Borderlands 3 Community Discord (Master thread)

We’ve seen a large number of discord threads show up, as such we decided to make one large master thread for them.

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I believe this is the discord partnered server.

Borderlands French

Borderlands German

Borderlands English

Borderlands Japanese


BEFORE YOU READ ON! We got a major group hyping up Borderlands 3, who is coming out in 2 days. So if you are looking for CO-OP right away, high chance to find it here! - Okay keep going!

Hello there!
As you clicked this post, I must have caught your interest, so let me explain a little about our gaming community called, “Pusheen”.

The server has been around for over a year now, and focuses on building social connections and friendships.

We don’t care if you are a top tier player or new, it’s all about being nice to each other and gaining some friends in the process.

We have lots of fun on the discord and from time to time we even host movie nights, tournaments or even casual games.

We wish to create a community where everyone can bond and create friendships, so we usually have around a few hundred active members, rather than thousands.

We are a community open for all games, but our major games right now is; League of Legends, Overwatch, Dead by Daylight, Rocket League, Minecraft and the upcoming Borderlands 3. Everyone is welcome to join and we got rooms for all the different game genres!

When you join the server, you have to fill out a very short application. You will be guided on how to do it once you join.You don’t have to share any personal information, it’s simply because we want to bond with our new members too!

We prefer that you are 18+, and you need to be respectful and friendly!

You can also check out our reviews on:

If you’re a hardcore, veteran player of the Borderlands universe, a casual explorer, or a newcomer to the game, we’ll welcome you with open arms in the Shrouded Borderlands Community. We have players from across the world, all with various skill levels who are always willing to render assistance with your Vault Hunting. If you’re a newbie who needs help on what to do first, a veteran player looking to enhance your build(s), or a casual looking for a group to have fun with, we have the spot for you.

We are a growing community that’s always on the lookout for cool people to come hang out with us! Casual gamers, hardcore gamers, and the in-between, whatever suits your fancy, you will find a home within the SGC.

We do weekly streams, giveaways, and more! We have standard rules any community would have, it’s simple; be respectful and you’ll succeed in the Shrouded Gaming Community.
To join our community, all you need to do is join our Discord, read the message in the #welcome-and-rules channel, select your platform, and you’ll be good to go. You can find our Discord link below!

So… You want to a join Discord, eh? One with treasure hunters? Haha, have I got a Discord for you! CoUF… This is our home. But make no mistake - this is not a Discord of peace and love. They say it’s a wasteland, that it’s dangerous, that only a fool would search for something of value here. Then perhaps I am a fool. But do not be fooled by what CoUF appears to be. There was a legend… Many people tell it. The legend of the Coalition of United Freelancers. My father would always go on about the Coalition of United Freelancers; even with his dying breath. Advanced bot technology. Infinite fun. Fame. Power. Admins. So you can understand why some little kiddos who hear the stories grow up to become CoUF members. Well, I have a story you may not believe. But I tell you it is true. The legend of the Coalition of United Freelancers is real! And it is here on this Discord. And a… let’s call them a ‘guardian angel,’ appeared to guide the members to their prize. The tale begins right here on CoUF, with the brave members, the guardian angels and most importantly, KatBot…

Hi All!!

Coalition of United Freelancers is a Discord that has its roots in Anthem but is now branching out to other games. Other games, such as Borderlands! :smiley:. And don’t worry, Anthem and Borderlands are both role locked so you won’t have to worry about seeing categories for games you are not interested in. We (or I) are/am treating the Borderlands section as if it was a new Discord so we need peeps to join us (how’s that for straight forward?). We have been around since mid-December of last year and hopefully know what we’re somewhat doing by now :wink:. We also offer a music channel so that’s fun I guess? There’s only three active Admins so no worries about weird Admin stuff and two of us are very active in the Discord (the third is active but not as much). We built this Discord to be a community and we also are not a clan. We were founded on the idea that we will be a collection of clans. That means if you already have a guild/clan/whatever you are in, you can totally join us without any pressure to leave it or to join another. Also, if you are a lone wolf, you can join without any pressure of joining a clan.

We don’t do weekly giveaways or parties. We’re also not limited to just one system so no matter if you prefer PC Xbox or PS4 you can join :smiley:. There’s no rules of “you must be active this much” or “you must be this age” or anything like that. There’s also no interrogation forum to fill out :stuck_out_tongue: . We do have a long welcome page with roles you can self-assign to gain access to the Discord and to Borderlands. If you need help (or just don’t feel like doing it) you can always message me or Owl and we’ll set up you :smiley:.

We’re also an in-progress Discord (or I say we are). I’m open to suggestions and such. We also have public channels for other games. If one of those channels gets popular, we might even consider adding a section for that game. There’s also just overall general channels for talk about things not gaming related. But instead of filling up this post with text, I’ll just say feel free to join, have a look around, and if you like what you see stay and if you don’t feel free to leave. At the very least, you could join just to keep us as a potential LFG.

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I wanted to introduce you to a German Borderlands Discord Server.

This server is powered by:

im looking for spanish discord. some?

sorry i don´t know

Weekly loot lobbies. Knowledgable Vault Hunters. Trading. LFG. All BL3 related.