"Borderlands 3" concept: Binary equipment system

Awhile back, I thought of this crazy idea for “Borderlands 3” that stemmed from the…problem of having to stop-n-swap loadouts; someone – in fact, MULTIPLE someones – suggested multiple loadouts that can be swapped at the press of a button. In the interest of being…creative, I thought up the concept of “why not two at once?” How this would work (with shields) is two shields, for instance, would be equipped simultaneously. In the interest of balancing, the calculations for different shield types would be done by the worse of the two for each of the stats that overlap – in the basic case, Capacity, Recharge Rate, and Delay – while the stats/effects that don’t overlap would carry into the combination untouched, which would then treat the combination as one shield, whether that would be a simple enhancement, or styled (analogically) like the “Florentine” or “Hide of Terramorphous”; if the shield types match, then the better stats are used. So if you equip a Spike Shield (acid) and Nova Shield (fire), you’d get the aforementioned worse stats while getting undiminished (fire) Nova Damage/Radius and (acid) Spike Damage.

In the case of relics, this would effectively be the ability to create your own Ancients or Allegiance relics (or similar), boosting either a combination of things, or a focus on a specific weapon (like an acid SMG).

For Class Mods, maybe. If they do accept the Binary system extends it to COMs, the mods’ effects and boosts would be untouched.

NOTE: This concept has not yet been finalized.

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I doubt that’s even possible from how the items work internally, and as far as I remember, the Florentine used an accessory to give it slagging capabilities (I think that’s the right element. It’s whichever one it doesn’t list in its chance is the accessory). However, multiple loadouts sounds kind of nice. Having played some quirky builds as Zer0, I needed to swap weapons in and out for multiple situations. So multiple loadouts sounds nice.

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It would work if there is some sort of crafting where you fuse two items. I really doubt we are going to see two shield slots in your inventory, it would be too confusing. I am all for having duel element guns though. I love the Florentine.

@Omega59: I think you’re missing the point. The point wasn’t exactly recreating the Florentine, but imitating the Florentine’s concept of one gun and two elements.

That said, having to combat-swap things is a bit…troublesome at times. Especially so if a constant connection is required, as “Destiny” does.

@Abvex: Maybe…

I’m wondering, tho, since the backpack space may be increased, and there might be a larger “Destiny”-style centralized Vault. If so, crafting might not be necessary as youll have the extra space, and the Binary system would allow for near-total playstyle flexibility.

As for the slots, what I meant with the Binary system is that instead of having one big slot per as you do in “Borderlands 2”, that slot is instead halved so that you can fit both. The other thing I forgot is that if you only have one (instead of two) in the slot, the effect is treated as just that item – basically that item’s stats/effects would be unaltered.

My point was mostly to demonstrate the limitations they have (And could possibly get around by adding in multiple element slots for things), but I do get your idea.

Oh. My bad, then, I seem to have misread you. The thing behind it was for those that hate having to swap shields, grenades, etc. – basically all those fixed goodies that you have to stall-menu for. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Btw, I edited out the grenades - the more I thought about it, the more it didn’t quite fit in, especially since there was mention of using Triangle to instead swap grenades.
Also, I included the COMs. At this point in time, all seems well…on paper, at least.

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Fair enough, I have the problem of accidentally being vague without realizing it. I’d personally worry about game balance with this kind of setup though. It’s interesting though.

This is just my opinion but I believe that bl3 will have a ton more duel type items. I’ve been noticing that a few people are doing this to try and be really cool and innovative. If bl3 follows any sort of trend I assume it will at least be following this trend. Or it might not. It might just be a fad.

Borderlands is the trend. It is, the everything. (Ancillary comment)

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@sam_is_so_cool: You’re talking about the items themselves, and probably about the guns; I’m talking of combining items in a slot, and not the guns. This is to address the normal things you would eventually pass over for RTIs. Guns are rarely the issue, but shields and grenades…

@epicender584: You’ll have to clarify that statement’s relevance.

You mentioned that bored lands may follow the trend (/fad). It invented all of the good trends (not sarcasm, but kinda similar here?)

It’s not quite what you suggest, but at some point I’ll manage to polish up a description
of a way I thought of to give us a lot more weapon-equip SDUs which can be
chained and applied to shields/coms/etc. That way you can build up a set of equipment
swaps that happen in sequence, each set bound to one of the (probably still 5) weapon
management buttons, with a lot of amusement to be had gimping the system in
fantastically cheezy ways.

Right now I’ve been having a hard time wording it in a way that’s both fully explanatory, and sells
the idea well.

I must say that the sequential swaps sounds a bit complicated – or it does to me, at least. In the B3 wants/desires threads, we’ve pretty much settled on the triangle button (and whatever’s the XB equivalent) doing the swaps – what is up in the air (but close to landing on the table) is not the guns being swapped, but stuff that you only have one of, which would be the grenade, relic, COM, and shield.

As for what I was suggesting, I should clarify that the point of it – especially with the shields – is to trigger them simultaneously and balance the stats.

All that said, expound away.

The system I’ve thought of is designed so you could ignore it, as the default result of not manipulating the WE-SDUs more or less does exactly what the BL2 dpad and triangle buttons do. It’s easy to understand but not to explain. I might get inspired over turkey day to kick the explanation into better shape and post a thread.

Anyway, the system creates a few corner cases, intentionally, and it is in these corner cases that game devs could hide so-called “glitches”… you know things like how one can money-shot with an infinity pistol, which you know had to be intentionally left in there just for the amusement people get out of finding these glitches. I could easily see double-shields or multi-element procs on weapons being one of those glitches. A secondary-fire mode on weapons a-la Unreal Tournament is also an option using this system.

Ok, I dusted the idea off a bit and posted it.