Borderlands 3 Concept: The Workshop

Hey, fellas!
This is an idea I had a while back while messing around trying to get perfect parts on my Longbow. Thought it would be really interesting to see something like this in Borderlands 3.

Concept: The Workshop
So basically, anyone who knows anything about Borderlands 2 and The Pre Sequel’s RNGed loot will know that there are specific parts that go into a gun, plus the elemental capacitor and accessory. My idea was for the Workshop, an object in which players can take a gun and remove, add and interchange these parts for the guns.

Example. Say I had a Sir Hammerlock’s Elephant gun which was all very nice, but spawned with a Maliwan stock, and a bayonet. Now, being a loyal Jakobs man, I want this thing with perfect parts. So I can take another, crappy sniper rifle that I don’t use anymore which has a nice Jakobs stock and pop that thing right onto my Elephant gun. I can also remove the bayonet and sell it for a small amount, or put it on another sniper. Kinda like the Grinder in The Pre Sequel, this means that your old crap guns (or those infernal green-rarity pieces of trash that I always get out of loot chests) have another way of being reused.

But how would that work with uniques and legendaries, you ask? Well, firstly, any modifications would likely cost you a small fee, depending on the rarity of the gun and the type of operation (more on that later). Secondly, any special effects on a weapon would be stored in the body of the weapon, and any other fixed parts. This means that a Pimpernel cannot have its fixed Dahl barrel removed, but it can have all of its other parts interchanged. Any fixed elemental capacitors or accessories (for example the gunblade on the Law) cannot be interchanged either. Parts and accessories are fixed to their weapon type - you can’t put a shotgun barrel onto an SMG, obviously - but elemental capacitors are universal.

Optics are interchangeable as well, but with a larger degree of freedom - any optic can go on any gun. That means I can take my Lyuda, remove the sniper scope, and stick a Maliwan pistol sight on it. However, when this is done, the alignment has to be done manually by the user in the Workshop, meaning the sight may not always be pointing in the right direction. Weapons like the Elephant Gun or Longbow, which never spawn with a scope, (or Fremingtons Edge which has a huge weapon zoom) cannot have sights added or removed.

Oooh, I hear you say. Does that mean an elemental capacitor can be put onto any gun, like a Jakobs revolver? The answer is yes, but there is a catch - it will cost you a whole lot, and there is a small chance that it might break the gun. The gun destruction chance is done by RNG, and the increased cost is determined by the manufacturer. You cannot put elements onto Torgue weapons, however, as Maliwan guns have integrated elemental capacitors, you can put a second elemental capacitor onto a Maliwan gun. Again, this will cost you a fair bit more, and is risky - elemental capacitors are fiddly little things. There is a large chance when you do this that the gun will fire both elements, but leak one of them and occasionally affect you with this (like the Chulainn), and also a chance of completely destroying the gun. There is only a small chance that this will work perfectly.

The Workshop will also feature a way of personalizing your weapon, including paintjob, name, and item card. The item card will feature the weapon’s original name, and display the parts, element and accessory. Basic painting (freehand) can be done anytime, but stencils and designs can be found as random world drops or awarded from challenges, much like character skins.

If you guys like this idea, feel free to drop some feedback - I just thought this would be cool.


I like some of the concept here, but I fear it would result in people just getting that one legendary they want and then fiddling around with white and green loot until they got the part they want. I would add a restriction that changing parts requires both weapons to be the same. This would encourage people to continue farming for specific gear, but it would ease some of the tedium of trying to get perfect parts.

So in respect to your example, you would need a second Elephant Gun with the appropriate stock, which you could then change onto your original. This, of course, would also require the slight tweak that quest rewards became lootable drops following the completion of the mission.


That was my original idea, but I reckon that would take almost as long as farming for perfect parts. Maybe something to do with rarity, like parts have to be either the same rarity or one below?
For example an Elephant Gun could accept non-unique blue rarity parts and above, but also green rarity. This means that the only parts applicable for legendaries would be parts off other legendaries, or purple/e-tech rarity.
This would probably have to be applied to all guns over legendary level though, so Seraph, Pearlescent and Glitch weapons can take their own or purple parts only.

Besides, having people fiddle around with the parts they want from crap guns was kind of the idea - you’d be surprised how difficult it is to find a specific white-level sniper with a Jakobs stock. I guess this could kinda be a bit too easily exploited though.


I really like how fleshed out this idea is. Though “breaking the gun” is to easy to get around as they probably won’t get rid of the ability to dupe weapons . I do like the idea of being able to make the dual elemental guns with Maliwan. The elemental effect sometimes happening on you could be the catch to putting elements on Jacob’s weapons. Alot of people don’t like the “gun crafting” idea because it means less looting. What if… What if… Enemies could also drop gun parts? Maybe some amazing parts with special effects and are super rare?

That is a cool idea, enemies dropping gun parts - maybe have some effects bound to the part instead of the gun? That could mean you could get some sweet-ass hybrid weapons like you could in Borderlands 1. There would still be plenty of looting, but it would just be a fair bit more expanded, like having a legendary Gunblade accessory that gives +100% melee damage but can only be attached to a Shotgun and sticking that on a legendary which already has a special effect.

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Yes. This. Keep the looting and random drops but adding in some customization options!


Now here’s an idea I just had - if special effects are bound to parts, you could have legendary sights and stuff that have certain effects like a target highlighter, thermal imaging or something. Maybe being able to change what the reticle of the sight looks like as well?

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Definetly! But this is borderlands and weapons have some crazy abilities. Maybe a scope that let’s you see through walls? Or maybe slows enemies when your sighted in… Or highlights critical spots?


Or… What if there were legendary guns that never drop? Weapons that you have to find all the parts for then put together? This could be a really fun endgame activity. Granted I still want to be able to pick up complete weapons and immediately equip them. This would just add some variety. If gun parts were to drop like this it shouldn’t take away from the amount of other things that get dropped.


Ho ho ho ho, now that’s a cool concept! You could even have some like the Gwen’s Head in that you find the parts randomly in boxes that spawn in preset locations. There could even be missions centered around collecting parts like that, like you need a certain gun to unlock an area by shooting something with it or something.

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Remember the “find the gun parts” missions from bl1? I thought I would get a really cool gun the first time I did one :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahahaha there was a similar one in Borderlands 2 when you find the parts for the Stomper

Never did it. It’s crazy that I’ve been playing this game for 2 years and still haven’t done everything. Granted I’ve done most of the stuff I want to do, many many times lol.

Same here, there’s just so much stuff to do! Really hope Borderlands 3 lives up to this, because I’ve been playing BL2 for 400+ hours now and I still ain’t bored!

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For real.

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Just bought two copies of the handsome collection and starting all over. here’s to OverPower 8 and borderlands 3 complete with huge planets, make this game bigger then them all


I really hope Gearbox sees this. There aren’t too many huge new features that I want to see in Borderlands because I’m afraid that it could break what the game already has, but THIS would be fun!

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