Borderlands 3 community love letter: level cap increase, new seasonal event, and more!

They would also need to drastically up the effectiveness of the relics’ abilities (e.g., increase damage) because the risk/reward ratio is extremely out of wack right now. Let’s take any Launchpad suffix relic as an example. The rockets barely tickle enemies and while you are trying to slam you are open to attack and after you slam there are those few seconds before you regain control of your VH where you are again open to attack.

Totally agree, but as of right now they are even more useless as you cant even slam with out locating a box or something to jump off of, jump on it then slam. At least Snowdrift is easily activated. A temporary hover jet pack item would make while airborne anoints more viable too.

Ground all 4 classes to TVHM/50. Come back just to cap out 3 levels per character? Nah, I’m good. Though I can finally clear out 2 full banks of lvl50 legendary gear. Was selling most of my gold drops to Marcus last time I played :confused:

The more I played, and the more these hotfixes and events come and go, the more I can’t help but feel like GBX really didn’t have a solid game plan with BL3. It feels more like they’re making things up as they go along kind of like what Bungie did with Destiny. And look where that game currently is with more things to do and a better gameplay loop.

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I have been waiting for months hoping these issues would be fixed, and nothing yet, and the details of the upcoming patch seem nebulous, so I’m curious to know if there any plans to fix any of these issues, and when:

  • only one of the two splitscreen views gets all the in game prompts, missions info, etc. For example, enter a new area? Only the top screen gets the text letting you know.
  • Mission quest log under the mini map? Only the top screen gets it
  • Boss fight health bar? Only the top screen gets it. Makes for a very frustrating co-op experience
  • In game UI: it’s so small, my wife and I both get headaches within an hour of playing. Very hard to read mission logs, in game prompts to press a button are very hard to see, trying to revive each other is difficult due to the button prompt being so small and having to get it just right…we’ve both died many times simply because we couldn’t active the revive.
  • The level bar is also incredibly small and hard to see, and only stays on screen for a split second. It was perfect in BL2.
  • Performance: my wife and I have gotten used to asking each other if it’s all good to go ahead and open the in game menu, because when you do, it causes the entire game to freeze up for the other player. Same with vending machines.
    When is the next add on coming, since that is when you say you’ll be doing some UI fixes?

I’d love to know if any of these issues are on Gearbox’s radar…
Thanks for all the hard work thus far!


That isn’t a new idea. I posted the same idea earlier in the thread and it’s been posted numerous times before in other threads for a long time. It hasn’t ever been acknowledged by GB as something they were considering, however so probably falling on deaf ears.

My guess is they will address lag in the patch. They did say UI fixes in the next dlc so mid next month. Im hoping that means vertical split and odd ui choices like you mentioned for coop.

In what way does that “context” have anything to do with the negative feelings being expressed? They make no mention of how this level increase will adversely affect all the gear people have been farming. The only thing they mention or talk about is player power in relation to the skill point allocation. Even if that is true it still doesn’t address the whole gear farming issue which is the primary complaint being expressed here.

Next DLC prediction: we are going to a new planet where all the things you listed above (grapple hooks, jetpacks, and left-handed guns) ended up after we dumped them out of airlock in that scene with Ellie on Sanctuary. You’ve read it here first, folks!


I watched the clip. So essentially they are saying that the skills points are so OP compared to BL2 that incremental steps are necessary so, I would guess, that balancing is less of a problem at each new end game stage. Less game messing in the phases would be a good thing! This is a fair rationale, and is something the community will test shortly. I can live with the leave the capstone increase to the DLC (I would guess using this logic we will see just one point gifted then…)

However, I think parts of the community don’t need to change their mind on being somewhat upset that it immediately followed two loot extravaganzas, that it hasn’t come with a DLC, that it will make a complete monster admin task for some - sorting between 53, 52,51, and 50 weapons (It’s like a memory task created by hack psychologists) and a host of other reasons people have raised above…

Two months longer would literally have been enough to give space between a loot give-away and a re-farming exercise (that clearly from this video will need farming again at the next minimal incremental increase - as this is now the norm because of OP skill trees! Nerf the skill trees lol)…

I still enjoy playing, but it’s OK to raise issues. This was a pretty unexpected love event! I am sure that people across the game will find enjoyment. I will still try to solo Wotan with different builds. Very quickly for some builds the fight is going to get harder, and items are going to be needed to be farmed, and skill points tested. I will enjoy this, but it is like stepping backwards rather than forwards. And I still can think that the level cap has been introduced too soon, and that serious loot drop improvements need to be made to swallow this pill.

