Borderlands 3 constantly crashing

My game is crashing all of a sudden. Could play without problems till yesterday. Didn’t change anything.
Latest Windows, Graphics, Bios Uptade aswell as latest patches installed.
Reinstalled and still same error code.
Pls Help
Intel I5-4690
Nvidia Geforce GTX 960
16GB Ram

same here, after today patch it crashes like every 5-10 minutes


Worked magically the last 2 days with just a few crashes. Now got an Update for Borderlands 3 and I am at the Start of the described Problem. Im honestly pissed now, after spending a lot of money for the game it keeps crashing. My Specs are like you can see enough for the game. My Video Settings are on low btw.
Fix this FAST.

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i found out i crash only in eden-6 starting location - where you meet jacobs, it happens like every 5-10 min, other locations are just fine.
I have Windows 10x64, Nvidia 1060 6gb with latest drivers

My game crashes over and over at this same location. Somewhat glad it isn’t just me. Was fine until todays update.

Game is still crashing. Completly random. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes its constantly crushing after starting the game.

Quand j’ai commencer à jouer je n’avais pas de problème de plantage. Maintenant je ne peux plus jouer telement que ca plante toujours. Je sais plus quoi faire. Ca fait chier

I’m having this problem now. Every 10-15 mins my game crashes after today’s update and hotfixes.

I’ve had crashes sporadically since the release, with the issue being seemingly fixed for days after a hotfix, then coming back after another hotfix.

Up until yesterday, when the game was crashing it was basically maybe once or twice a day, after a relatively long time of play, sometimes up to several hours.
Now I get a crash after a few minutes, sometimes a few seconds, and I even had a crash at the main menu.

Windows 10 x64 fully updated
Ryzen 7 1800X
Geforce GTX 1080
16 GB RAM 3200 Mhz

Btw its still happening. Are you guys doing anything at all? Coming back from vacation and still have this damn problem is rly annoying

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Also crashing constantly. Super pissed because I paid for the collector’s edition and can’t even play it.

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