Borderlands 3 Confirmed: New Character Ideas

Considering the end of borderlands 2 I just really want Lilith, Mordecai, and Brick to come back with some enhanced skill trees or something, since the first games didn’t have as much crazy stuff in them as the rest of the games

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A werewolf class

Something like that wouldn’t be too much of a stretch since we’ve had something similar in Borderlands before.

Her fight for life can be similar to krieg’s

I’m a bit late on this, but I made a separate thread for anyone that has an original chararcter or concept, and it’s also got one of my character ideas. Feel free to check it out, give feedback, or just share your own designs. Thanks for actually reading this.

Sounds like your on the right track with that idea. I like it specially when you consider a character along the lines of Bishop from X-men. Or even Cable. I see those characters easily fitting into the borderlands series & adding great excitement & depth to the cast of vault hunters. These are characters that it would difficult to get tired of playing

What if there was a pirate/marauder like class where your action skill is to wield a harpoon gun and a futuristic cutlass, left trigger fires the harpoon which can attach to walls, solid objects, enemies, etc. and pull you in to it, right trigger attacks with the sword and your melee dmg would be increased as well as melee speed. Your movement speed could also increase. Left skill tree would be cannonneer(dual wield pistols, hip fire accuracy, explosive dmg…) , right tree would be savvy(increase melee dmg and speed, faster movement, longer harpoon reach…) and middle tree I don’t know, maybe something to do with looting, as he is a pirate, so like increased ammo/money/loot drops when you harpoon someone or something

Here’s another idea, how about a class how doesn’t need to fight that much, a class who can purchase victory, I call this class, the celebrity! the celebrity would have the lowest health, but could have the ability to gain fat stacks of cash. You can use that cash with other perks.

here are some examples of some perks and perk trees for the celebrity:
Make it rain - when you melee hit an enemy, you gain a stack of cash
Lucky Dime - find 10 - 50% more cash in loot boxes
Life/Health insurance - Medical syringes cost 20 - 100% less and heal 10 - 50% more / when you die , you save 15 - 75% of your cash.

Jakobs brand deal - all Jakobs weapons now have 10 - 50% more magazine capacity and deal 5 - 25% more damage.
Spokes person - When you kill an enemy with a brand weapon (like Hyperion) you gain a stack of product placement, a stack of PP will bear faster reloads and fire rate. When you fire a weapon of a different brand you lose all stacks

Motivation - whenever you gain 100$, you gain a stack of motive, 1 stack of motive increases movement speed and shield capacity by 1%, when you lose even 1$, you lose all your stacks (up to 100 stacks can be gained)
Time is money - while reviving a team mate, you have the option to give them a “raise”, a “raise” will give them 0.5 percent of your current cash, a “raise” will make a teammate immune to damage for 10 seconds and will also instantly revive them
It’s no object - (WARNING, this skill overrides your active ability) When activated, you will hold a stack of cash and proceed to rain flame, acid, lightning, or slag on your enemy in the form of money (costs 0.05% of your current cash)

I made this class because I think money is underused in borderlands 2, because you only spend money on ammo and the occasional stim-pack. I want this class to become a reality.

I don’t think tiny Tina should be playable, because she is a child, playing as her and having her dying would be child abuse or something… I dunno, just that children aren’t allowed to be hurt in video games… also, I feel like she should stay an Npc.

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At the end of TPS the alien says, “you’re going to need all the vault hunters you can get,” so why not make a system where the surviving characters from the first three games can be downloaded as DLC while the game comes with four unique characters. Hell, some of those survivors could be given out as “loyalty bonuses” instead of better starting guns and useless grenades.

At all costs they should avoid the BL2 idiocy of “EVERYONE MUST FIGHT THE EVIL… except these super capable NPCs over here who just hand out quests and have no real presence in the game (except for very specific moments), but take our word for it, they are doing stuff while you aren’t looking.”

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I wouldn’t mind that, but it seems like a waste when there are so many good characters already made. the idea of creating ANOTHER sniper and ANOTHER soldier to replace the perfectly good one we already have seems like creatively bankrupt make-work. I’m all for new characters, but the continuity suggests that whatever the alien at the end of TPS was talking about hasn’t happened yet, so why not have MORE characters available, new and old, maybe six player co-op this time around?

As much as I want a fresh cast with a whole new skill set, Tina would definitely work as a new skill set entirely even if she’s a returning character. Maybe work her in as a DLC. BTW I would personally love to see an archor take on the sniper/pistol specialist role. Possibly a samurai.

Since split screening is just about diminished, I’m all for 6-8 player co ops. All 8 of the already established characters as DLCs but 4 new characters to start with.

I would like new character ideas (just speculation of course) for Borderlands 3 now that its confirmed. Please no previous characters made vault hunters(not that i’m against that).

I would like a melee only vault hunter. Their gameplay and masteries could be modeled like the psycho but no guns. Of course they could use guns, but they specialize in a new loot type…melee. They could add swords, axes, hammers, and other melee weapons styled with various eras of weapons IE Bushido, knight, laser swords. The new weapons would also be viable to other vault hunters but the real benefits would be reaped by the melee hunter. They could also be interchangeable in roles. They could have more survivability or more damage. More speed run or more stealth.

Jane/John Doe
skills: 4/5 points in fleet foot gives 25% speed when using melee weapon
5/5 points in Bladed fury gives 35% dmg with melee but -35% in ranged
2/5 points titanium spirit gives 10% increase in health but -5% in attack speed (replaces fire rate for melee)
3/5 points in heavy handed gives -5% in hit chance but 15% damage
Bodacious Body Carver
Damage: 1234
Hit chance: 96.8%
attack speed:4.8
Rdm element chance 9.6%
element dmg/sec 198

I think it would be cool to be able to play as a skag in the game like how he would use his gun would be a shoulder mounted way and his skill trees could be where when he use his skill he turns into a bad ass skag or an armored skag or even a giant skag like a friendly skag like Dukino in borderlands 2 but a skag that you can play as would be awesome and new or at least a vault hunter with a cool pet

I created another character if anyone is interested. It’s a female Hyperion Hawk :

And here is the Lost Legion Eternal I created as well :

i personly would love to see some of the characters from the first game with better upgraded abilities, like lilith since she has eriudm in her, her phasewalk and phaseblast should be better and faster or something,
and mordicie has a new bird they can really do something with that,
but lets here your ideas

All I want is the Krieg back… I enjoy it so much!!!

Revamped? Make some new char, and get all the old ones… get a tons of playable character, you’ll get old fans enjoy a new one or stick with their favorite.

I’d rather have 16 characters available, that woul bring more diversity in 4 players coop.

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Yeah I would like to see new unique characters buy most like lay they will be similar to the characters on bl1 and bl2 but as long as there is a good story and a good siren it will be cool

So I think for the siren they should let angel be it like she got revived from eridium and became a good character out of guilt but anger and revenge on jack and prove that she is a good person to the other vault hunters