And if they have to have a multiple input pulse monitoring process approach to game development and balancing which makes sense… at least make the intervals wider… And make getting items that you want achievable in a something like a 4hr window. If a named or boss enemy, etc. drop a few variants of their dedicated items - most people will happily re-farm - every 3 levels… But specific loot is difficult to collect already (100 ASE Masher for example) so people’s fears are kind of justified at this stage.

Regardless of the OP skill trees, level cap changes change gun levels stats, and we know that there is a section of the player-base that obsess over these things. These people all knew a level change would come. But many I would argue would have preferred a little bit of a cool-down after the frenzy…

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YES! Please fix all of this! They did mention the UI improvements coming next patch, but they’ve said that before and haven’t touched any of this. Only thing that has been improved is being able to see where your coop partner is on the mini-map. But even that is still a bit of a mess with the various overlays hiding everything on that mini-map.

This should be a part of tomorrow’s patch I believe. They did say this was being improved.

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Imo I would have liked 10 points per dlc with Uvhm with the last 2 dlc’s but I would like to see quality of life issues or slight buffs to some of the weaker toons are being addressed become a reality,that said I for one will take a wait and see approach that may exceed what we think now,all that Lvl 50 gear was going to be vendor fodder anyway with the Lvl cap but for some who have worked so hard at finding it I feel you.

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I really hope they leave red chests where they are at at least till the next dlc.

Played every day since day one. Haven’t played in a month give or take. To give you some honest feedback: 3 levels is an insult considering the nerfs on the gear that I worked hard for then had to replace and now would have to replace again only to have to replace again. I want to have a point where I play the game and not just farm to replace my gear so I can play. Crank it up to 10 or dont do it, fix the broken stuff on Moze, put the nerf gun down and I’ll be back. Until then, Hasta la vista


Let´s just wait how the new Levels will affect on the Game.
Probably there´s no nedd to refarm.
Those who rush through Takedown maybe have to reduce to Mayhem 3 for a While.
It can happen that Lvl 50 Equip will be obsolete but i don´t think so.
To me it´s just a little Treat until the next DLC.
The only “annoying” Thing to me is that when the Levelraise starts the Red Chest Event is already over ;o)

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I’m in a point when takedown on M4 isn’t a “challenge”, so if this means that the game with my god rolls gear, will become a little harder, I will take it and enjoy it.

Small regular level cap increases will make me play this game a hell of a lot less than if there were 2 spread out big increases. I feel like I’m the kind of player Gearbox wants to keep around, I bought BL1, BL2 on PS3 and PC, BL2 Handsome Jack on PS4 and PC, and BLTPS on PC. I got this game on release and nearly played every day since then. I farmed up all this different gear I wanted to use on all 4 VHs with all different builds within them but now the gear will be sub optimal. Personally I can’t do sub optimal, I know there are a lot of others like me. With small cap increases every few months you can only really get gear for a couple specific builds then the gear is useless again.

If their plan is to go this route I’ll probably just play sparingly until the last increase and then farm all my gear again at endgame (if I’m still interested in the game, which up until reading about this change and possible plans for a lot of small increases, I didn’t think would happen).


Seconded. The only exception is when they release substantial content (i.e. DLCs) and the 4th skill trees or if they rework all those anti-synergic and outright bad skills (I’m looking at you Clunky Bear).


I think something noelle or any gearbox employee reading these forums should consider is one very important point :

Almost everyone that usually posts on the official discord, the moxsy discord, all borderlands related discords has gone quiet after voicing their extreme frustration about refarming gear . The moxsy discord has turned into a ghost town after this “love letter” announcement where beforehand you couldn’t even get a word in. People are quitting / taking breaks en mass. Extreme almost ridiculous rng to get the annoint you want (not the item- the annoint) and then just “enjoy some new lvls guis”

Is this really what you want for the majority of your fans ? All you’ll be left with is “casuals” who’s enjoyment is fickle . This is such a bad move


Great post, couldn’t agree more. I feel like this change is against what nearly every long term fan of the game wants. These are the people that are going to stick with the game long term, not the casual fans.