Borderlands 3 console fps

Hey guys I was wondering what you guys think on the fps for borderlands 3 on console. Do you guys think the ps4 and Xbox one are going to get 60 fps ??

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I actually think it’s more likely than in previous gens, the Xbox360 and PS3 weren’t easy to optimize for, and were new for their times; budget PC builds with specially optimized game editions, rather than top of the line hardware with thsse optimized editions. Either way, history says otherwise. Borderlands 1 and 2 were released at 30FPS on console as released directly from Gearbox, with 60 fps on PC. Lockable with personal optimization.

I’m personally getting the feeling either this will most certainly have it due to the confirmed 4 screen couch, that’d be hard without a good optimized port of the game, that locks at 30 even, or it will on PS4 pro/XBX1X only, with that in mind. It might have optional 4K, or locked FOV, which would suck, but is fine with 60 fps anyways.

I hope a mod comes in with better feedback.

30fps assuming the environments will be much larger with less loading screens. The CPUs are very bad. Thankfully next gen will have Ryzen.

For what it’s worth, Battleborn started out 30fps on consoles then got an upgrade to 60fps in an update.

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So do you think it’ll start at 30 fps then ??

Hopefully it supports 60 fps. I don’t wanna wait another generation for them to remaster the game on next gen just to have 60 fps lol


Wait borderlands 3 is gonna have 4 player split screen? Your sure that’s not just for the borderlands 1 remaster?

It won’t start at 60, if it does its a really good port the game, and magical at that. I’d hope so but unlikely things are unlikely.
Yeah, someone asked Randy personally on his Twitter, and he said it had 4 player couch. It might just be the remaster. He said bl3 has couch too.

Damn. Hopefully man cause I wanna experience the game in 60 fps. I remember playing the other games on ps3 at 30 fps and I remember how bad it was looking back Lol. I think ima tweet at Randy and see if he can answer that

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Good luck. Be very kind, and possibly patient.

I sent it out to him. You think he’ll respond?

Uh. Maybe? It’s 3AM here, and it’s 4AM where Randy lives.
I don’t think he’s up just yet. Chill out. The game could update with 60 fps if possible, Gearbox is known for their updates being servicable by fans. It’s not even out. It could be not much different than BL2 engine wise. Relax and slow down a little.

Yea hopefully it does. I mean the game isn’t coming out on ps3 and 360 so they’re using the consoles power wisely I hope lol

Two thoughts:

  • Both BL2 and TPS got boosted to 60 fps on PS4 and XB1
  • The game artwork is making use of the UE4 engine to do more detailed shading and lighting effects

One suggests a higher framerate on XB1/PS4, the other suggests possibly only on XB1X/PS4 Pro.

As usual, “We’ll see…” (Didn’t you hate hearing that as a kid?)


Hopefully its 60 fps on both standard and pro consoles . maybe the pro and the other enhanced xbox will get 4k or something

So, just ran across this relating to the BL1 remaster:

Thanks for the news man appreciate it. If you come across any news regarding the fps for borderlands 3 on consoles let me know !

BL3 won’t be on console at all(at least for six months), judging from the fact that the leaked trailer didn’t have console logos. Also both consoles take the same 30% that steam does.

This is very important subject for game’s success. It has to be 60 fps. I have played handsome collection yesterday and the beauty of the graphics at 60 fps is what makes the game playable in today’s standarts. The community does not expect a big visual overhaul over the last game, So 60 fps is a must for BL3.

Just a note: Battleborn was updated to 60 fps just couple of months after released as 30 fps

I think it’ll definitely be 60 fps considering all the other ganes were remastered with 60 fps. It wouldn’t make sense to release borderlands 3 at 30 fps that would be a step backwards considering the other games are now 60 fps on consoles