t managed to snag one of the red loot chests though, been outbid twice on them :frowning: I’ll get one someday I’m sure, might spot one in some pawn shop or CEX window, and hopefully they have no idea what it is and bought it in some gaming job lot and have it going for stupidly cheap. For a game that’s so popular, the merch is nearly always hard to find, you’d think it’d be the opposite and merch would be all over the place like them damn Funko pops. Someone could make a real killing by manufacturing character statues that aren’t cheap and tacky like most on the market, I wish I had the talent myself and I’d make lifesize statues for superfans. My workmate has a 6’6" Predator model in his living room and it’s absolutely stunning, the fella that makes them does it for a living and gets paid handsomely for it but he only makes Predator, Alien and Robocop sadly. Unfortunately I’m only good with wood, and I doubt a wooden Moxxi/Hammerlock would look very impressive :smiley: