Borderlands 3 community love letter: level cap increase, new seasonal event, and more!

Long time Borderlands player here. I’ve played since day 1 of BL on almost every platform the games were/are available on. Ordered the BL3 Collector’s Edition twice and consider myself a true Borderlands fan. It’s the only game my wife and I play and the only series we’ve played over the last 10 years. We are truly into it!
When I think about what Borderlands 1 was and how they developed it into with BL2 and further evolved it in TPS and can only assume Gearbox themselves have lost track somehow.
Look, BL1 was this crazy new kind of game that just seemed to be a shooter but was a full blown RPG with piles of loot mixed in. And the humor …!
Then they upped it with Borderlands 2 and made it even more shoot-y and more loot-y and people where happy (not at launch,mind you) with what Gbx did to their games series.
But what Gearbox missed: People play other games and people notice mechanisms in other games that work better (looking at Diablo 3 loot system that also evolved quite a bit).
And when us crazy fans were joypuking at the sight of Borderlands 3 being announced we were expecting that they kept the humor, improved the gameplay but borrowed from other games what was needed to make the next step! E.g. elaborated loot systems that respects the players time and effort while still being the chaotic game - gameplay-wise!
It feels to me that they wanted to keep BL3 chaotic on every level and have this feeling of chaos attached to all things that happen in game, including loot." Throw away your legendaries because here’s a new one even shinier than the one before!" But that’s not how it really works when you play the game. Sure, casuals that never finish the campaign on even on character will be satisfied by that. But it is beyond me why GBX does not see why players are leaving and the ones not leaving are the ones that complain in hopes for a better future!

Gearbox, I love love love your games - inspite what you did (or did not) do to what could’ve been a true evolution of the core of Borderlands. Instead, you half-heartedly went ahead - a mile ahead on gear and a mile ahead on gameplay while not moving at all on the loot system and unfortunatly going even backwards on the performance.

Please, take a look at other games and what keeps players playing them.
Please, read what we vocalize in here.
Please, play the game yourself and see for yourselves.

I don’t think it’s too late. TPS was left way earlier even though it evolved into a great game. But you need to take over a player’s view and feel the pain that we express so vividly!



Yeah, those millions of filthy casuals who bought the game to enjoy just playing for fun, ruining it for the hardcore mlg pro farmers. GBX really needs to do something about these annoying people :roll_eyes:


I’m assuming this is what you are taking out of context?

Read the rest of his post, and then some other valid points others have made further up before trying to be sarcastic.

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Talk about the GAME and NOT other users - ta muchly!



If your devoted enough to be on the forums, keep up with changes and have discussions about the game on a development level, You are not in the casual bucket no matter if your a normal mode m1 player playing side quests and slow leveling all 4 players. Just because the change doesn’t affect you it doesn’t mean what they are doing here is right.

They just had a farming event that was so popular they kept part of it. It brought back players who enjoy farming and min maxing. To instantly make their gear invalid with what seems like no new content meaning they would have to quest or grind to get to the 3 levels then to re farm all those guns again is a big slap to those they were courting with the last two events.

Also the more casual event is over unless they resurrect it in the patch so casual farming via red chests is dead now.

If they did this along side a DLC no one would care. If they gave us 4+ levels no one would care as the meta would change.


I have been a Borderlands player across all of the editions (1,2,pre…) While a Level Cap increase may be helpful from a Skill Tree Stand Point, It forces you LOSE all of the Time and effort Spent acquiring Guns, Shields, Class Mods, Artifacts that make the Builds work…

GEARBOX!!! Please Provide a way to Upgrade Our Stuff to any new Level Cap.

frankly before getting angry here people should take a deep breath, put on a relaxing music and play the game as they usually do. Just doing that one sees how exagerated the concern about gear obsolesence is, and yes I play m4 , good lv 50 gear is still good against lv 53 world


I’m not blaming casuals, but just want to point out that they are generally the first to move onto another game and not come back.

BL2 didn’t have a 9 year lifespan because of casuals coming and going, it was people putting in 1000s of hours in a lot of cases. Personally with BL3 I was on track to putting in those kind of numbers, am about 450 Guardian rank or something, and the idea of having a lot of small level cap increases has completely killed my desire to keep playing regularly.


I got and spent my 3 new skill points. I successfully soloed TVHM/M4/MT/4P with my lvl 50 gear (with a non meta build at that) without any real issues. Though I did die twice because of the restored enemy spawn densities that I needed to readjust to. The lvl 53 coms have small but meaningful stat bumps which gives me cause to pause and examine loot once again. In summary it seems the sky didn’t actually fall and the world didn’t end and the game is even more fun for me today than it was just a day ago. What a surprise. :smirk:

Additionally, for a level cap increase this early in the game’s life cycle 3 points felt about right and now that I’m seeing what lvl 53 gear looks like stat-wise it seems clear to me that y’all actually thought this through and maybe even tested it?:grin: I’m pleasantly surprised. Nicely done. :+1:

@Noelle_GBX Please convey to the team my sincere appreciation for their hard work in delivering a good update/patch.


The issue isn’t whether your current gear is usable, it’s the fact that it won’t be the best you can have so you have to farm 100’s hours in some cases for specific guns in the right element with one exact anointment with a completely rng dependant system. Then you will have to do all that over again in 3 months, then again 3 months after that, then again, and again and again. That’s just not fun at all.

I predict people will be taking long breaks and not re-farming everything every level increase, maybe every 2nd or 3rd one. It’s risky because once people that like the game take an extended break they may not return because they have found something else they would prefer to play.

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The love letter, all the fixes, the event. All good stuff. Increasing the level cap immediately after 2 separate 2 week long farm events? That’s some ■■■■■■■■


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That sounds like self-inflicted pain, to be honest. Quite a few folks are dead set on having the BEST gear, everything else be damned. Crappy analogy: you can go to the beach and enjoy a swim, sunset, a quick game of volleyball. Or you can go to the beach with a purpose of finding a perfect rock that is just right. You are bound to be disappointed in the second case, given how many rocks are there.

Not here to tell you how to play, but if it’s not fun, you should probably move on.


Personally I dont want to have 2 Capstones. I would rather see GBX add more skills into the skill tree and then raise the cap again. The Capstones are so incredible strong…

With Zane I dont even use a single capstone :rofl:


Most builds for every VH is using max one capstone even if we had points to use two of them.

On fl4k a second would be really nice.

Agreed … the timing on this is somewhat puzzling. Would have made way more sense to raise the cap and then have the farming events.

It would kill the blue tree for Flak as its capstone is less than ideal. Every one would run Rakk Power inside Megavore and fade away for ST fights.

Moze would be insane though

Outside of clone builds Zane doesn’t really use them

Amara could make some use out of it

Yeah, the blue capstone isn’t very useful. Although I don’t see myself swapping my build over in favor of running megavore and the green capstone (cant remember the name off the top of my head) if the level cap allowed it.

Gamma burst is just too much fun, and I’m not the hugest fan of fade away. I like having a pet tank with red Fang and GB, and can still solo all m4 content. Though wotan is a pain if I don’t use a cutsman.