Borderlands 3 community love letter: level cap increase, new seasonal event, and more!

I know. And Im not for more than one capstone. But it would be insane! As I mensioned before I would like to see them adding new skills to the skill tree before raise the cap again.

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I’ll just say one thing: I’m still waiting for you guys to make Iron bear Moze really useful, not just a meme ability that’s needed for just for the anointing trigger in effective builds…

Dear Gearbox,
Thank you for the love letter. I appreciate it and all of the hard work that has gone into the latest patch. The fixes to solo play on the Xbox One were wonderful. Unfortunately split screen is still a hot mess of lagging nightmares…

While I appreciated the hard work, I’m not appreciating the fact that I spent somewhere upwards of 60 hours farming Red Chests during the event and most of that gear is basically obsolete now. I like that you left the Red Chest event enabled yesterday after the patch dropped because I was able to farm 4 or 5 pieces of pretty nice level 51 and 52 gear while leveling Moze to 53. Today I hopped back on hoping to find some more nice gear at 53 and out of 32+ Red Chests I found a single Legendary item that wasn’t even anointed while playing on M4. I also dropped it back to M1 and played the Cistern of Slaughter, but had to fast travel out at one point because the final enemy flew away never to return, so I was stuck. It took me about an hour to complete the whole thing (repeated wave included) and at the end I didn’t get a single decent item from the Red Chest. It was one green, two blue, and a purple that wasn’t even anointed. After that event I went back to Sanctuary, turned the level back up to M4 and went farming for a bit. When I completed another hour of farming and still wasn’t finding anything decent I decided to quit, but realized I needed to collect my stuff for breaking all of those hearts… While playing as Moze I received an SMG that was anointed for Zane and the sniper wasn’t even anointed. What crap rewards!
So, farming new gear isn’t going well on Xbox, but I’m gonna need it if I’m going to try to farm better gear.
Leveling to 53 with the Red Chests still giving lots of legendary items helped, but now that the event has ended those are basically about the same as checking vending machines and hoping for a legendary.
I was in a good place with my Moze at level 50 with the gear I had farmed, even if most of the guns didn’t have an anointment. Now that I’m level 53, I struggle hard with playing on M4 because it takes so much ammo to take anything down with level 50 gear. I used to farm Borman Nates often hoping for a Cutsman with a good anointment and I could do a run about every 5 or 6 minutes. Well, it does take about 90 seconds on Xbox One to exit the game and come back in… Now it is taking twice as long to kill Borman and most of the time I am having to hop in to Iron Bear to finish him off because I get tired of chasing him around reloading over and over while doing minimal damage.
Anyway, can you guys take a look at the drop rates and consider offering some solution for the anointment system. It really sucks when you get a once in a lifetime item and it doesn’t even fit your character.
Thank you!

What GBX could do is make it so you can only have one capstone period.
Even if you max 2 skill trees, you are still limited to just one cap stone.
I like this idea myself and hope it is considered.

So less build diversity? Yeah, seems like GBX.

Obviously the only option is to trade for one or buy it on eBay.

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The only capstone of Moze that is worth grabbing is Short Fuse. Forge is unnecessary for most builds, forget about Tenacious Defense.


I am done with this game. I am so sick of the constant nerfs to skills and gear constantly forcing me to rework and refarm for new gear. It isn’t fun, and it isn’t exciting. It is a major headache. Now on top of it all I have to refarm EVERYTHING because of a stupid 3 level increase that is 2 points shy of a meaningful amount that would actually improve my builds. Though I guess it wouldn’t matter if it was a 5 level increase as a week later they would nerf the skills again. Playing Moze still feels bad and I can’t really stand the play style of the other VHs. Moze still needs survivability (and it needs to be in the first or second tier max) and several of the previous nerfs should just be undone. Vampyr is pretty much a must have for mayhem 4 and it’s placement in the tier forces a certain build that negates any real build diversity. The poor decision to nerf Moze skills from working with certain grenades was also a bad decision. Iron Bear is still cumbersome and lacking. Instead of proper VH fixes GB just releases new content that has a “must have” item that must be farmed to fix class issues (ie Zane DLC class mod). Loot drops still feel bad btw. Nothing you actually want ever drops. I want gear I can actually use.


