Borderlands 3 Confirmed: New Character Ideas

I think that we should definitely include Tiny Tina as a playable character.
She’s hilarious for one, and she loves explosions.
Perhaps she could have a skill tree based on dealing massive explosive damage, and could throw exploding teapots or incorporate some other kind of thing that normally would be seen as cute but is in someway made insanely destructive. I also feel she could have a skill tree based on a stacking mechanic similar to that of Gaige the Mechromancer from BL2, but instead of collecting anarchy Tiny Tina could collect cookies, (reference to “Eat cookies, crap thunder” mission from Torgue DLC in BL2).
Her attitude and humour could also provide for some hilarious callouts, as well as speech for interaction with others and the evolving story…


I’ve said this before and I’ll say again in a more delightful tone (also want to note that I hate repeating myself). I don’t think any existing character should be playable in the third game. I think it should be a set of four new, fresh, unique characters.


Thats your opinion and your entitled to it, but I dont see anything bad coming from revamped characters from say Bl1 returning, or even some from Bl2.


Has BL3 been confirmed?

I’m good either way… give me a fun skill tree, and you can dress it up like an old Dahl dumpster; I’ll still play it.


I must say i don’t entirely disagree. One thing is for sure, i would absolutely hate the idea of recycling any previously playable characters, i definitely want a new experience. However, seeing as Tiny Tina was never previously a playable character, i would thoroughly enjoy being able to explore her skill tree and play style.


Dr. Ted playable class:

Either that or somebody with Dexter rage action skill:


…but what if the PC were to be a lovingly updated Brick w/ deployable, grenade-spewing Tiny Tina whom otherwise rides on his back! Tina, of course, would manifest as the Action Skill… Introduce them as Brick and Tina - The Dynamic Duo!
-He could throw her really far! (think longbow/nuke turret effect)
-Give him buffs for being near her while deployed, cuz Big Brudder protects Big Sister (her distinctions, of course).
-Maintain his melee/tank capacities while adding a hysterical dynamic to his ‘explosive expertise’.
-We all love Brick and Tina. If you don’t, I’m not inclined to believe you, I think you’re just being contrary. It’s okay. Brick and Tina love you too.


I see nothing wrong with returning characters with updated skills, even where different skills would pair well with other characters skills. True if its just a rehash then ya I wouldnt be all that ecstatic but i dont think that will be the case.

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ROCKET LAUNCHER! Currently these are a gimmick, never really hitting hard enough to make them work over other weapons, and so expensive that you hurt yourself almost as much as the enemy.

A character with a skill tree that is all about rocket launchers would be a blast (haha !!). Ammo reduction, reload speed, firing speed etc- even skills that reduce damage but add rockets. Say an ultimate that shoots unlimited rockets for 10s that hit for 50% dmg or something (and shoots fast). or a greatly increased splash damage radius ability. It would be cool to have a reason to explore rocket launcher options in Borderlands :wink:


Brick has a skill tree like that.


The word was on the brink oh going boom boom. Tiny Tina and Mr. Tourge become unlikely allies… After torge is affected by a moment of desperation and he hits on tiny tina only to be friend zoned yet again by another member of the opposite sex. Yes the age difference is massive but… HE JUST WANTS TO BE F****** LOVED FOR HIS AMAZING GUITAR SOLOS!

anyway, they become bffs and hunt vauts as a team.

You could switch between them for different buffs and such.


Brick? wow the only one i never played… i should fire up BL1 again

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Brick is a lot of fun to play.


Am I going to be in it?

If so then the Deputy can play the Deputy with a Deputy build.

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See this here is what I agree with. Having old unplayable NPCs be our new playables. I love the six we have on BL2 I really do. But suddenly throwing in these random people who just came to Pandora without knowing any of the old cast, and immediately being stronger and better than our last group? After spending years levelling my Brick and Mordecai? Not again, thanks.


Not a fan of having entirely new playable characters, as there’s so many existing characters/npcs I’d rather cause mayhem with.

I really, really want to play as Sir Hammerlock. I’m not sure I can entirely explain why, and I can’t imagine he’d be all that exciting. Mordy/Talon would be my ideal, but I can’t see that happening either.

I just clicked; obviously I lean towards a good sniper class. Mordecai was my first character on BL1 and Hammerlock would rock snipers.


… Wow. I want this idea to happen now.


Does everything revolve around sexwith you guys seriously if its not gaming it shouldnt be posted.


