Borderlands 3 Companion App

I hope that for Borderlands 3, there would be like an Echo Device Companion app for mobile phones it would be made kinda like the Destiny 2 Companion App where you can check your characters inventory, progress, maybe even integrate the mail system to send you fellow friends loot while using the app on your phone. Hopefully something like that is on the horizon. What you guys think?


mega plus 1 on this idea


It could be made to be like the destiny app or the the pip boy app integrate the maps as well also your inventory as well. Just name it echonet I bet it would get tons of downloads. Shouldnt take near aslong to design and polish either.

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I would love to have something like this! Would make checking the bank easier as well. Honestly I don’t think Gearbox themselves would even have to make it either if they would just release the API so an outside fan could build it.

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The issue with that it you would then need to be always online in order to play (like Destiny).

Not true …

You’d just need to be online to use the app

And maybe a minigame inside for make free golden key or equip for game.i remember companion app in mass effect or other similiar

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@Noelle_GBX I know this is a long shot but any chance you see this. Is this something Gearbox is considering. Or some sort of Bank/ Inventory App management system?