Borderlands 3 coop is unplayable

After steam release me and my friend bought the bl3. After connecting to each other host has normal ping but my friend is laggy and disconnects after some time. He shoots from a gun and theres a delay when the bullet hits the ground and in brawl he cant even fight because he teleports all over the map. So please help we both have fiber optic internet connection and borderlands 3 is the only game doing this.

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Two things:

  • File a support ticket
  • Where are you and your friend in the world? I have been hearing reports for Europe and Australia about bad lag, because it looks like the new Gearbox Shift servers that support Epic / Steam cross play are only in North America.

same for us

Info can be found here;

The only solution is to use Hamachi or similar software.

I accidently found a solution in my own tread. I cant post similar messages, so you have to go to my post and read the very last one i made. ( I am the last myself as i write this )