Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries

I’ve had a set of imgur galleries for some time now for all BL3 cosmetics, but mostly they’ve been sort of hidden around in other threads. I figure I may as well post 'em out here as their own Thing, for easier keeping-track-of. Feel free to steal these and do whatever you want with 'em, I lay no claim to screenshots I’ve taken. :slight_smile: These tend to get updated within a few days of new content, though of course I make no promises about the future.

Last Update: Nov 19, 2021 - Added Vault Card 3 cosmetics, plus the other ones which were brought along in that data.

Character Heads
Beastmaster: Beastmaster Heads - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries
Gunner: Gunner Heads - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries
Operative: Operative Heads - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries
Siren: Siren Heads - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries

Character Skins
Beastmaster: Beastmaster Skins - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries
Gunner: Gunner Skins - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries
Operative: Operative Skins - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries
Siren: Siren Skins - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries

Other Cosmetics
ECHO Themes: ECHO Themes - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries
Room Decorations: Room Decorations - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries
Weapon Skins: Weapon Skins - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries
Weapon Trinkets: Trinkets - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries

Vehicle Skins
Outrunner: Outrunner Skins - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries
Technical: Technical Skins - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries
Cyclone: Cyclone Skins - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries
Jetbeast: Jetbeast Skins - Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries

The Outrunner, Technical, and Cyclone galleries have each skin on a couple of different vehicle configurations, since those often look fairly different. I have not added any shots of the alternate body meshes which come with the Designer’s Cut/Director’s Cut DLC, since I just don’t have the patience to re-take all those screenshots. :slight_smile:


Moved you to Loot and Weapons. @Prismatic - can we get this linked from the Community Guides post?


Good to have it in separate topic.

BTW, would be possible to add Iron Bear and pets skins? I don’t know why they are not included in QCS preview.

Mm, yeah, IB + pets would be a good idea. Not sure if I’m willing to take the time to do those, though, since gathering the shots would be a lot more time-intensive. I think the main menu character select screen would probably be the best place to get those, so you’d be looking at a lot of flipping back and forth.

Then again, with the save editors available now, it also probably wouldn’t be super hard to automate that whole process… I’ll think it over, not gonna make any promises though. :slight_smile:

Edit: Though I suppose on the main menu you’d probably want to try and factor in the day/night cycle. hrm…

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Okay, FYI, finally got around to updating this for DLC4 items. Nice to finally be back at my desk instead of just hunched over a laptop on the couch!


Annnd I’ve gotten this updated with everything to-date. This includes all the Bloody Harvest 2020 stuff, the cosmetics that came with the Designer’s Cut DLC (though I have not done screenshots of the alternate body meshes that came with DLC5, nor do I intend to), and also the cosmetics that were just added in today’s patch, which includes some forthcoming Broken Hearts 2021 cosmetics.


Okay, pretty late update here – just 20 days later! Anyway, added in the cosmetics from the last patch, which was DLC6 / Director’s Cut / Vault Card 1. There’s also the presumably-forthcoming Cartels 2021 customizations in there, too. Enjoy! (Or not; you do you!)

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Is there any sort of guide as to where to find all the vehicle skins/parts?

Yes - a couple of different ones, actually. They’re both listed in this post:


Bit of an update! So for the entire duration of keeping those Imgur-based galleries updated throughout BL3’s lifecycle, I’ve been frustrated by various aspects of Imgur’s gallery-update functionality. I’d always wanted to find somewhere better to host the galleries, which would allow updates to go far more smoothly. Unfortunately, basically all the other free gallery-type sites that I’d tried were deficient in other ways; much as I disliked updating on Imgur, it seemed about the best of the bunch, at least for this particular use case.

Shortly after posting the updates for the last patch, I discovered that there was another set of heads in the data that I’d missed the first time around. Apparently that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, and I just couldn’t bring myself to update the Imgur ones anymore. (Also, the Beastmaster Skins gallery got accidentally flagged by Imgur’s community-content-guideline bots, which took some manual effort with Imgur’s support folks to figure out, and I’d rather not have to deal with that kind of malarkey, too.)

All of this is to say that I rolled my own gallery system for these things and threw it all up using Github Pages now, instead: Borderlands 3 Cosmetics Galleries – We’ll see how that goes! If these pages ever end up seeing some huge surge of traffic or something, it may run afoul of Github’s transfer limits, but I’ll cross that bridge if I get there. I’ve coded in a backend where it can pull images from external sources like Dropbox instead, so that could be used if need be. I realize it’s pretty ridiculous to do this sort of thing so late into BL3’s lifecycle – I can’t imagine we’re gonna see too many more cosmetics anymore, apart from probably Vault Card 3 – but ehhh. The imgur galleries will remain online but not updated, so their current state is as current as they will ever be.

Anyway, I realize that probably none of you care, so I’ll stop yammering on about it. :slight_smile: The other change today, in addition to the venue swap, is that I’ve added in that extra set of heads.

That is all!

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Once again back to a timely update! I’ve got the Vault Card 3 cosmetics in there now, and additionally a bunch of other cosmetics which were in the data for the patch today. Cheers!