Borderlands 3 confirmed!

Somebody names “yoomazir” posted this one the other forums, but i will share it here. Borderlands 3 maybe confirmed

We should maybe get more info on sunday. The Hype is real.

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Maybe I’ll watch the panel and maybe I’ll get hyped. But we absolutely need a remastered version of BL1 before that - maybe.


Pfft. I think we’re more likely to get BL 3 than we are a remastered BL 1. :stuck_out_tongue:

One reason I think we won’t get a BL1 remastered is there is no online on ps3 anymore

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Maybe. Maybe.

I just hope for some awesome Borderlands related news. Doesn’t matter what but hopefully some new content.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see a remastered BL 1, but I think it’s as likely as BL 2 getting a final patch, TPS getting more DLC content aside from the Season Pass, and unicorns flying around dropping legendary loot…oh wait, we already have something like that last one…never mind!

No BL1 online on PS3 does not necessarily mean no BL1 online on PS4 remastered version.

For everyone interested, the main theatre panel is on Sunday at 10:30am; I suspect BL3 details may be mentioned then, fingers crossed.

There’s also a chance they’ll surprise us with something in the final panel at 5pm Sunday.

Well, as it has been said this game, the presequel, was not meant to be a long lasting title to keep us interested. Im not sure what to believe. I certainly hope it will be announced the fans need a pickmeup anyway after the dismal year of disappointments that didnt live up to the hype last year. We can hope.

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Thats the link that it is streaming it on. You may find more information here later today.

They just started working on Borderlands 3.

Its been confirmed. Pants off Hog wild time

@JauxKing on twitter said (JoeK)

@DuvalMagic is saying @GearboxSoftware is looking to add people to the team! “We need people to help us make the next Borderlands game…”
“The big one…”

Just because he “says” they just started on it doesnt make it true.

Ok, Borderlands 3! But REWORK the game, from scratch if possible. We got worn out of BLTPS pretty fast because it’s a copy & paste of BL2.


That person was at the Gearbox Pax panel Quoting Randy…GBX probably haven’t technically started as they seem to be rounding up the team first. So unless you are trying to win the semantic awards of 2015…huh?

Hopefully it’ll be an upgrade like BL 2 was to BL 1. If GBX is calling it “the big one”, there may be hope.

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Whats interesting is the current gen consoles has at least 16 times the memory over the previous generation. GBX stated that they couldn’t add more loot due to this limit.

The new hardware must be very exciting for the BL3 team as they can be so much more ambitious about the loot engine and weapons parts system now.


By the time the game gets released the “next gen” hardware will be already outdated though.

They were already outdated before they were launch. Multiplatform games tend to be tie down to the slowest pig. That pig just became a goat, gotta look at the silver linings.