Borderlands 3 confirmed!

As long as Burch isn’t going to write for BL3 then I’ll say go for it GBX. But do take your time.


Why don’t you want him as a writer for BL3?

His writing contains more plotholes than swiss cheese and the fact he’s pushing his agenda. I don’t mind a diverse population and that is not the problem. But he wrote some of the commentary for Mister Torgue in TPS that boiled down to the friendzone being misogynistic.

Good thing he didn’t write the main story for TPS, which was really obvious.

That dialouge was some of my favorite in the early part of the game.

Torgue explaining in the future that he is a different guy now goes right along with the events in TTAODK.

Not to derail this thread, but I don’t see any agenda…

That kind of writing seems immature (Burch’s, I mean)

Anyways, I prefer BL2s story than TPS’. TPS’ story was very forced, everything was meant to explain something in BL2 (ie. Why did Jack destroy every claptrap) and pretty much every explanation was lacking: (Jack’s burnt face story was appaling IMO, the claptrap production line discontinuation makes 0 sense, etc).

+1 on Burch not being around though, I don’t really like his style, I think something similar can be done way better. I like his sister voicing Tiny Tina though.

Well just look at the Tales from Borderlands writing, if gearbox could hire those guys from TT to write BL3 it would be amazing. It’s essential for the game to have funny content, I think Burch should stay on the team but not as lead writer.

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They should totally add elemental flamethrowers, I think those would be pretty cool, they’d have about 100% elemental effect chance, high clipsize and magazine, but short range and do little damage individually.

But it’s also as essential to not overdo it.

The friendzone line doesn’t exactly sound like Mister Torgue either, instead it felt like Burch was forcing his ideas upon us. ‘Pushing his agenda’ might have not been the best way to describe it but it is the drop of water that spilled the bucket for me.


I suggest that if you are playing TPS the same way you played BL2, you’re doing it wrong. :smile:

TPS has Cryo, which works differently than slag and should be taken advantage of.

Lasers work differently than any kind of gun in BL2.

There is nothing in BL2 that is at all similar to the jetpack mechanic.

The areas you quest in don’t give the same feeling BL2 quest areas did. The flavor of the game is simply different - there is a large dose of Bioshock in this version of Borderlands. (This is, in my opinion, the thing that creates the most dissatisfaction in BL2 fans - it just doesn’t feel right to many of us. It really is a very good game, it just doesn’t feel right.)

The character-classes are all unique to TPS; if they feel like you are playing BL2 characters that is totally on you and the way you play. I suggest delving into each class and playing it to its strengths rather than relying on the gear that works good on pretty much everyone.

UVHM’s difficulty scaling feels different. In TPS it’s a matter of killing trash mobs relatively easily - but having badasses that are more badass. Now, if all you do is play the game with the best gear in it there isn’t a huge difference, but if you run through UVHM with what you pick up normally along the way, well, you are likely to have more trouble with those badass types than you did in BL2.

TPS is the same as BL2 only in the sense that much of the gear is the same. If all you are focused on is gear, then, yeah, very similar game. Otherwise, not so much.


I’m betting BL3 will be a direct shot at Blizzard’s Overwatch. Think TF2 with teams of vault hunters competing over vaults; like moba meets COD.

This game type is supposedly the new “it” and i personally don’t feel it’s a good direction; sloughing off content onto the players and making them entertain each other in order to chew through content at a greatly reduced rate compared to an MMO or ARPG-FPS like BL2/TPS.

i really really really hope i’m wrong. i don’t want an online-only pvp RPG. i wouldn’t mind more incentive to play co-op, like ACTUAL raids or entire zones that are group only, but i’d really like a spiritual successor to BL2 or TPS… TPS is great it just needs more story content, as opposed to sidegrade content like new classes.

whatever happens i hope nobody says “for realsies” in the next game…

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Solution: “For real real, not for play play.”

Wonder if we’re getting new Vault Hunters this time or if they’re upgrading more NPCs again. Personally, I’d like to see completely new Vault Hunters again, as much as I liked the TPS crew.

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This. I would much rather play with new faces as opposed to returning characters with revamped skills.

How long until the obligatory ‘Make Your Own Vault Hunters’ thing goes down? Because I’ve got like six ideas in a folder somewhere I always meant to post on the TPS boards before the game came out, but never got around to it.

It’s gonna have to wait at least until the BL3 gameplay videos are shown so I know whether or not we’re still gonna be able to buttslam.

No, it’s because the game it’s subpar.
Terrible writing, horrible mission design, bad map design, awful style. That’s why. I wish it was a copypaste of BL2.

No, that’s Battleborn.


I dont see the problem at all with returning VHs for this, or some similar surroundings, bear in mind many things “new” were introduced in the presequel, some liked some not so much. And with all the Vault Hunters we cwn get as indicated by the end game alien at the last of the game I doubt we will see 6 new VHs appear or more. Especially since a lot of us want to see the old and new together.

Be careful what you say, now the writer will see it and make every character say it at least once.

I’m betting BL3 will be a direct shot at Blizzard’s Overwatch. Think TF2 with teams of vault hunters competing over vaults; like moba meets COD.

Also, I bet you it won’t. I think that instead we’ll see Borderlands as it has been, but perhaps up to 6 players, launching with 6 classes to start, and 4 DLC classes added after launch, along with 6 story dlc campaigns. Take everything up a notch. Older consoles won’t hold them back anymore. They have no reason to change the formula too drastically. Almost nobody is doing anything like Borderlands. Destiny is the closest I know of. And that is online only. So, why shouldn’t they keep filling that niche that has almost zero competition?

Not everybody feels that way. I love this game. It certainly could use the campaign DLC, but that’s how I always feel about every Borderlands. And that’s on it’s way.

I think that some people don’t care of the space theme of this one or the more 3 dimensional map design/gameplay. The writing is a little odd sometimes with Felicity but it all works out. It makes a bunch of us feel uneasy about good/bad guys and it’s making us debate that. That’s exactly what they wanted, as far as I can tell.

I can see how this game might not appeal to some Borderlanders but I love it and will miss low gravity and slam attacks if we lose them later. And I love these classes. I want to play them in Borderlands 2 environments.