Borderlands 3 Combat Designer mentions upcoming changes in a live stream

Here is a summary of what he mentioned:

  • Buffs for all characters, specifically for the weaker builds, because they want to encourage more build variety
  • Buffs for companions (Zane Clone, FL4K pets, Moze’s Iron Bear), specifically survivability on Mayhem mode
  • Zane’s Violent Momentum is going to get larger damage bonuses while moving
  • Moze’s infinite grenade build will be adjusted because they want to have other viable builds in the blue tree besides grenade spam
  • Looking to reduce or remove some unpopular negative mayhem mods, bullet reflection was mentioned specifically as one that is being looked at
  • Buffs for over 100 legendaries that Gearbox feels are underperforming
  • Nerfs for certain strong legendaries (Lyuda and Hellwalker mentioned specifically), though he says he doesn’t want to destroy them completely
  • Says the goal is for small nerfs on stronger weapons and large buffs for weaker weapons, in order to get everything up to a baseline that is pretty high
  • Performance improvements

Wasnt this posted a few hours ago?
Right here: "Big" Patch in the works. Class Balance/Mayhem adjustments & more

Yeah - closing this thread since the other one is older and has more traffic.