Well i’m done, cleared MT atleast 40+ times trying to get few dedicated loot drops to try help when next level increase hits. yet i’v hardly seen any, can’t say i’m shocked as i’m not.

from what was said from the gearbox rep on the borderlands show this week, saying loot feels to be in the right place, well simply put it isn’t. if it was there wouldn’t be so much trading/duping/ebay buying of items. Borderlands used to be a looter shooter, right now BL3 is anything but a looter shooter. should just change the title of this game to Traderlands 3.

top that having only around 25% chance being anointed with 61+ types and around 1-4% drop chance on most dedicated loot will take a stupid number of hours to get anything unless you get lucky.

add to that recent level increase, all it’s doing it driving people away, from having the past 3 months wasted all for 3 stupid levels and atleast 3-4 more on the way within the next 12 months, farming for items which will be useless. only way to atleast help the RNG would be reforging anointments on gear to take the burn off from such bad RNG

if the plan was to make even more people stop playing well congratulations it’s worked.


Took me 2 days to refarm my gear. I don’t really get why people are complaining about level cap increase. It’s a 3 level increase, it makes refarming easy AF. What are you smoking, guys and girs? The only bad thing in this update is the event itself. It’s kinda boring, but it helps to get new gear without farming bosses. I donno:( We need buffs to the majority of guns in this game. Otherwise it won’t be entertaining to ppl who play alot. Likeme. It’s been pleasure playing 800 hours borderlands 3, but it feels like i have nothing to do anymore. Love you all!


You must be the luckiest VH alive.
What gear you’ve got?


You dont have to refarm everything… Who said that? They dont force you to play M4!

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Playing M4 is where I want to be. Playing lower difficulties is not fun for me. So yeah I would have to refarm everything to play M4. Let’s just say I am only interested in playing at the hardest difficulty. I also don’t want my gear constantly nerfed forcing me to find new stuff that sorta works. That isn’t fun for me. I don’t mind farming. I just don’t want to be forced to farm to keep my build relevant. I want to farm extra stuff to try out other things. Which is clearly not how they want people to play, so I am done.


Then you better play in a few years. Every borderlands had his level increases.

Recursion, couple of cutsmans, only one conference calls with good annoint, one xz41, serv execute, maggie, driver, bunch of nades and shields with afteractionskill bonuses and i don’t even know what else do i need. I guess i want more conference calls xd! I love this shot gun!!!

Absolutely. That’s a very good point!

And somehow you completely missed that my primary issue was the constant nerfs to gear and skills, and the ridiculous 3 level boost was the last straw. If it was 5 levels it wouldn’t have been an issue. As it stands it looks like they will be level boosting every 2 to 3 months as a substitute to actual content. And I am just not gonna play at all anymore. Done with this game. When I play a game, I want to feel like I accomplished or achieved something and not have to start from scratch every few weeks or months as it has been.

I understand your frustration! But they only did it once atm. ONCE! It would be still nice that they fix the game and add New stuff, DLC’s aso… But after playing with this 3 levels I kind of excepted it and im thankfull for it. On my fl4k the three points are doing well. There is nothing we can change about it.

Plus I will buy my first DLC if Im satisfied with the game. Atm it is lagging to much in the menu, the drop rates are bad, dedicadet drops are trash because some minibosses doesnt have some but other have 3 on m4 sometimes 4 and and and…

I been farming two days for a Transformer with an anointment. approaching 8 hours and have seen 2 non-anointed… that’s it… Seems the drop rates for dedicated loot is total ass, they can at least make it anointed if its going to be a 2-3% drop rate.
Like anyone at GB or 2k cares…

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For the folks that say, “You aren’t forced to play on M4”… How about the loot that has to be farmed on M4 only? Can you get it elsewhere? I’ve been trying to get my first Spiritual Driver class mod for forever, but it just won’t drop. I’ve farmed Sylestro quite a few times on M4, but it’s hard because I don’t play that well. I still haven’t managed to beat the Takedown without Mayhem so that’s not an option at the moment. So yea, if I want that I have to play on M4 because it is a requirement. To make matters worse, the character I was trying to farm with has gained the levels and now I’m at level 53, but haven’t found much in the way of better gear. The drop rates on Xbox One are abysmal, so I’ll be farming more like 200 hours to get good replacement gear so I can go try for the Spiritual Driver again. Somehow I feel like that isn’t going to happen based on where this game is right now. Drop rates need to be better and they need to stop locking desirable gear behind things an average person cannot farm solo. In real life I don’t expect everything to be obtainable, which is why I love to play video games. It takes me away from all of the real world stress and worries. However, I paid full price for this game as a pre-order and I feel like I’m not getting good value for the money I paid when there are so many things out of my reach. I don’t want stuff handed to me and I don’t want everything to be easy. I do want to enjoy all areas of the game and have a chance of obtaining every available item in game. Why? Because I paid for the whole darn game and all DLCs.
Thank you!