Borderlands 3 consol question

Will borderlands 3 be exclusive to the Xbox 1x? If so it will be very disappointing to hear that it cannot be played on Xbox 360 or Xbox 1

You can play on Xbox One, it’s the same console as X version. X360 is a NO.

So far all mentions have been “PS4 and XB1”, so I’m assuming not an exclusive to the more recent consoles. The games may well use higher resolution textures on the XB1X and PS4 Pro, though, in much the same way that the existing Handsome Collection versions and BL1 Remaster do.

No Sega Genesis support? Screw it. Games dead to me.

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So… I want to play the game on the best settings that I can afford, and probably its on Xbox One X, BUT, I really need to know if the game will run on 60 fps on that console, if isn’t I need to upgrade my PC for minimun 1440p/60 gameplay.

It’s just 3 months away, and we have no concrate information about the performance. I need to be prepared, but also I need time to do this Gearbox!

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My topic was moved to console questions… but i’m not only to want to know! The PC players do not know the perfermance too! This is a geral topic about performance guys… c’mon…

There’s a thread asking the same question for PC as well. Unfortunately, no details have been announced.

It’s possible that the game is still undergoing tweaks and optimization as we’re still 3 months from launch. Hopefully, more information will be coming in the next month or two.

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it does not help when they are reward bonuses for pre ordering , I am pretty shore most games have had there pc specs months before release , sorry for my frustations

When it comes to the specs of your PC there is no kill like overkill… Don’t stop until the neighborhood suffers a brownout every time you power your PC on ;3