I could understand this but in my opinion it just shouldn’t be any characters that were playable before. Tiny Tina does offer up a lot of good options as a character and since she was never playable before it could be interesting. I would really like to see an Eridian character or some other character that is not human.


I actually created some skill trees for Tina and sent them into Gearbox. Take a look:

I’m a fan of Tiny Tina. With BL3 ahead, I wondered what Tiny Tina would be as a vault hunter. I came up with some skill trees. Take a look and let me know your thoughts…

Action skill.
Hammerholic: Tina takes out a massive, pink hammer. Target an enemy, hit the melee button and she will leap towards them and smash them for massive explosive, melee damage. This is on a timer. Every kill increases the speed of her leaps and the power of her attacks. There is no limit to how far she can leap.

Fulla’ Dynamite.
Tier 1.
Brink: Increases radius of explosive damage.
Flexington is my Friend: Increased mag size for Torgue weapons.

Tier 2.
Badonkadonks: Increases damage of rocket launchers and explosive weapons.
Blam: Increased bullet speed of explosive weapons.

Tier 3.
Grenado Gal: Kill skill. Throwing a grenade has a chance of adding a grenade to your ammo instead of taking one away.

Tier 4.
My Process: Increased chance for explosive damage to stagger enemies.
POP! Goes the bandit: game changer. Hitting an enemy with explosive damage grants you a stack of “Pop”. “Pop” stacks increase explosive damage and radius. The stack is lost when the enemy dies. More points invested gives a chance for enemies to give multiple stacks.

Tier 5.
Tea Party: Kill skill. Explosive damage has a chance to apply slag.
Monkey Time: Game changer. Double damage from blowing up barrels.
Sup, girl?: Kill skill. Explosive damage applies corrosion.

Tier 6.
Fine-Ass Damsels: Grenades takes on an additional attribute from other makers. Bouncing grenades add homing attributes, singularity grenades add mirv attributes, etc.

Oh haiii.
Tier 1.
Snap, Son: Faster reloads on shotguns.
Dem Legs: Kill skill. Increases movement speed.

Tier 2.
Ta-daaa!: Grenades thrown at short range have a shorter fuse and damage you less.
MMM!: Shotgun critical hits restore a small amount of health.

Tier 3.
Bunny of Doom: Melee override. Tina gives an enemy a stuffed bunny. Shotguns aimed at the bunny bearer become more accurate.

Tier 4.
Squishy Squishy: Whenever you switch your weapon in combat you get a stack of “Squishy”. “Squishy” stacks increase movement speed and corrosive damage. Stacks decay over time. More skills invested extend stack duration.
In Yo Face!: The closer you are to an enemy the more likely your bullets are to ricochet towards other enemies, hitting twice. This includes explosive. Combine with “POP! Goes the bandit” for your best day evaaaa.

Tier 5.
Piddly-POW!: Shotguns fire more pellets per shot. This is proportionate to the number already fired. Accuracy does not decrease.
Runnin’, Runnin’, Runnin’: Kill skill. Absorb less damage while sprinting.

Tier 6.
Booty like POOOW!: Every shield becomes a nova shield. If the shield is already a nova shield the nova becomes more powerful.

Cookie Salad.
Tier 1.
Devil Salad: Increases max health.
Cookie Fuel: Health capsules restore more health.

Tier 2.
Cara-cara Caramel: Health capsules also restore a portion of shields. The portion restores depends on the number of points invested.
No Raisins: Increases duration and cooldown of Hammerholic.

Tier 3.
Naptime: Game changer. Health regenerates while crouching.
I got bored: Game changer. Ammo regenerates while crouching.

Tier 4.
Main Squeeze: Getting a stack of both “Pop” and “Squishy” gives you a stack of “Hysteria”. Hysteria stacks increase fire rate and reload speed. Stacks decay slowly over time. Investing points extend duration.
More Marshmallows: Increases melee damage during Hammerholic.

Tier 5.
Yummy-Yummy: Enemies drop better loot when killed at close range.
Not Going Stag: Game changer. An ally killing someone you have shot grants you Second Wind.
Chocolate Lollipops: Increases the pace at which leap speed and attack power rise during Hammerholic.

Tier 6.
Crumpocolypse: Every time Tina kills during Hammerholic her and one of her allies gets a stack of “Pop”, “Squishy” and “Hysteria”.